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Word from the Authority has been released and the assassination of the King of New York and the Queen of Pennsylvania was confirmed.

The remains of the vampire monarchs were found Tuesday after the finalization of their treaty to combine their kingdoms. The Authority has no leads as to who killed the monarchs, but there is rumor that an underground group of vampires is the cause.

The King of the New York was only eight hundred years old, but the Queen of Pennsylvania was nearing her thousandth year. The monarchs were powerful, but were no chance for whatever had attacked them.

The Authority has warned all other monarchs to stay on guard as the underground group has left a message. An Authority Representative released the message, which was left in a bloody poem, to the press later on Tuesday in hopes to prepare the nation for conflict.

Monarchs great and Monarchs small,
We have the strength to kill them all.
Authority will have no power,
to stop us in this darkest hour...

The Authority has no leads on the case, but has put a wanted reward on the former disappeared Magister Grindlewald. Grindlewald was last seen at the execution of his progeny Miranda Grigory and has made open threats against the Tribunal. No word has been heard from him since....

Grindlewald, a former member of the authority, has lost all faith in their ability to rule. His absolute hatred for their policies and blood thirst for revenge has fueled him to start the underground army of vampires known as the Mercenaries. Vampires from all over the world looking for their seat of power and coursing with a range of different abilities have been recruited to take down and dismantle the rule of the authority. Vampire citizens all across the nation are calling this the New Civil War.

What's worse is that the size and the numbers of these Rebels keep growing stronger and larger. Their lack of prejudice has acquired a diverse range of supernaturals even temporarily silencing the rivalry between vampire and werewolf. Grindlewald is determined to take the Authority down at all costs even if it means complete annihilation. Monarchs all over the country are arming themselves in fear and some are even taking sides with the ruthless group. A civil war is about to break loose into the night and no one wants to be on the wrong side of this war....

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