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  1. That which was lost-The Old Continent: Echria'el
    "That which is...will not."~ Ortuis, The Lost.
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    - - - -
    "Sought out and plundered were the riches of Echria'el, yet none sought out that which was truly hidden, why did you abandon us?
    "I watched, I heard, my senses overloaded as my village simply ignited in fury and became a burrowed vertical cavern. What was once home is now their breeding grounds...why did they abandon us?
    "Mountains leveled as passing commenced, many a mind shattered by the sheer scope of such...things. Why!! Why did you abandon us!?"~ Ortuis, The Lost.​
    - - - -
    "Your eyes and mind wonder aimlessly -what could make any man so frantic-? I will tell you, I will tell you why and who has dared betray those who waited for them so blindly in their naivety. I will tell you of the 5th wave and what followed its coming."~Ortuis; The Lost
    Breathing winds blow and yet the man's sigh, his mournful glance, and the power of his weakness does let him speak in such tragedy.
    "You wonder, yet do not know of what and of why? You come to me with curiosity but I will tell you...once you know who has abandoned you, you will no longer long for what you have thought. You see for this is a story of a world's terror both in body and in mind of man and beast alike.
    “This...this is the story of what we call 'The Razing of Ash and Dust'. This is how it has been seen:
    “Through many age's our land has moved and been churned from its beginning slumbers. None, man nor women, child nor adult had seen the entirety, the wholesomeness of these lands nor did they know of its vastness. In our ignorant naivety we reached out with our minds, sword in hand, shield in other, and trudged out into the unknown. It had been an idea, a journey...an adventure, but now, if we were here...we would regret our choices.
    “Soil and air, ground and sky covered we moved the land with our feet and our actions. We shaped it with our minds -though unbeknownst to us- and the 1st wave was felt. The wave of explorers, the boom of discovery. New lands, new resources, new peoples, new nations AROSE and became part of the world making what was still unknown, not. Flourish, prosper, we thought it right for nations to rise and fall and war and make treaties for the better. It was an era, the era of awakening, but near the end of the day, the sun's setting, dusk of this era the land shook and cities crumbled, mentally their people shaken, and nations were crippled.
    “Fear engulfed us, we could not understand nor take the harshness of our land, our planet, Echri. We fled the soil of nations, thinking to return to our homelands, the native straits...we were wrong to ever think that that which was...would still be. We walked across unfamiliar lands, in familiar directions and yet nothing was the same. The same distance traveled, a different destination met, the 2nd wave begun. What we thought, what the world thought, was cataclysm struck. Echri awoke, its eyes opening, the eyes of a drunken father, maddened.
    “Two gaping pits opened, like eyes, and down, down they went. The nations, what was left, merged into one, to unite against a common enemy. Standing together and praying to all they knew, to whatever might be out there...to the unknown. Their actions a mistake, though their prayers were answered. The 'eyes' of Echri spewed forth ash and searing puss, magma, from their depths and engulfed not all...but most of the previous peoples. We could do naught but watch, yet strangely we felt no remorse, nor despair at what we saw. We could do nothing 'cept turn away and walk, forwards, to unlock the later half 2nd wave.
    “Nation's mostly fallen, one super-nation became and rose in the time of the 2nd wave. Rapturous were the people, thinking that they had finally found safety in numbers, life seemed to begin again but they should not have shouted, exclaimed, and expressed such joy.... Years, age's passed before our eyes and yet age we did not; we could only trudge on and watch. Our bodies carried, as if by something else, across what should, nay MUST be familiar land...but was not.
    “The 2nd wave, the era of peace and joy...ended, innocence lost. Rest, it was all we could do for no more could tears fall from our dried up ducts. Powerless. Rivers, where cities drew life from, shriveled to the depravity of 'the Dust'. Lake's swallowed whole, bodies ravaged and torn by the storms of dust and depravity. The once great super-nation reduced to a wasteland of deadly searing particles.
    “The people had hope...but that which was...would not.
    “Those of us who could remain, persisted and we reached what caused the 3rd wave. The great vertices of my village, an abyss now, lay before our eyes. Sadly...it was the only thing familiar to us but still in its familiarity it was terrifying. We were right to fear it. Seeking down into its depths, we scaled its vertical walls. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, age's, an era...could have passed and we reached its reversed summit, its bottom. For some measure of time -which no longer could we measure- a dark, molten light had emanated from deep below us and now we knew what had become of the lost.
    “Heaving earth and lungs we were pushed further down, though there was no way for us to go. The heart of Echri...a pulsing molten heart filled with utter wrongness bombarded our eyes.”~ Ortuis, The Lost.​
    - - - -
    “Emerging from the chasm, time had passed, but no longer did my comrade's in despair cease to age. Their minds had withered before the eldritch heart and no longer were their minds or bodies capable of anything but a form of horrible stasis. I had escaped, but by what whim, for what reason?
    “I had to stop the cycle, to warn the rest and warn them I did...for naught. The 4th wave hit, a massive shuddering of the lands, an earthquake of tremors over the entirety of Echri. For the 1st time in age's...I wept for though all around me were shaken and dissolved into dust...I remained, untouched.
    “I realized again, in my despair that which was...would not, and I fell only deeper into myself.
    “Yet nothing, not even my own body, would stop for me and so the 5th wave came. No longer could I feel or comprehend what happened around me. I only know now as I awaken. The world shifted again, though unfelt to its people. It began to fall into slumber and so those few who had survived sought to escape.
    “Leaving the home continent they traveled to new ground thinking the unknown would have something better, what fools they were. How colossally wrong they would find themselves to be, but alas all I could do was follow them wishing that hope existed in the face of such horrors. It is in these lands, now that the 5th wave begins, please...make it not as it is...
    ...For that which is...will not. Break the cycle for I...cannot.”~ Ortuis, The Lost.​

