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  1. The Trans-Dimensional House of Random Weirdness

    IC Link: OPEN SIGNUPS - Trans-Dimensional House of Random Weirdness IC

    A seemingly ordinary house that is actually a place where weird things happen.
    The house itself is located in a small town that looks like it it comes from modern-day Mediterranean Europe.
    The house itself appears to be a standard sized-house with a ground floor above which another stands, all topped by an attic.
    Both floors have a kitchen and living room, both which somehow adjust their size to how many people are in them.
    As for bedrooms, on both floors there is four "Bedroom Doors", which when opened will always connect to the bedroom which the person wants to enter.
    There is two more doors on each floor. The first ones known as "Generic Doors" lead to non-bedroom rooms of many types like for example a training room or music room. Just like "Bedroom Doors" the "Generic Doors" lead to the room in which one wants to be in.
    The last doors are the "Travel Door". Those doors lead to a open space. Along the usual ability to lead one where the person wants to go, these doors also have a special switch next to them which flips them into or out of "Random Destination Mode" which is just like it says - a mode in which the "Travel Doors" always connects to random places.
    Finally a single "door" stands in the attic of the house with a withered word on them which starts with a "W". This doors doesn't open and is the most mysterious object in house. According to the legend of the house if one falls asleep in the attic three times they will disappear forever.

    The character(s) we play accidentally ended up in that "Trans-Dimensional House of Random Weirdness" (TDHRW) on some way. Be it by getting lost and stepping in it, taking the "Travel Doors" to it or simply having suffered a unlucky random dimensional teleportation.

    Why is entering this house bad?
    Well because those that enter will not able to leave. When one tries to escape the house, it will warp him/she/it back to it. To break this bond one must complete a certain task (unknown to the character, but known to the player).

    How serious is this RP:
    As much as we want it to be. It can be anything from a deadly serious tragedy to a lough-out-loud comedy.

    Character sheet:




    * - Something must be written here, even if it is a single word.
    If possible use a image for the appearance section.
    Feel free to give as much detail as you want in the CS or fill it in as the RP progresses forward.

    No limit on how much characters a Rplayer can have.
    Also my GMing will be minimal.

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  3. Syinearya

    Warped In Mystery
    The Quiet Girl
    Wields Her Scythe
    With Closed Eyes

    Name/Alias: Syinearya
    Surname: ???
    Titles/Nicknames: Syn

    Unknown. Human ???

    Cold and quiet. Not much else is known except for her habit of almost always keeping her eyes closed, the fact that she drinks lots of coffee and that she likes cats.

    Has been in "The House" for several years now. Her past is mystery and rumors. Due to her behavior, manners and ability to play a violin it is presumed that she was a member of the upper classes of her world's society. In "The House" she is the main solution for problems that require a show of power or a cold and emotionless approach.

    Immortally (Type I) - Syn doesn't age.
    Time Manipulation (Type IB) - Ability to stop time. Other time-stoppers are also affected.
    Spatial Manipulation (Magic) - Shown a board ability of chantless spatial manipulation magic.
    ???/"Death God's Reaping" - Insufficient information on ability. Known to be able to "bring death to all" via Iashyno.

    Combat; Expert in using her scythe, no info about any other combat ability.
    Non-combat; Playing the violin, cooking, probably more.

    Iashyno - A scythe with unique and unknown properties.
    Kaudno - Syn's combat outfit, displayed on the picture. Surprisingly durable for it's looks.
    Various clothing.
    A small magical device, function unknown.
    A simple, primitive telescope, like the earliest ones of Earth.


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  4. [​IMG]



    Half Fox, Kekikomi

    She usually wears crop tops and shorts. She can take away her legs to make human
    ones, but it feels a bit constricting. She likes having her fuzzy legs out more.

    Strong willed and feisty, Nicole is a one of a kid fox. It's quite obvious considering her ears have
    large holes in them, and she wears an abundance of necklaces and earrings.
    Not to mention the face piercings. She is quite the oddball, and she doesn't
    quite understand other cultures as much as she should. She is also
    omnivorous, and tends to eat both small rodents and large birds.
    She can be quite cuddly if she likes your presence, and getting
    her to not like you once she does is very very hard.

    Nicole grew up in a pack, mostly foraging and using the land to create homes. They lived
    as part of a community, living in the forest and following the ways of live. Nicole never
    knew her parents, so she attached to her friends more than others. One day, Nicole went to the waterfall,
    when a strange mist surrounded her. Walking behind it she found herself staring at a door, and
    she opened it. Upon opening it, she found herself inside a strange house

    Turning into a fox, fox fire, and these bracelets she was given by
    the pack leader, as shown in the following pictures, but smaller and in a fiery orange color. More tribal with beads and teeth.

    Reference Images (open)



    Fighting, Climbing, Hunting, Tracking, Building

    Bracelets, A small sack with berries and food, with a small knife.


    Unknown to her, Nicole has to try and kill herself three times

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  10. Untitled.png
    Detective Heart

    Feminine, Pink hair, Yellow eyes, Medium build, Usually wears a dark trench coat, 25.
    Peppy, Optimistic, she is selfless to a point that she would kill herself to save another life, hopeful, aloof, disconnected,
    Ada was born and raised a normal person. She got a detective job in homicide at a young age. It was normal for investigating death every day until she ran into a scientist who killed 12 people with deadly toxins trying to create a super minion for himself. In the confrontational fight between them he sprayed himself and accidentally Ada. He died. She? She lived, but she was never the same. She was sent into therapy, she was suspended, and no one knew that she gained powers. One day, she went on walk, intending to throw herself off a bridge, but next to the cobble bridge was a house covered in thick layers of fog on a relatively clear night. Ada walked towards it and opened the door....

    Infusion (infusing objects with powers and such)
    Investigative Skills, Interrogation Skills, Boxing proficiency
    Boxing gloves, a gun, notepad, pen
    Key chain from a child who she saved

    Choose herself over someone else in a life or death scenario
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