Troopers In Armor: Vampire virus (Sci-fi future vampire war)

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  1. In the year 3030, the cure for any illness or sickness was thought to have been engineered. This was Mauris Venenatis, and it was sent all across the planet of Gorath, Saturn's moon Titan, planet Mars and planet Earth. The cure did work for a thousand years, but then everything changed. Patients began craving blood and started imitating vampire like behavior, becoming nocturnal and spreading their infection. Eventually the attacks of the patients became gruesome and violent, forcing humans to take action and seek help from other planets.

    While some planets refused to assist the humans, others agreed to lend their services seemingly dealing with the exact same virus which was later discovered to originate from another planet known as Veescher. Veescher is a planet of semi-sentient infected beings that have a horde mind system of thinking. The beings caused the creation of HIV/AIDS on Earth thousands of years ago and subsequently created Mauris Venenatis, or the miracle drug. While at first it seemed benevolent, it began hijacking host immune systems.

    A special forces unit known as T.I.A or Troopers in Armor was created to fight back this virus. These soldiers were protected by a carbon fiber composite armor, a thick plating that was designed to temporarily increase resistance against the virus when coming into contact with the infected.

    Since the home of the Virus is on planet Veescher, it is thought that the planet must be destroyed in order to prevent future virus attacks on what is left of the infected planets surrounding it. Thusly, members of the T.I.A were sent to Planet Veescher to kill the virus' source once and for all.



    The most versatile of all races capable of incredible feats all their own and very adaptive giving them leg up when fighting this virus. While they are one of the youngest races of the universe, they are the most determined. They are the creators of the carbon fiber composite armor. The armor does branch to other species but is most effective for humans, as that's who it was designed for. Humans are the most vulnerable to the virus because of their high populations.

    Humans (open)


    In order: Standard, Special forces and Recon/Scout


    This race is incredibly fast and nimble. They are the universe's assassins being masters of stealth. Their claw like hands are as sharp as daggers. Vargoths prefer to hunt in pairs of two or by themselves seeing as most of them have conflicting personalities. While they are capable of some impressive feats they have an overall weak structure making them vulnerable to anything bulky and hard hitting.

    Home Planet: Gerruda
    Vargoth (open)

    In order: no armor, armored


    A very intelligent type alien with the power of telekinesis. They are very technologically advanced and capable of human speech. Their skin is resistant to most types of sickness making them great allies to the humans when fighting the virus. Unfortunately, they have a weakest of all bone structure and can easily be over powered by brute force should it be able to get close enough. It's very hard to differentiate between the male and females of these species, but females have larger eyes and they are blue in color.

    Home Planet: Xeran
    Zerath (open)


    In order: no armor, armor


    A humanoid bug alien subtype. They are the strongest (Vargoth are the fastest) of the alien races, but have a hard time communicating with other races without a communicator handy. Their speech consist of bug like sounds and signals. Their skin is made of a tough exoskeleton. They are very observant of their surroundings and have the intelligence equivalent to the average human. These are the most resistant beings against the virus, and their exoskeleton is strong enough that they do not require armor to prevent compromises or disease infection.

    Home Planet: Beetrov
    Deetrit (open)


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