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    Once upon a time, in a land not very far away, there was a chubby little girl with blue eyes and satiny golden hair. The girl's name was Lucy. "Mommy! Mommy! It's dark now! Let's go!" In the girl's excitement she pulled her mother to the door, her pink princess dress swaying with her steps. On her arm she carried a plastic orange basket that was painted with black to look like a jack-o-lantern. The moon was full and glowing, and the dry, cool air was perfect for a trick-or-treating night. With a wide smile, Lucy ran to the doorsteps along the road to ding repeatedly at the doorbells. With a plop and a drop, her basket getting heavier and heavier. Her mother had to run after the little girl as she bounced from door to door, but as the bucket filled the girl began to slow down. No one else was out trick-or-treating, it was just her. When she reached the last doorstep she was very concerned, holding out her bucket she received her last treat.

    Walking back to her house, the little girl was confused, so she asked her mother, "Why had no one come to get candy?". Something was amiss, but her mother also had no answer for her. Fog had rolled in, and the moon was high. Shivering, the chubby little girl cuddled closer to her mothers leg. Lucy knew they were close to the house, but all the lights were off so she couldn't see. Her mother had to guide her up the steps and into the warm, familiar home she grew up in. As the mother fumbled with the keys, the little girl heard rustling behind her. Luckily, it was only a second after that the mother opened the door and flicked on the lights.

    Rushing into the warmth for safety, she then decided to check out the loot she got! When she looked down, she gave an ear piercing, terrified scream and fell to her knees. The bucket had been tossed across the room in her horror, and tumbling out of her trick-or-treating pail was... Dozens of boxed raisins. And laying right in the middle of it... A single roll of dental floss.
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