True Darkness

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Ansem The Wise strode out into the courtyard of Radiant Garden, astonished at what Dilan had reported to him; There was a young man with white hair lying out on the floor, looking confused. Radiant Garden, called by most of the residents, was a secluded land rising from the mountains, surrounded by rising waterfalls. It was appropriately called it's name because there were gardens everywhere, with beautiful plants all around. Ansem was considered the leader of the land, but it wasn't official.

Sure enough, there he was. The man sat up and looked bewildered at Ansem.

"Who are you?" asked Ansem

"I-I'm... Xe-Xehanort..."

Xehanort didn't seem like he was really sure that that was indeed his name.

"What are you doing, son?" asked Ansem

Xehanort replied "I.... I cannot remember..."

This was quite a strange lad, but he seemed helpless, so for now, Ansem would bring him back to his castle as a guest.

((The player of Xehanort can come in next, I was just playing the first part.))