    - - - -

    The Razing of Ash and Dust

    "That which is…will not.”~Ortuis, The Lost

    Words spoken from the mouth of a person who was once a man, “That which is…will not” is a phrase that has resounded continuously through the ears of men. It is here on this planet of Echri -where many a tragedy has tormented and struck the people- that FINALLY a chance for true change can emerge into the world.

    The promises of a new continent are many but only so much can be expected from the planet of Echri. Ravaged oh so often by disasters of unexplainable origin, Echri’s people have lost most hope and with no gods or religion left there is nowhere left to turn but to the next generation and to the same individuals who may or may not have brought about the cataclysm’s in question.

    Now considered an ancient, Ortuis, The Lost, is being sought out for advice as it is said that all the tragedies of Echri have been witnessed by his weathered, tired soul. However it is not in Ortuis that salvation or hope will be found, but rather in the youthful eyes of today’s generation. You are this new generation, try and make it last.

    Additional Plot information

    As shown on the map of Jshitan Echri in the below information, the starting location for most characters will in fact be on the ship as it arrives on the shore of 'The New Continent'. Furthermore, the purpose of this Roleplay is more or less to explore the process of setting up a colony in a foreign land with very little guidance from its natives, who, unlike the Native American tribes during British colonization, are much more advanced than the settlers.

    While I will help to progress the plot by providing interesting options and literal guidance via the many NPCs at my disposal, it will be impossible for me to drive the plot entirely by myself. After all, this is a Roleplay, not a novel. As such, have fun, feel free to ask me any questions, and enjoy the hope brought about through the new continent!

    Oh, as an additional note, it is probably best that if you decide to be a race other than human, that you ask me about their society, because I have yet to add those bits to their racial descriptions, which I promise I will get to. Now, onwards to the world info!

    - - - -
    Echria’el-The 1st Continent.
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    Original pic
    Locations (open)
    General Scenary: The 1st continent, Echria'el is mostly composed of either bogs, arid plains with sparse vegetation or strange, scarce, and rather small forests. It is not the most hospitable of lands however it does have apt amount of resources in its caverns as well as on its surface though food is not easily found in the measure of vegetation. The animals however are plentiful in most areas, though to kill one you'd need to be quite skilled.

    The Native Straits (open)
    Sheer village: The remnants of the village that was once the home of Otruis The Lost. It is a sheer vertical, perfect 360 degree circular drop that goes so far down that no one -besides Ortuis and his former companions- has ever seen the bottom of. It is located miles upon miles South of Emeijen(Vacuous Dust) and it is largely unknown if it is a good idea to venture near it. Ortuis however has firmly advised not even going within viewing range of the abyss and he said woe be it to any whole decide to scale its vertical walls.

    Vacuous Dust (open)
    Emeijen-The Vacuous Dust: The arid, dead plains encompassing the ruins of Entsh and Kuhjh’it. These plains are completely dead with no real semblance of life remaining. There are however occurrences of 'the Dust' which can quite literally tear a mans body to shreds through prolonged contact of any kind. It is ill advised to enter this wasteland as even Ortuis no longer knows or wishes to discover what now dwells within these arid plains.

    - - - -
    The Entsh Ruins: These ruins are what is left behind of the capitol city/states of the old nations. Plentiful and not all too far between these would serve as moderately safe places to hide/rest if one were travelling on the old continent. These are by far safer then the Kuhjh'it ruins and are seldom filled with...things of even vaguely living origin.

