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  1. Their war has raged on for millennium. Across the galaxies, through our very universe, lay the planet Cybertron amongst the stars. Its inhabitants were the peaceful and incredibly passionate, as well as intelligent Cybertronian's. Their planet was once a powerful empire, peaceful and just, until they were betrayed by the powerful, cruel, and endlessly evil Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. All who defied Megatron and his followers were destroyed. But, there was still hope, as the peaceful and strong Autobot's, lead by the last living Prime, Optimus Prime himself, fought bravely and courageously against their opponents. During the war, much violence occurred do to a dangerously low supply of energon, which is the life blood, ammunition, and very power source for both Cybertron, and Cybertronian's themselves. Both Decepticons and Autobot's sent supplies of energon into space, the deposits finding their way onto otherwise innocent planets, including the planet Earth. The war finally consumed Cybertron, and eventually, it died. The living Cybertronian's, Autobot and Decepticon, were sent deep into space, spreading across the universe in a search for energon, their enemies, and a key to returning life to their planet. It was only a matter of time before they once again found a small blue and green planet......our very own Earth. Now, living amongst the humans, though under disguise as vehicles or even aircraft as an alternative physical form opposed to their unique robotic metal, humanoid formation, the Autobots and Decepticons continue their war for energon, for control of Cybertron. The Autobots have formed an alliance with the humans, though their existence has been hidden from the world, and only a select very few know of them. They have sworn to protect the human race, and what they now accept as their new home. The Decepticons, who also now inhabit this planet, are opposed to those beliefs and will do whatever they can to control Earth alongside with their home planet. Working with their few human allies, the Autobots keep to their promise of protection, and battle against the Decepticons.

    (characters have no minimum or maximum age requirements, they may be a government official, random bystander, anything really, even if you want to be an original Cybertronian. This thread is based off of the television show, Transformers Prime, though without the human characters included originally, opposed to Michael Bay's trilogy, though their will be familiar elements regarding his film series. All I ask is that you all play fairly, stick to a storyline, and please refrain from the use of "text talk". Well, load up your cannons! Autobots, transform and! ROLE play, that is)

    Character sheet must look as so. If there are any points on their which you would prefer not to say, then just don't fill them out:

    Appearance: (The use of a photograph is optional)
    Occupation: (If any)
    Side: (Decepticon, Autobot, Neutral, or "Not sure yet, as my character has not met nor knows of the existence of Cybertron or its inhabitants", Also Known As, "To Be Determined")
    Basic Personality Traits: (optional)
    Race: (human or Cybertronian)
    Bio: (optional)
    Other: (optional random things you would care to mention)

    ****(I will be playing as the original Decepticons from the show, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout, ect, ect, ect, get the idea. Same with Autobots, but if you do have a specific request as to being an Decepeticon or Autobot that is NOT your original character which you would like to play, just mail me before you post as that character, and we will have it set up in a perfect arrangement. If they are a Decepticon or an Autobot of your own creation, no need for any formalities in mailing me, just go on and role play.)****


    Name: Adrianna Blum (pronounced as "Bloom".)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Exactly five feet, two inches, and two centimeters tall. She is not very large, though not necessarily tiny. She is fairly slim in figure, her skin not dark nor light, medium tones and not many shades from being considered pale. Her eyes are fairly large, and a dark, intelligent brown. Her hair is a chocolate brown, with a single streak of a deep blue and bright red at her right side. Her hair is cut an inch past her chin, though slightly shorter in the back, her bangs tend to fall over her left eye naturally, though she constantly puts them behind her ear. She tends to wear a fitted sapphire blue, fake leather jacket, with the cuffs and color being a bright red. Also, she sometimes wears a jacket strikingly similar, though the colors flipped to red being the main, blue the outline. She always wears black combat boots and a silver chain, with a pendant shaped as the North Star, a sapphire at its center.
    Side: Autobot
    Basic Personality Traits: She has abnormally high intelligence, more so then most and is very rarely seen without a book on her person. She is very compassionate, also having a strong love for art and music, as strong as her love for science, medicine, technology and mathematics. Some may find her as shy, when in fact she is just observing everything around her. She has an extraordinarily high regard for life, being willing to sacrifice her own life for that of a complete stranger, and believes in resolving things peacefully until no other option can be used, even in such situations she will try to resolve them with peace and rationality. She also has an adventurous side, being incredibly brave and courageous, though she is not even close to being considered reckless. She is fiercely protective of her loved ones, and incredibly loyal, trustworthy, and honest with her companions. She is on a desperate search to find herself, who she "really is".


