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  1. It is likely that one of these will only be initiated after

    Alright, the backstory to all these are close to identical. Optimus, Megatron, Autobots, Decepticons. They fight in the Great Cybertronian War, and as a result, their planet becomes barren and they leave the planet.

    Think Aligned Continuity, because these roleplays draw more inspiration from that, alongside G1 in terms of the comedic side...

    Pokemon LEGION: Transformers - Convoy's Ambition

    This'll be a modern Pokemon setting. It will take place in the Corvix Region, a seperate region stuck in medieval ages and lost in time(METAPHORICALLY). That means low tech! No media attention! The perfect place to build a Groundbridge and set your little HQ up.

    Optimus Prime sends a signal to any Autobots that may still thrive in other parts of the Galaxy.

    In this roleplay, Cybertronians take the form of Pokemon. Optimus and Megatron should be opposing Legendaries, preferably Reshiram and Zekrom.

    Transformers Mythos

    Instead of a regular Earth, an Earth akin to a Fantasy MMO is present. Cybetronians take the shapes of Fantasy Creatures.

    I'm kind of thinking of Autobots assuming the form of a wide variety of Fae and Decepticons taking the shapes of dragons and other beastly beings such as Gryphons, Chimeras and all.

    Transformers X Cars

    This takes the spy elements of Cars 2 and combines them with Transformers. Currently incomplete in terms of plans

    Transformers X Kamen Rider

    This Roleplay will feature 'Kamen Rider Prime', a Rider who rides a large vehicle later revealed to be Optimus Prime. Other Riders throughout the series appear as well, with their Rider bikes/Liners/Cars revealing themselves to be Autobots.

    Transformers Ayakashi

    Basically Transformers Mythos in a more Oriental Setting. The forms are also Oriental.

    I'm still thinking of lore, but there'll be these 'Sealstones' that Cybertronians can scan to assume their altmodes, which are based off Japanese(and other Oriental) Myths.
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  2. People generally like Transformers on their own and without any other additions. That might be something you enjoy, but I'd think the vast majority of Transformers rpers (or those somewhat interested in the mythos) would prefer something closer to the original source material, and thus easier to access.

    The most workable of these seems to be the fantasy one because of its similarity to Beast Wars. In that case, you might as well just go with magic shapeshifters instead of giant robots.

    Just a thought.
  3. The first two were created with the idea of having Beast Wars similarities.

    The Second idea was randumb and the fourth...

    ... it's probably too motorcycle-themed to initiate.
  4. Updated with an idea

    Why does everything involve some variant of beast?
  5. anyone up for NOT!Beast Wars?
  6. With my impatience, waiting for the update to transform and roll out is ideal.
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