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I had someone interested in the site but he could not find the rules anywhere. I looked and looked but ther was no link for the rules. Also he was interested in the mature section but there were no rules for the mature section for him to read. Anyway there should be a link for people who are browsing to read the mature and regular rules. Here is his what he thinks of the site from just seeing it. Can someone change this please?

Okay, well with out being able to read the rules.. or even being able to find a list of any rules it does not stike me as a site that would have much control over it's members and have a lot of people braking rules and eaither no one caring or getting people in trouble for not knowing the rules.
If you look at the control bar, directly under the Iwaku banner, you'll see the first tab which is called 'Guides & Rules'. After clicking on that there will be a bunch of links to various Site policies. That link is located under 'Guides & Rules', on the right hand side of the page.

As for the smut club, the club rules will be located within the club. I'm not sure, but I think they are only viewable after joining. If someone was interested in the rules prior to joining the smut club all they would have to do is contact Myrn, or another mod.

Hope this helps : )
Yes I saw that but I didn't see any rules as to the site I looked everywhere. Can you please put a one click link at the top where it goes straight to the rules? Also a one click link for the smut/mature rules? He didn't want to sign up without seeing the rules first.
Take a look at the member's mugshot and the other policies. Those are out rules.

Here we don't have a lot of rules and the ones we have are short and to the point.

But one stands above all: the respect effect. Basically treat others with civility and don't be a douche.

Same goes for the smut club only you have to be 16 to join.
If their joining in contingent on the rules, this is what to show them.
Smutclub follows the rest of the site rules, with the addition of the age requirement of sixteen or more years.
They make the rules hard to find on purpose. You have to go to an administrative building two towns over, down into the cellar (there's no stairs), and behind a door with a sign that reads "Beware the Leopard".
Yeah, when you click "Guide and Rules" it takes you directly right TO the rules. It has the introduction to Iwaku, and then all the rules and guides are right there in the sidebar. Quick Guide, Indepth Site Policies and even the Staff Manual.

Is the problem because GUESTS can't see it? If that's the issue I can fix that right away. o__o Otherwise I'm not sure how much more obvious I can make that link without being kinda rude and pushing it in giant letters everywhere...
Well he said he couldn't find it.
I just checked over the site in guest-mode and the link is visible, obvious and all the content is readable for guests. So I guess he just missed it. XD Let him know where it is, and I'll see if I can add a few more obvious links in all of the guest-view messages.
Thank you he said he would rather not join. I got two people to join already.