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  1. *Hiru was traveling through some small town's, ignoring the peasant's in the town and searching for a clear area to train. He had three different training sessions to have in this one day as he had been slacking for quite a while and knew that, in order to keep strong, he would need to practice his skills more and more to become stronger. Hiru knew that he was stronger than most already but, he wanted to be more powerful without replying upon the help of his demon side. his agility and stamina was already high but he needed more flexibility with his dragon scale armor set, maybe even develop some new moves with his sword*

    *While traveling through multiple towns, he stopped at a town that had some people around but not giant groups like last time. He tried to remember the name of this town and he last recalled it being called. ''furbiram''. A name that he never understood and never understood why the town was called that. One thing that caught his eyes though was, it had 3 training arena's and 2 graveyards which pleased him greatly as that meant, he could do all three training sessions in this one town. It also had an inn and a stadium but Hiru didn't care for those places as he wasn't planning to be here for the day*

    *Hiru walked up to one of the training arena's, noticing that guards was their and stopped him* These areas are off limit. only those with sufficient clearance will use these areas! move along! *The guard on the left stated to Hiru but he wasn't fussed about that. Hiru drew out his sword and withing a few seconds, both their heads was cut off. Due to his past, he had developed a speed that was faster than the average human, It would even rival the speed of a Vampire. Because of how fast his strike was, some people wouldn't even notice him move his arm. Hiru then walked into the arena and stood in the middle of the arena, looking at the entrance, just in case he was followed by anyone*
  2. *Arlemar had been sitting in a room in a tavern he'd come across, identifying a specific rock with had been foretold to have some unique qualities. His source for travelling all the way up here he had thought to be dependable, but throughout his trip here he only found very little of interest. He scribbled down more details upon the parchment, before trying its density and mass. After working a few hours at it he felt fed up, dropping it onto the table and pushing the chair out from under him with a groan. As he turned to walk towards the window, he heard the thud of the rock hitting the ground and ignored it, instead watched the people down below haggle prices off of the produce they wished to purchase. He seemed to enjoy these types of towns, places that did not hold down a law that could starve people to death just for a few measly coins. He then heard a clunking noise of metal behind him, his head darting around in case someone had snuck in, but nothing had changed. He looked around, curious to where it had come from, until his eyes laid upon the rock that had so frustrated him earlier. His jacket was hanging on the back of the chair, the metal buckles at the end of each sleeve not far off the floor. The new stone was hanging from the metal button, suspending itself above the small expanse of ground beneath it.*

    *At this point Arlemars eyes opened with such grand surprise and interest, a smile swiping off anything musings that were previously there. He picked up the stone and, once again, began writing vigorously, a revitalised passion for the newly found species of rock. Detail after detail was recorded and tested; Its Magnetism and polar opposite, the sub-species of rock it formed from, the heat required in the climate, the wildlife that helped the earth near it... On and on he wrote until he had filled up the book he was writing, his fingers felt a bit stiff now, his mind reeling back from the obsessive focus he'd composed himself into. Flexing his fingers he walked back to the window, flexing his wrist back and forth as well. As he looked out, he saw a passer-by slay two guards in front of a large building, and enter with a backwards glance. He knew not of what the building held, nor its purpose, but the suspicious activity was enough to spark his curiosity, his feet taking him down the stairs at an increasing pace.*

    *As he got to the bottom floor, he walked to the barman and nudged him over, dropping a coin into his hand as he spoke quietly, his voice deep and knowledgeable.* What do you know of the building opposite this one... *The barman flexed his hand in an inclination for more money, before looking into the cold stern eyes of Arlemar, the piercing Hazel showing no sway. He spoke quickly after that, for fear of something happening. He explained it to be a combat training area, something the military cooked up for some of their more skilled fighters to use. After entering the doors it went underground and from there on he didn't know anything, the guards keeping the more finer details to themselves. Once he stopped speaking Arlemar left the building and walked over to the opposite building, he saw the dead guards and one of the two doors open. Using his speed, he flickered into the doorway, and shut the door before anyone could see him, or so he hoped. At least no human was able to discern his presence, as he made his way down the underground steps, awaiting to find the purpose of the intruder.*
  3. *Hiru noticed how the light from where he came from had disappeared, confused slightly as to who got rid of the light but with the light gone, he knew that someone else was with him. he placed his hand's out to his side, feeling his body energies surging through his body and into his arm's. Hiru used the energies in his arm's to have the fire on the torches, fly to his hand and he then started practicing his capability's of controlling fireballs that he can't see. He knew that someone was near but for now, he acted as if he didn't notice. He thought that if he could master this, then it would be a great skill to his disposal. Being able to create a fireball without even looking at the source and use it as a shield, and a weapon without being able to see it and controlling when it stopped in mid air*