    The thirteen year old girl ran, her boots thudding softly on the dirt as she desperately tried to find her companions. Her dark blue jacket almost hide her in the night, with the addition of the heavy amount of smoke she could clearly understand why she might be invisible to the others. Turning her head around, her short dark hair flipping in front of her eyes as she squinted, making an attempt to see through the thick clouds of discharge. The blasts of energy shot throughout the wind, the shrieking sound of the powerful weaponry causing a throbbing in her ear lob, which she of course ignored. She coughed, multicolored smoke filling her lungs with painful stabs of heat, her back bending forward as she stumbled, thankfully though, her boots hold on the ground saved her from smashing face first into the rough ground. Standing straight once more, she continued to run, her sore legs seeming to fly off the ground as she sprinted, her arms at her sides swaying in the natural rocking movement caused by such a fast pace. Her eyes widened despite the debris threatening to enter underneath her lids, her dark pupils appeared dilated do to the adrenaline coursing through her veins. Her face was shockingly calm, though tense with the muscle stress through her body, her brows furrowed in clear frustration. Shots continued to repeatedly fire, at a dangerously close range, being that she felt the heat of their blasts above her heads while they flung through the air in streaks of energy, ranging from a vibrant red to a beautiful, almost turquoise, blue. "ADRIANNA?! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!". Her heart beat quickened at the sound of his voice, which appeared quite far, but in a war zone it was hard to decipher locations, the deep, baritone voice, which rolled through the air like thunder, with tones of the strain of battle, though heavy with concern, strength, and something much deeper, something not capable of being described by words. "Optimus, I am over--", her small voice, small compared to the massive explosions and battle cries that is, was immediately cut off by a fierce blast, the heat and power of its wave striking her backwards, taking the breath from her lungs as the explosion of red light consumed her vision. She felt something strike her back the moment her body came into contact with the ground, and her eyes were shut instinctively by the pain which now shot up her spine. She clenched her teeth, her hands curling into fists, her knuckles turning white from the pain which she was now sending to her poor, dirt covered digits. She had no time to indulge within the feeling, as the very moment she opened her eyes mere milla-seconds after the blast, she saw two pair of giant, metal legs heading in her direction. Each leg alone towered over her by extreme heights, two of the appendages were a dark metal, armored by black and silver plates of metallic material, which curved in a sinister way through the legs themselves. The other two were colored in a stunning white base of metal, over that several thick metal plating in a red color as they came down into the enormous feet. Those legs connected to a silver pelvis, lined with red as it reached into a large white torso, larger plates of the same thick red stretched from underneath the neck to the shoulders, curving downward from the shoulder blades to separate red plates along the white of his strong arms. The metal head had a strong, white jaw line with his teeth clearly clenched underneath his metal lips, which smoothly connected to the rest of the white face, though the red eyebrows furrowed in strain, the red of his helmet bent forward as he continued to push the other being forward. Now, the other being was much taller then him, his body smooth, sharp, and sinister, completely dark in color, the only shining parts of his body would be the simple, V shaped eyes which illuminated his black metal face with the crimson red light shining from their insides. his arms were wrapped around the other robots, though not as strongly and he was clearly straining to not fall to the ground. She rolled to the side, barely avoiding being stepped on by a crucial inch or so. She kicked her legs forward, her back turning upward as she stumbled to a stance."Adrianna! Get! Out! Of! Here! Now!". The white and red bot growled, his voice husky and authoritative, his eyes narrowing as he left arm folded inside of itself, plates of metal building up at an instantaneous speed, forming a short, shining silver sword in its place. He thrust it forward, and with a sickening slice it entered the center of the skull of the dark robot, the crimson optics flickering briefly before shutting to a complete black, its arms frozen around the sword in a desperate attempt to stop it. The white and red bot pulled his sword-arm from the other being's skull, the sound of clashing metal sliced the air as the Vehicon instantly fell to the ground, crumbling upon itself in a collapsive heap of black metal. "Ratchet, I am not leaving you all here!!". She shouted to him over the cannon blasts, her voice heavy with worry, and strength, as well as a thick accent of determination. "Adrianna, go now or I am not giving you a choice!!!". He returned the frustrated shout, spinning around in time to enter his sword into yet another Vehicon, which looked exactly the same as the other, and fell to the ground joining his brother. Ratchet grumbled under his breath, about how he was to old to be doing this. "If you don't go now Adrianna, I will have no option but to"--he swung his leg around in a roundhouse kick to a Vehicon, striking it square in the chest, though it had no time to fall back before Ratchet sent his short sword forward in a flash of silver, only the Vehicon hitting the ground with a clang was visible to her from behind him. "Grab you and send you back to base!", he continued. She shook her head. "Not this time Doctor. Where is Optimus?!". He shook his head angrily again, though unable to reply do to an approaching group of jets overhead, the slick black of their shining metal glimmering against the stars, streaks of smoke trailed behind them as their engines shrieked through the wind and their wings sliced throughout the air. He used his other arm, which was not a sword, motioned for her to go. "JUST GO NOW AND FIND HIM!!!" He spun his head around, saying in a softer tone. "Please, now! We cannot have you getting harmed, I would not be able to---", once again he was cut off by the roar of engines screaming through the air, and blasts just barely missing his head, exploding beside him in a shower of dirt, rocks, and red colored energy. "GO!!!!". He shouted, his sword flipping outside of itself, switching into a glowing blue cannon, the intricate circles of energy entwined with metal rings. She nodded, turning around, her aching legs picking up speed as she continued the run. From the corner of her eyes she saw him furiously shooting streams of the brilliant blue energon from his cannon, his lips curled back in a furious growl as he fired through the thick smoke. She felt her necklace continually smack against her chest, the now warm metal a familiar sensation amongst the fearsome sounds and mannerisms filling the zone. She jumped to the left, cleanly avoiding being stepped on by another gigantic Vehicon, only to just barely avoid another one directly to her left. they were everywhere! A blast shattered the rocky earth beside her, the sound echoing in her brain with fierce pain.

