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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitti, May 4, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]
    After a long hard day doing whatever it is your people do when you're not on Iwaku,
    what is your favorite way to relax and unwind?
  2. Play Saints Row 3 or some other video game while watching Bad Lip Sync on YouTube, or Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix
  3. I really enjoy surfing either youtube, iTunes, bandcamp, etc. for new music to chill to.
  4. Lately? Superhero movies and snacks n_n
  5. I lay stomach down on my bed with a box of wafers, bottle of water and then binge watch youtube videos o.o Sometimes the wafers are replaced with my version 'happy pills' aka pieces of chocolate.
  6. A nice hot cup of Jasmine tea, and lots and lots of anime.

    Also, Deadpool, because I can't watch that movie and not laugh at least once.
  7. Deadpool is a great movie. I try not to laugh much in theaters since I don't want to be loud and noisy but I couldn't help myself for laughing a bit at it.

    I also quite enjoy taking a cup of tea. Jasmine is great but I have a small assortment in addition depending on my mood: nypon, strawberry, camomile, and a peach mango at present.

    I like to cuddle on the couch with my tea and watching cooking documentaries. Or nature documentaries. But not cheetah cubs, never again.
  8. Huffing glue while staring at a wall?

    I kid. I generally play Dark Souls 3....

    Maybe the glue is more healthy...
    • Explore vast alien worlds
    • Dive to the abyssal depths of an ocean
    • Fight for my life in a near post-apoc Chernobyl
    • Raise a planetary empire
    • Race around the evaporated oceans in a souped up hotrod
    • Work on my balcony garden
    Loadsa things.
  9. Lately it's been trying to fix Skyrim, because I sort of screwed up Mod Organizer somehow by putting something in the wrong file because I could only install it manually.

    But usually I play Mirror's Edge, Skyrim, or another game and watch an episode of Supernatural.
  10. Have you tried LOOT?
  11. Yeah. It can't even tell that the one mod I have issues with is there. It doesn't see any other contradictions or errors. I don't know.

    The mod I had trouble with is Fus Ro Doh, which I fixed that download, but it still has the file that says "Overwrite" in red text in MO.
  12. Would try removing it completely and trying a fresh install of it.

    Been a while since modding so can't help much more in afraid. Good luck!
  13. Plot world domination.
    • You Get a Cookie You Get a Cookie x 1
  14. Listen to good music, talk to good friends, and eat nice food.
  15. A good drink (in a beer mood, currently), book or video game, and roleplaying here or via chat.

    I'm a big fan of healthy escapism.
  16. Chamomile tea. <3
  17. Shit man. Last one gave me a panic attack.
  18. Dude, what.
  19. I usually curl up with some tea and a book or I'll get some snacks and catch up on shows. If it's a really bad day I will listen to loud, vaguely angry, music and play video games until I've calmed down. Sometimes, especially after a bout of insomnia, I'll have a hot bath and take a nap
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.