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((This is going to be an RP based about a story somewhat came up with by Tetsuya Nomura, I have wanted to delve deeper, and go further into the story, one that I believe could go quite far.))

STORY: Ansem the wise, a respected man whom some would consider the leader of an area known as Radiant Garden, finds a man who claims to have no memory but his name, "Xehanort". Ansem takes the young man back to his castle, where he would live with his five apprentices, Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, and Ienzo.

Xehanort had a quite inquiring mind, specifically on subjects portraying on the human heart(Soul), and the darkness within it. He quickly became Ansems' best student, and had Ienzo, convince his master to create a lab underneath the castle, for them to study the heart.

Eventually, Xehanort and the others would enact terrible experiments on captive people, trying to pry the darkness out of their heart. When Ansem found out, he ordered his apprentices to stop, however, they continued on without his knowing, and eventually destroyed the Heart of the World, Ansems' heart, and all of their hearts.

((It might not work out, but I believe that it could be pretty successful if people are willing to stick to the main story. We'll progress it quite slower than that though.))


Ansem the Wise: The ruler of Radiant Garden and his six apprentices. (Played by me)

Xehanort: An apprentice of Ansem who is a young man who starts out with no memory but of his own name. An inquiring mind, and the leader of the experiments. (Played by... ?)

Braig: An apprentice of Ansem with a laid-back, cocky attitude, and doesn't often take things seriously. Braig can also be cold and merciless at times. (Played by... ?)

Dilan: One of the Royal Guards of Ansems' castle, and a scientist when the castle need not be guarded. Very good at manipulating people. (Played by... ?)

Aeleus: One of the Royal Guards of Ansems' castle, and a scientist when the castle need not be guarded. Extremely tough and battle hardened. Doesn't seem to have a sense of humor. (Played by... ?)

Even: An apprentice of Ansem who is strange man who helps Ansem to take care of Ienzo. (Played by... ?)

Ienzo: An apprentice of Ansem who is extremely young. The reason that Ansem takes care of him is because his parents were killed when he was five. Very shy. (Played by... ?)

((Character sheets unnecessary but I will take questions and suggestions. :D))


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