    *While practicing his concentration, progress was being made. Some fireballs would swirl around as he wanted but eventually just disintegrate in the ground. His focus was being disturbed by not only his curiosity of who the figure is and whether he knows them, but by the voice he could hear in his head. Which was Nosfentor speaking to him and taunting him. Nosfentor wanted to fight and expand his power and see how much destruction he could cause to this underground arena*

    *After about five minutes of practicing, Hiru thought about his previous fight with a friend of his and the capability of shooting flame waves out of his blade and wanted to practice that. He shoot the fireballs back to the torches and walked to near a torch. He then pulled out his sword, Focusing his body energy to surge through his arm, into his hand and from his hand, into the edge of the blade. After feeling the energy cover the whole side of his blade, he held the sword back and as the edge felt the heat of the torch, the energy turned into flames around the sword and he aimed for a straight, tower line shoot against the wall. As he swung his blade, it shot a flame wave towards the wall but instead of hitting the wall, it slowly went into the ground, showing that he needed more practice in that flame skill before being able to use it in combat*
  4. (OOC: Hiru this character is my first character that I ever created to RP with, it isn't the one in you're RP: Beginning lol also I probably wont have super long posts haha)

    Fane had recently found Furbiram and searched around for a place to train. He eventually heard of a place and found his way to it. When he saw the guards dead on the ground he knew someone had no business in here. He stormed in and found Hiru and Arlemar. If they looked at him they would see he was dressed in plain clothes, a navy blue shirt and pants with black boots on his feet. He stood at 6 feet with hair was short and black, skin tan and his eyes were alternate brown and blue. There was a staff on his back that stood out from his plainness. If he would ever tell it was an indestructible, expandable, up to 10ft, staff that was crafted by elves. It was a gift from a friend from a few years ago.

    "Who was the person who killed the guards!?" He somewhat yelled, upset that innocents had been killed while he was in the area. He protected people and there was no way he would let this slide. He waited angrily for a reply and readied to attack whoever did this.
  5. Yeothi slipped around to the front of the training center. This part of town was less heavily populated than some of the others, but it wouldn't do to have dead guardsmen attracting attention when she was trying to concentrate. She reached down and grabbed both men by their collars and pulled them inside, shutting the door behind her. Her hands and the sleeves of her mud-spattered cloak were stained with blood, but she didn't seem to mind. She simply licked her hands clean and pulled the cadavers off to the side where they wouldn't be in the way.

    Next to the heavily armed warriors, she looked a little out of place. Her only clothes were her frayed, oversize cloak and a sort of smock or robe tied up with a length of rope. Her hair was just as muddy as her cloak and reached past her shoulders in a grey, frizzy mess. She looked like nothing so much as a shy little ghost that had wandered out of its tomb.

