Trap the Monster

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Fantasy, Sci fi, anything in which the world itelf is extremely interesting.
In this RP, it's the winter of 1913 in Georgia, and the players are people who have found their way to a secluded estate by means of a carriage with all of the windows covered. As it turns out, the owner is afflicted with a curse that a few hours every night, he will turn into a monster and attempt to break out of the house. However, the monster is slowly learning all of the homeowner's tricks and puzzles, and it's up to these fellows he hired to make sure the monster can't leave the house. The reward for successfully keeping him in for two weeks is a large cut of his hoarded treasure. However, the treasure has a curse on it. Should they attempt to access it without completing the job, they will be afflicted of the curse. Any damage afflicted to the monster will heal within minutes. The more it is damaged a night, the faster it regenerates.

(Other supernatural events occur in this lore, but may not have much of a presence in this particular story.)

This plot should provide both a definite goal, and a downtime for characters to interact with each-other, I would prefer players try their best to stick through with it, but have to include this rule;
If a player does not post for two weeks without messaging me with a good reason, they will be removed. If this is during the day, they will simply take the carriage away from the estate. If this is during the night, the monster will succeed in slaying that character.

Questions and suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.

*Very Important Question.*
Naturally, the characters may find themselves face-to-face with the monster, and the possibility of injury or death. How should this be handled In-game?
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