Treasure Box

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  1. So I have some plots in mind, if you are interested message me. I am wanting some really naughty stories, raunchy, dirty, very kinky it is all good.

    Older brother x younger sister:
    I have several plots for this too many to list, so feel to message me your plot or ideas. I would like to play the older brother.

    Homicidal Ghost Girl x male victim:
    I'd like to play the ghost, unless you feel you can play an emotionally volatile and world killing dead girl. Not saying you can't at all I'm just not wanting a nice tender ghost like all the hentais portray.

    Abandoned Research facility:
    This idea stems off the same branch as the ghost idea. The only difference is that the girl is somehow still alive and kicking. Locked away for decades after being tortured and experimented on. Maybe she is a ghost too, these are merely ideas afterall.

    Gender bender idea: male to female, I don't really have a plot. I have kicked around a cursed armor idea that turns any man who tries to wear it into a bombshell.

    Any of these ideas are subject to change so let me know if you want something added. I don't shy away from hardly anything sexually except for yaoi and guro, would male to female be considered yaoi? Even if the dude became a real girl? I'm getting side tracked I don't expect anyone to be into scat and piss but that is how far I will go. So if you have something you want in any of my roleplays throw it out there and don't be shy, I don't judge others because I know people already judge me. :) message me!
  2. I wouldn't mind doing the Older Brother x Little Sister with you. Send me a PM?
  3. I would love to try the gender bender or older brotherxyounger sister roleplay