    As the others made demands, shouted, and did whatever it was they needed to do, she reached down and unbuckled a belt from one of the cadavers, taking the sheathed sword with it. She'd never actually owned a sword before, and it was probably some sort of prerequisite to train. Or was it? Yeothi wasn't sure. Her head was feeling all fuzzy again. In any case, watching the people might clear up her skull a little.
  6. Nokir scaled the wall of the training center, sneaking in undetected. He was a keen warrior, but he didn't expect roof guards. in the flash of an eye, he drew 6 throwing knives, and directed them towards the two guards, each 50 yards away, hitting them both in the throat, a small spray of blood as they both struggled to scream. "Damn" Nokir thought. Dead guards. This will look bad. he looked behind himself, noting the yelling man and the dead guards near the main gate. "This wont do..." Nokir whispered. He quickly whipped a throwing knife at the screaming man. He was not, of course, trying to kill him, he instead aimed for the nerve that allowed the bastard to speak. It wold probably take away his speech for good 60 seconds, enough to tell him to shut up. He quickly opened a trap door on the roof, climbing down the old, wooden ladder that was previously used for entrance in the ancient days. Noone in this town would, or ever will know that he was a Guardian, one of the five chosen to protect the 5 basic elements. He was here to tell the others, who he was sure did not have knowledge of their gift.

    He, however, was the Guardian of Darkness. he was aware that Hiru, was the guardian of fire, the man he was approaching now. Nokir spoke in a cold, clear tone "You there. Hiru, I believe? Are you aware of the legend of the Guardians? No matter, You must come with me, you are the guardian of fire." He was also aware that a man named Arlemar was the guardian of Earth, and that a boy named Fane was the guardian of wind. His master informed him of a girl, but was unaware of her element. They would soon find out...
  7. As both newcomers entered the training facility Fane's sensory shield picked them up. He knew they were there but didn't care, except for the one who killed the guards. As the man's knives got five feet from Fane he put up an energy shield which easily stopped them. His ability was to be able create shields from his own will and personal energy. He had also learned to be able to mold the shields into weapons and move the shields. The weakness of his shields is that he only has his energy and the stronger the attack the more it took to block it. He compensated for this a little by also having a hidden amulet under his shirt that stored up to half his energy and could be tapped into at any time. If his will was strong and he had energy to spare he could easily become an ultimate defense.

    "You wanna pick a fight?! I know you killed those guards on the roof and your little knife throw couldnt touch me in a million years." He took his staff off his back as he said this and got in a ready stance to fight. He also ignored what the man said to Hiru and Alemar for it was of no importance right now. He wanted answers for the killings now before he tried to kill them.
  8. Yeothi ducked under a deflected knife which buried itself in the wall behind her. She gritted her teeth and ripped it free. The dirty, seething child stalked around the outer edge of the room, eyes flicking from Fane to Dokir and back again The knife in her hand began to glow, first red, then yellow, then a blinding, burning white as it began to melt and drip, leaving droplets of liquid metal on the floor. She drew her hand back to throw the handful of burning steel at one of her perceived aggressors when her sleeve caught fire, momentarily distracting her. Letting out a little shriek, the ghoulish girl rammed her arm elbow deep into the dirt floor to extinguish it. All thoughts of obliteration left her head as she dusted herself off, removing a dirty but uninjured hand from the soil. Yeothi's head hurt a little bit, but with any luck, she'd get a little peace and quiet to meditate in after these jokers had calmed down a little. Besides, she had a sword of her own for the first time in her life, and that had put her in a good mood. She sat back down on the floor next to the hole she'd made and drew it, running her fingers along the sharp edge.
  9. Nokir turned back at the staff wielder's comment "oh really now?" he jerked his hand back forcefully, noting the bright glint of a knife he had thrown earlier behind the man. "I know your type... you used too much energy on that shield, so you cant block this!" The knife was already inches from the man's body, to close for an energy shield to form. This little battle was over. The most the bastard could manage would be to defelct the knife into another part of his body. Nokir was sure of his success, as no mortal could ever dream of beating a guardian.
  10. Fane was too enraged to see what the girl had done. Although it might have been a good idea to note at least the ability to melt steel. Whether it was control of fire or a magic that did it there was a chance it would cause trouble.

    His personal shield that surrouded his skin deflected the knife, "Too much energy? You have no idea what I'm capable of, and those knives are little flies compared to what I've had to deal with!" The man would need something much bigger than knives to drain Fane. He jumped at the man and swung his staff swideways to hit his ribs. He may not be able to move while in the air but he would catch himself one way or another.
  11. Yeothi considered the developing battle from the edge of the room. She was still a little annoyed and would have liked to teach the combatants a lesson, but none of them had really attacked her personally. It was just a case of a stray weapon getting out of hand. The little wraith grabbed her sword by the blade and flung it across the room with surprising strength. It embedded in a dead guardsman's chest with a wet, meaty sound. Yeothi put her hands over her eyes and began to hum, a low, sonorous drone that reverberated ominously around the room.

