Travelling Between Time and Space

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  1. 25 December 2013—Day 1

    Christmas was supposed to be a day of reunion and celebration but for an orphan like Kraig, it was just another day for him. His parents had passed on when he was six years old and he was sent to an orphanage before he was kidnapped by a criminal syndicate. Growing up under the wings of a master assassin who groomed him to take over him.

    By the age of ten, he had taken his first life and now Kraig felt nothing but numbness whenever he kills. To him, an order is an order and nothing would deter him from doing his job.
  2. In a flash of lightening, she fell throw the sky. Not entirely from the sky, so to speak, but she fell a distance. Florence, a 20 year old ‘tourist’ landed with a thud on the hard pavement. On the hard, cold pavement. She hissed, and took her umbrella. She angrily shut it, and stuffed it in a backpack of hers.

    Cold. Florence looked around the new place. She had just come from Easter Island, and snow had been new to her. She sighed, and shivered. Man, she was under dressed! Florence looked around. It seemed she was somewhere in New York. Florence took a second to look at one of the many bill boards, and she noticed that it was indeed New York, and she was nowhere near Easter Island.

    The board flashed colors and numbers; 12/25/13. So it seemed that it was sometime in the 13th year. She rubbed her chin, and continued to watch. Numbers flashed again—“2014! Happy New Year!”

    So it was the 21st century. Way different than the 3rd century Easter Island. Obviously, too, because it was cold. Damn cold! She rubbed her arms up and down her thin jacket and looked at the very shops. She ran into a local coffee shop, and blew into her hands. What time was it? It must be sometime in the morning. Everyone was looking at Florence like she was damn near crazy. She blushed slightly, and headed into the bathroom.

    Welcome to the human race.
  3. Kraig watches his target in the darkness, he kept his breathing leveled and had an open eye in what's going on in his environment. He heard a loud thud from a distance away and noticed a young woman but did not paid any attention to her. His instincts told him that she was harmless and wouldn't interfere with his mission tonight.

    Teddy Curtman, a businessman who's business choice had offended many and now there's a price tag on him. Kraig did not mind taking a child's father away on such a day like Christmas. Heaving a low breath, he moved out of the shadows and stalked the male as he made his move into the building.
Thread Status:
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