Transformers Prime- Rise Of The Primals IC

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  1. When Cybertron was destroyed and abandoned during the war, a few bots remained. They adapted to survive, gaining a third form- an animal form - and becoming what is known as a Primal. During the last days of Cybertron, autobots, decepticons, and rogues alike managed to escape the dying planet and travel to Earth on a ship called the Shadow Moon. The ship crashed on Earth, and the Primals are unsure of where to go now.

    Sitting on a large boulder outside the cave which the Shadow Moon was hidden in, a white mottled bot glared at her navigation system panel with blood red optics. She growled in blatant frustration as she saw nothing but black and white snow on what should have been a map of the planet displaying where the decepticon ship was located. She attempted to contact them over her com. link, but she heard nothing but static. "Scrap...." She sighed in annoyance. Her systems were too damaged for any use. She doubted that the decepticons were looking for her, and even if they were, she would be deemed a traitor for working with an autobot.
  2. Nightcharge emerged from the cave and looked up at the strange alien sky of Earth. It was so bright and clear, far different from what he remembered of the skies of Cyberton. In the last days of their doomed planet all that could be seen was the dark void of endless space and the faint light of a few distant stars. As their world began to fall apart around them, Nightcharge and the other Primals had journeyed out towards those stars, hoping to find another world to call home. And now at last they had found one, but all their attempts at contacting other Cybertronians on Earth had so far failed. The Primals were alone, meaning from now on they could only rely on each other to survive.

    Spotting Diamond sitting on a boulder a short distance away, Nightcharge began to walk over to her. Although they had been from different factions on Cyberton the two had shared the experience of losing one home and searching for another. It was no secret that the white mottled Decepticon loathed having to work with Autobots, but Nightcharge thought perhaps she would be willing to work with him to make the best of their situation.

    "No luck finding any 'cons, eh?" he asked, noticing her blank nav screen as he walked up behind her."I guess that means we're on our own out here."
  3. Diamond narrowed her eyes as she heard footsteps approaching her. She gave up on her search for the Nemesis, her nav screen going from the snowy static to blank in a matter of seconds. Fortunately the bot hadn't seen her damaged nav system. Had she not been nearly fragged by an insecticon in the process of protecting the ship as it went through it's launch preparations, she wouldn't have to hide the damaged system. "I suppose you haven't found any 'bots to bother yet either." She stated as she turned around on her boulder to face him.

    She kept her expression carefully neutral as he spoke of being alone. "At least this planet has life on it. Hopefully it has enough energon to last us a while." She spoke with a very faint frown.
  4. Nightcharge sighed, "No. Unfortunately we haven't been able to locate any Autobot forces in three parsecs. Might have to do with the fact the Shadow Moon's sensor arrays were damaged when we landed." Turning back towards the cave he could see part of the ship's battered outer hull within. Judging from the damage it had taken and their group's numbers it would be a while before the Shadow Moon was fully operational again. In the meantime they would have to start finding resources to begin repairs.

    "Speaking of energon, we'll be needing it to power the ship until we have everything fixed. What do you think we should do about finding some?" Nightcharge had to choose his words carefully. He knew Diamond would be reluctant to cooperate with him, but she still might offer up some good ideas on a course of action they could take.
  5. "The ship has energon sensors and a ground bridge, correct?" Diamond asked carefully, following his gaze to the Shadow Moon. She would play nice for now. After all, she had nowhere else to go, and she didn't have much useful tech either. The ground bridge and energon sensors were common on ships like these. Hopefully they would be operational or minimally damaged. They would have to be the first things on the repair list.

    She looked over at the autobot after her thoughts were complete. "This planet probably doesn't have much energon. 'Bots and 'cons alike are going to be going crazy searching for it. We'll have better chances of finding our groups if we join in the search as well." Well, that or they'd get fragged in the crossfire.