    The headless man twitched, stood, and pulled the blade out of his body, twirling it expertly from hand to hand. The blood oozing from his neck began to trickle upwards, slowly forming a thin, wet webbing of suspended blood. It twisted back and forth like head might have before focusing on the other headless corpse sprawled out on the floor. It reached down, drew the other man's blade, and rammed it point downwards into is neck stump. This task completed, it charged the closest living thing in the room, in this case Nokir, and aimed a powerful, two-handed thrust at him from the ground, meaning to stab him in the small of the back.
  12. Nokir watched the staff twirl at him, and jumped back, but not as fast as he should of, as the staff caught him in the liver and knocked the wind out of him. He jumped back several feet, now aiming his attacks at the hell spawn slashing him. Damn, A necromancer. He drew another of his weapons, used for close combat, an collapsible trident. He flicked his wrist, extending the trident into full length, around 2 feet. He dodged the dead spawn's heavy attack and used the opportunity to jab his trident into the hell spawn and pin it into the ground, which he accomplished hastily. He quickly lifted his tunic and checked his ribs, which he felt poking his lungs. He wiped his brow as he looked at the hell spawn which was pinned firmly to the ground, and again at the summoner. "Are you crazy!" he shouted! glancing at the man he was previously fighting, almost transmitting through his mind a momentary truce as he dealt with the necromancer. "You will release your hold on the hell spawn... Now. Or I will kill you and complete the process myself!" The girl obviously wasn't a skilled sword fighter, but he was still a bit uneasy around her.
  13. Fane stopped as the hell spawn attacked the man and because the man looked at him in a way that called truce. He also believed that a two on one fight was not fair so he stood there and observed. The girl could bring the dead to life to fight for her, but that didn't mean she couldn't fight herself. For now he would calm down and ask everyone. "Is there any particular reason you guys are here? Besides training or killing people?"
  14. Yeothi uncovered her eyes and cocked her head to one side. The creature gripped the trident with its free hand and ripped it out before springing to its feet. The child stopped humming her little tune and the monster froze, stolen polearm raised to throw. She could see Nokir's pain, a red, pulsing mass crawling and squirming in his chest. Her cloak dragged across the ground as she glided past Nokir and Fane. She hummed another bar of her little nonsense song and the revenant lurched forward, lunging at her with the trident. She executed a pirouette and ducked past his thrust with surprising grace, then grabbed the sword embedded in his neck and tore it free, holding it by the blade just above the hilt.

    "Yes. The
    re's a polyp there," she mumbled, pointing the pommel at Nokir's half-crushed chest. "I'll pluck it for you and then t'will be feasting and fun." Her voice slid up and down a little sing-song sound that went from smooth as silk to raspy and gravelly as she spoke. She was obviously a little off in the head, though she sounded like she was trying to make some sort of point. Then, as if hearing Fane for the first time, she went on. "I went away to hear the silence of the stream and tree," she said, "But the river turned me on my head, so I came to find the topsy-turvy quiet of the hive." Yeothi looked as though she might go on, to elaborate or explain her mad ramblings, then stopped and closed her mouth. She sagged a little, as though her insane mutterings had tired her more than animating the dead man.
  15. *Hiru watched as he realized that he could sense something familiar, despite the fact that a few people had appeared and one of them declared something about guardians but it meant nothing to him, His anger for being disturbed grew ever more at a slow rate. He drew out his snake eyes ( Unique/ magical sword ) and could feel the cries of souls that Nosfentor have harnessed through the years. Hiru's hands started turning black and as he created a fireball, It grew ever more and the color wasn't red anymore. The color changed to blue as it was more powerful than Hiru had ever created before. He also had no fear for the other mortals as he had his dragon scale armour on so, he knew that it wouldn't be likely to be hit. He had closed his eyes to focus on his fireball and while his eyes was closed, he could feel energies not only from his body going into the fireball, but a energy link from Nosfentor's endless energy. He could feel that this fireball was unlike any he had conjured and as he opened his eyes, his left eye leaked out a red essence that represented his power in flame was further than normal and his right eye leaked out black essence which meant that, Nosfentor was interfering and causing Hiru's power to go further than anything that Hiru could conjure*

