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  1. The year is 1914. The western fronts of WWI are a breeding ground of violence and bloodshed, and the battle continues, even as time creeps towards Christmas. Many weeks before the momentous holiday, leaders from each side stressed to their soldiers that there was to be no fraternization during the weeks before Christmas.

    Even though rules were set out by both sides, soldiers from the both the German and British side agreed on a week long truce, the very week before Christmas day. The two sides played soccer, exchanged gifts, and formed friendships. This week will be forever known as the Christmas Truce.

    But after the week had ended, war still strived to continue. The friendships that were formed were ended quickly in the firefights that followed the fun and games.

    You are a soldier who has been in a trench for 3 long weeks, a soldier from either the German or British side. You have just heard of a truce that will last the entire week, maybe longer. You know that fighting will have to continue, but the truce might spark hope in you. You emerge from your trench, apprehensive. What will you do during the truce?



    1. During the Truce chapters, you are not allowed to hurt anyone with the intent to injure or kill.

    2. German Soldiers, use Google Translate to change dialogue to German. Germans don't know much English.

    3. There can be two translators on either side. The English translator can use Google Translate to translate German dialogue.

    4. Ask me to be a translator before you take the role.

    5. Google Translate:

    6. Not to be sexist, but in WWI, there were not any women on the battlefield.


    Character Sheets

    Name: ( It should be appropriate for your country )
    Appearance: ( No Anime )
    History: ( No less than a paragraph )
    Why did I join the army?:
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  2. Very interested in this..will have a cs soon
  3. Name: First Pvt. Eckhardt Jaeger
    Age: 17

    Personality: Eckhardt is young and a bit naive when it comes to violence. He was raised in an upper class German Family, and hadn't had to deal with the emotional ups and downs that WWI caused.

    History: Eckhardt Jaeger was born in the German countryside on October 3, 1893, the only son to a doctor and his wife. His life was fairly luxurious: he attended a private school that provided the highest echelon of learning, and was pampered as a toddler and child. He was not restricted to much, and was not home unless he needed money or food, spending his time with girls or friends. Reality began to set in when he heard news of cousins dying in war. Soon after, he was drafted to the German army.
  4. British? How convenient. I shall make up a sheet soon.