    The Kuhjh’it Ruins: During the 2nd half of the 2nd wave the remainder of the old nations merged into one cohesive whole in an attempt to combat the trials of nature...they did not succeed as half of their population was destroyed. This massive city is a relic of what was lost, however half of it is immersed in a haze so thick that no eyes may pierce its haunting gale. The haze is like a storm of dust with mysteries within that no man should rightly see. Due to this, staying in the safe half of this city means that one could very well encounter whatever wanders out from the haze thus is is ill advised.

    Jshitan Echri-The 2nd Continent
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    This will be edited as you explore it.
    Information (open)
    To be updated

    - - - -
    Known Sentient Races
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    Playable Races (open)
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    Humans are much the same as they are hear and have not been particularly skilled in any specific area except possibly…survival. Ironically they are the smallest percentage of survivors out of all the races. Humans are incredibly adaptive and are able to change their ways to a certain extent in order to survive. They are not skilled in any area generally but are completely capable of learning almost any skill. In the past the humans were the most tenacious of the races and they almost always won any form of conflict and thus did indeed have the largest nation out of the others.

    However this was precisely their downfall as they had too many cities and people’s to protect and so the majority of them were killed off due to lack of defenses. Both the spreading of magma over the lands and the infamous ‘Dust’ plagued their people and eliminated the bulk. Some were able to survive and it was indeed they –along with the Majdraan- who thought of how best to react after the ‘eyes’ of Echri and what came to be known as the 2nd wave.

    Shar’ren(Sharp Tongue):
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    A race hailing from the Old continent of Echria'el, the Shar'ren are sharp tongued individuals, standing at around 5 feet average. They have a very quick thought process and can be capable of high level of thought, however generally they have moderate-high violent tendencies. They enjoy the thrill of battle and are skilled in the art of crafting the world around them in a rather interesting fashion. They are one of the few races from the old continent that have any form or measure of magic. Rather then utilize it normally they are only capable of infusing their spiritual energies into objects or weapons that they craft.

    Shar’ren are not particularly strong physically but they are incredibly durable, quick, and utterly filled with energy to utilize in battle and otherwise. As mentioned they are quick witted and their society, or what is left of it at least, is filled with filled with honesty, though sometimes sharp, as well as whom can quickly out pace the other. To Shar’ren status is dictated almost entirely by how honorable and quick witted you are in various situations. Their eye sight and sense of hearing is particularly keen and they have a very dulled sense of taste which can make them more prone to poison. Additionally Shar'ren mature a lot faster than humans with the average physical maturity being reached at the age of 16 for both male's and females. Their minds however, mature around the age of 18-21 though in comparison's to humans they are still superior mentally.

    In the past the Shar’ren were among the ruling nations and their skillfulness in trading as well as crafting of generally brilliant inventions for both war and practical matters. They were among the richest of the nations and so they were able to use their genius to largely protect themselves against the ravages of Echri’s unexplainable fury. For them…it was ‘The Dust’ that forced them to flee their lands for it took many of their people leaving their race devastated by its coming.

    Shar'ren names and generally mannerisms and culture can vary greatly but they all have a kind of kinship. For example their language which is called Shari is a rather strange language which has a sound much like that of the Asian languages on our earth. They however do not have the same kind of accent and mannerisms but are rather closer to the Irish. The Shar'ren tend to use names like Grover, Sairena, Letzine, but they can widely vary. Generally Shar'ren females are more refined then their more headstrong and aggressive male counter-parts. The females tend to enjoy a good competition of skill or intelligence rather then a generalized arguement or show of strength. It is common that the females have higher ranks than their husbands, however they are less likely to exert their social power than the males are. Interestingly enough Shar'ren are a rather polarized species though there are of course the odd ones out. Generally though Shar'ren are either very honest or very cunning. The two things are very difficult mannerisms to be composed in one individual but some nonetheless manage to do so.

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    The Viikin are one of the few races who hail from the new continent and they have only recently been discovered by the migrating races of Echria’el, the old continent. Among the races they appear to be one of the most dominant as they have not gone through the waves of the old continent and have been allowed to cultivate their cultures and technology. They are adept users of both magic and tech and mix the 2 freely with much skill. Their bodies are very unique as the 1st layer appears to be something like magma though its heat does not burn to the touch. The reason for their skins lack of intense heat is that it is channeled into varying organ in their bodies in order to supply a maximum amount of energy. The body heat is heavily transformed into their plentiful spiritual energy supply.