    *Hiru could sense that, their was a figure nearby that he knew. he thought for a minute before shooting the fireball that had just got to the size of half of Hiru and stopped. ''Who is that person that is familiar?'' He thought before hearing the voices of Nosfentor. '' Take them. Take them all and claim your victory. these are worms compared to your might!! *Nosfentor shouted in Hiru's mind and as Hiru grind at hearing that, He then heard the person ask the question and laughed loudly* This is my training ground! *He shouted as he thought of who to shoot the fireball at, thinking who could withstand it as Hiru has burned people alive quickly with his powerful attacks, so he knew that, if they didn't find a way to dodge this, then they would possibly die where they stand.* Giving the fact that you care so much for those guards stranger. *He mentioned as he looked towards Fane, His voice now sounding slightly demonic as nosfentor started speaking* Have this! *He threw the fireball at him and then quickly made 6 fireballs to swirl around him at a fast pace to create a shield. He could feel that now, his arm's was black and if he didn't focus, then Nosfentor would come out*
  16. Fane looked in astonishment as Hiru shouted, he was part demon like his other friend! That means he had extrodinary strength and if he went full demon he would be almost unstoppable! He noticed the blue fireball he had and started gathering energy and when he mentioned the guards his will was as strong as steel. "I'll take whatever you can throw at me!" Once the fireball was 5 feet away the visible yellow energy shield appeared and took up the whole side of the room Fane was on as to protect Yeothi and Nokir. It took a lot more energy to do this but he didn't want them to get hurt as well, even though he didn't know if they would get along or not.

    :Energy at 89%: Fane heard this as he let the shield down and got in a ready stance again, "Jeez shut up you stupid computer! I don't even know why I let Alex install you just to guage my energy levels!" He charged Hiru and when he was 7 feet away he stabbed his staff at Hiru and extended it the last 3 feet to try and hit him in the gut.
  17. *Hiru laughed as Fane charged at him, knowing that he wouldn't hit as it was predictable. Hiru took a step to the side and looked at Fane with amusement. He enjoyed toying with people as this was a sport for him. as he dodged the staff, he gripped the staff and spoke while fireballs started eating at the clothes that Fane was holding, and spoke in a more demonic tone* You're eagerness to hit me is almost, amusing. Even if you would hit me, do you really think that it would do much? This feeble vessel deserves punishment and you will only please me. *He mentioned as he then threw the staff, with the person back to the other side of the room, using his Demon strength which has destroyed bodies and thrown cars to far distances with ease. As he mentioned that, he started focusing not only on the fire shield, so than the flames would come back and be stronger*

    *Nosfentor started having a harder time taking control but, was still able to give Hiru a small portion of his power and strength while trying to get out. He kept taunting hiru and interfering with not only his power, but his emotions so than he would fell more comfortable fighting. Hiru could feel the energy in his blade and his body, while the black skin started disappearing and stopped by his hands. Hiru then placed snake eyes in front of him in a defensive position, so than any other attack could be countered by his blade, if not dodged by his inhuman speed. His blade started glowing green and leaking with a energy that, was unheard of by most mortals. A rare energy source that is used in certain demons. This energy being Fel energy.*
  18. *Arlemar turned around as he stepped out, slowly moving into the center of the training field. His feet moved like lithe snakes as his eyes flashed over the many visitors, though some were more arrogant then others. He had heard the screaming of the man, about death, but cared not for his sympathy. His eyes flashed bright yellow, revealing the essence of the Triban inside him, though he did not think he would need it till much later. He saw the magic with the female, Yeothi, animating the body, but he could see something different about it, not entirely basic necromancy. Though the one that caught his attention, was the one who was becoming the more pestering, with every syllable that left his mouth, caused him to be attract attention he did not wish. The one known as Nokir. The ground beneath them all trembled as a small quake came, causing one of the walls to collapse and reveal a brighter, more natural light into the room. From the gap in the ground, came an exquisite item. A weapon of pure polished crystal floated out of the ground and into his hand, a Scimitar made completely out of Jasper, a golden gleam on it as it reflected the light.*

