Travel beyond stars?

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  1. Hey people!

    I have a new idea i wanna try.
    Its a sci-fi story with pretty crazy freedom.
    The setting:
    You are still on earth but it is far, far into the future. the earth has become a vile, strange place. full of other species and a hub for both legal as illegal activities. Lots of interstellar gang violence. tradings, black markets etc.
    Next to that theres also a faction dedicated to get rid of such activities throughout the whole known universe.
    You would be someone who lives in the "ghetto" parts of earth. it is up to you to make yourself a fortune and make your own dreams happen.
    Will you join gangs and trade everything from illegal items to aliens to make a living, will you join the police like faction and hunt down all who do evil or will you be a freelancer who just doesnt give a shit and only cares about the money, not the way its made?

    If this seems even the slightest bit interesting to you do send me a message. we can discuss the idea further, make little changes or massive ones.
    Anyway, i hope to hear from you.
  2. This seems like an interesting idea and I'd enjoy roleplaying it with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.