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  1. (( Private RP thread for Catalyst, Wysteria, and Synthetic Seraph. Takes place after the events in No better way to pass eternity in Yaoi Unite group.

    The seraph and human characters Tesrael and Tristan have been living for some months in an abandoned adobe village - Tesrael had been drawn there in its heyday and simply stayed put after the residents moved away and expired; Tristan had been exploring places off the beaten path. After a period of becoming acclimated to each other, most days were spent living off the land and climbing boulders and mesas. Oh, and screwing each other's brains out.

    Wysteria's character is familiar with this seraph. They parted ways a while back and are about to have a fresh encounter. Is it just bad timing that ___ feels a wistful pang while the aloof 'vulture' is already enjoying someone? Or does seeing the pair together set off jealousy and spite to tear one from the other? ))
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