    "Who....are you?". Her voice rang out, strong with happiness and intelligence, unwavering. Even for a ten-year old, she stood so small, especially compared to him, her legs pressed together as she could barely keep herself from falling down do to shear excitement, fascination, and unexplainable, indescribable emotion. Her hair was longer, the silky brown laying loosely down her back, thick locks of the smooth, chocolate color covered her left shoulder, as it fell behind her, resting past her shoulder blades. Her dark brown eyes swirled with amazement, wide with the emotion. Only a foot from her face, if even that, was a strangely handsome, massively giant face of the person, or being, whom just saved her life. His eyes were utterly stunning, glowing an energy of a brilliant turquoise blue, with thin circles of delicate and tiny metal plates encircling the vibrant colors of his pupils. Along his facial features were smaller, yet delicately beautiful metal armor in a surprisingly humanoid, though incredibly unique complexion. His thick metallic eyebrows were raised in a curious, and somehow compassionate way. His dark blue helmet came to his forehead, down the center of it at the front was a diamond shaped figure, though extended to a boxed tip past his head. The sides of his head, or helmet as she was not sure whether or not it was actually a separate armored piece or his actual head, had each a large silver and black circle, shapes much similar to that on his forehead extended from them as well, though several inches shorter then that first one. His mouth and nose were covered by an odd mask, as a silver pyramid on its side. It separated into two pieces in one swift movement, each piece sliding into the side of his head, revealing his mouth and masculine metal nose. Then she heard that amazing voice, that deep, wonderful baritone voice for the first time. "I am Optimus Prime".

    "Optimus!". She shouted once more, though she could not even hear her own voice over the throbbing in her ears and the continuous cycle of gun shots. Her mouth felt numb from calling his name. Had he replied, she would not have hear She would, no matter the situation, she could always hear his voice. Always. Her chest moved forward with the thick breaths her body consumed. She erupted in a cough once more, to her dismay, bending over as her stomach held the feeling of turning inside out. What was wrong with her?! She had endured far worse! She. Had. To. get. It. Together. She was not running from the fight, she was running to find Optimus. Fiercely clenching her teeth against one another, she sprinted to the cloud of energon blasts ahead.
  2. Name: Terry Slaughter

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Terry Slaughter.jpg I stand about 5’ 6” feet tall and he has an athletic frame of a running back, because that’s the position he plays in football. He has a caramel complexion that accentuates his brown dreadlocks that are pulled back into a ponytail. His heterochromia eyes are light green and hazel; that if given the chance would show you your soul. He is a free runner and likes to dress in fashion that allows him to flow through his moments. He is usually wearing a black T-shirt, either blank or with some funny saying on it; that is covered by his letterman’s jacket. Loose jeans that are at waist level, and just barely brush the tops of his track shoes. He has a watch his departed father gave him that he holds dearly.

    Occupation: Works with his mother on the weekends at her floral shop.

    Side: "Not sure yet, as my character has not met nor knows of the existence of Cybertron or its inhabitants."

    Basic Personality Traits: He has an above average IQ but dumbs it down for his friends who do not. Is a sweet kid and respects his elders, and also defends those who can’t stand up for themselves. There has not been a bully at his school since he started. He also was the spearhead for the football team’s war on bullying project.

    Race: Human
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