    *His ancient origin gave such insights into magic as his free hand turned, the ground beneath Nokir lashing out at him and holding him to the ground, before summoning a few glowing blue fireballs. These fireballs were explosive upon impact, and raw as the Molten heat of the volcanoes of Glok Mnir. The fireballs were flung towards Nokir aswell, being held in place it would be amusing, though thew power behind his abilities were equal to that of a balrog, he would test them before releasing any of the more serious powers. His feet and arms moved to the ancient stance of 'The Crane' in awaiting their responses and watch for any attacks. He had only wished to come and have a battle with an old friend, but found so much more, creating a small grin upon his face.*
  19. As Fane flew towards a wall he created a shield behind him that slowed him down but not enough and he and the shield hit the wall leaving a crater. "I would have gone right through....he's even stronger than Flair....well time to get serious then!" He said to himself and got on the ground. He mimicked Hiru's fireball shield by creating orbs of his energy but he was going to use these to attack. :energy at 85%: the computer said again, it was quite annoying to hear constantly. He charged Hiru again, noting the blackness that started to spread. Any more and it might be too late to turn back. When he was 20 feet away he sent the orbs at the fireballs and one extra went straight for Hiru's legs. The orbs trapped the fireballs and stopped their movement and the one to his legs moved fast as lightning. :energy at 83%: "Just shut up already!!" He yelled again to the computer, it must look weird that he was talking to himself.
  20. *As Fane smashed into the wall, Hiru looked over to the entrance of the building and grinned greatly. The only person that was invited to his new training ground had appeared. Arlemar, An old friend of his. Hiru lost interest in all other people for a moment and thought about going straight for Arlemar, before looking back to Fane to see whether he was still standing or, actually down and to his suspicion Fane was now charging at him. Nosfentor realized that from the first few orb's that, He was going to target Hiru's legs and laughed greatly in Hiru's mind. Nosfentor then told Hiru and went to his limits by giving Hiru some more energy, Giving Hiru the capability to move at speeds that, would cause a human to question how he moved so fast when to other's, it didn't even look like he moved his leg but it would be counted as a speed boost and a defense. As Hiru noticed him create his last orb, He placed his sword into the ground and laughed as not many mortals was giving the privilege of facing Hiru at the fastest speed without turning into Nosfentor. Hiru started speaking again before letting Nosfentor take more control*Your skills and capability's are admirable but, you are going to need more than an Orb ball to catch me. My speed and flexibility is far beyond anything you could ever imagine. Vampyre's of old age are the only beings on the planet that have the capability to go faster, or to my knowledge are the only ones. If other's could catch my speed, then i don't know of them. *He picked up his sword again and pointed it towards Fane as Hiru felt a slight shock in his leg from blocking the energy ball. He lifted his hand and appeared with a flame sword which meant that, Hiru was now duel-wielding not only snake eyes, but a flame sword as well*

    *As Hiru had two swords now, he crouched down and crossed both his swords, feeding both blades an energy source that let him do an old move that was rare for him to use. This was a move that he only used in front of his master, as it would disintegrated a human whole from the temperature of the shoot and penetrated magical walls in order to hit it's pray. Hiru forgot however that, he can't shoot that many shots without letting Nosfentor take control. As he aimed his crossed swords towards Fane, two fire arrows of deadly heat and power was shot at Fane. Hiru stopped shooting as he could feel his legs, arms and his torso was now all black. If he wasn't careful now, than his demon would take over. After those two shots, he placed his swords on the ground and focused greatly on his opponent, making sure that, whatever move he brings out next, would hopefully be blockable and enjoyable, or dodgable*