    The outer plates that coat over their heated under layer acts much like an exoskeleton as well as a coolant to their skin. This layer is not static and is actually capable of moving in order to protect the small exposed crevices all over their forms. These plates have been seen to be able to block even a rather heft iron blade but when encountering the weapons of the Shar’ren seem mostly useless. Despite the fact that some of them have been killed by the Shar’ren’s mistaken quick thoughts they are actually a rather peaceful race unless openly and hostilely provoked.

    They generally are cool headed, though exceptions of course exist, and are rather philosophical in nature. They –unlike the Shar’ren- are completely able to bend and manipulate the world around them with their Spiritual energies. They believe –with some skeptics among- that all is made from something called ether. Their sense are rather strange and unique in comparison to most of the other races with the obvious exclusion of the Altrori. When speaking of their eyes they 1st see spiritual energy and then from that cognant forms. They can smell things that most cannot even understand as smells…such as colors or sounds. They perceive most everything s ether which is synonymous with spiritual energies…or magic as the races of Echria’el call it. In this way most of their senses are highly attuned and depending on the individual they may or may not be more or less susceptible to various stimuli. Viikin are known as one of the longest living races along with the Majdraan and Altrori. Its not yet known to those of Echria'el as to how long they are capable of living.

    Other information (open)
    They are a pseudo-hivemind. All of their minds are linked, but they are not all one mind, in a sense. They have a leader, but the leader is more like an especially receptive individual who is chosen as a spokesperson for the entire race. When large decisions must be made, the leader will cause the entire race to enter a state of 'communion' in which they will all decide on what to do. With smaller issues the leader will merely send out a subconscious message to the race and the majority response will be the action, unless it is unbeneficial to the whole.

    The law enforcement system in Viikin society are called 'Rangers' and these help keep the cities and villages safe from the creatures that live in the wild as well as taking into custody anyone who kills or steals from another. However, crime rate is very very low, especially murder, because killing another of their kind actually hurts them mentally, they can feel some of the pain and fear and very few Viikin 'get off' on that sensation.

    Stealing tends to not be a problem as while there is a currency, it is an unspoken rule to help ones neighbor.

    The 'capital' punishment in Viikin society is not to be given the death penalty, instead it is to be banished. When banished the leader of the Viikin will cause a communion and then will remove the offender from the race collective, which is somewhat painful...and then horribly traumatic afterwards, not to mention they will never feel like they 'belong' anywhere or with anyone afterwards.

    Notable Races (open)
    (Unplayable currently, though this may change. There mght be exceptions, but you’d have to find some plausible reason and I’m a bit picky.)

    Altrori(Depth Seekers): The 1st link is an Altrori in its malleable form while the 2nd is an Exine Altrori which is in a mostly physical form.
    (Link 1, Link 2)
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    Living in underground cities and desiring nothing but to foul the world with their devious trickery, the Altrori are a devious -though not technically evil- race of shadow beings. Literally born from shadows they are shunned by the light. Writhing shadows given souls they revel in the dark and shrink into nothingness when exposed to too much sunlight. Their bodies are surrounded by a cloak of darkness and if they must go into sunlight or light of any kind they thicken this with their magics and surround themselves in a literal cloak of darkness. Altrori are natural masters of forbidden magic, shadow magic, and stealth. They are easily able to merge with and blend in with other shadows and can change the shape and form of their malleable bodies. Their main limitation is the fact that sunlight and flames are incredibly fatal to their race.

    Almost no Altrori can be exposed to sunlight for more than a max of 30 seconds before they melt into a shadow and then fade into the Haharmyo(Stream of shadows) that they originated from. They are not necessarily physically weak but because of their primarily ethereal nature it is rather difficult for them to wield normal weapons. However, it has been seen that they can still be hit by physical attacks and weapons. An upside to them is that only golden weapons or weapons with light or fire type enchantments will have any effect on their bodies. Magic is one of the banes to them, as anything other than those they are born with are unreachable to them and are also capable of harming/effecting them.

    Though this is usually the case for Altrori, there are the rare exceptions known as Exine Altrori. Exine Altrori are similar in every way, except...they are considered mutations and abominations of the Haharmyo. They are mistakes. Exine Altrori are shadows that are strengthened by the light and endlessly seek it out. They cannot help themselves and because of this their personalities are usually even more messed up than the normal Altrori. Twisted by the light and turned into something half evil and half good, they are confused beings. They are natural born masters of twilight, light, AND shadow magic’s but cannot ever touch on the forbidden magic’s.

    As Altrori are ethereal beings they have exceedingly long potential life spans but very short actual ones. Most Altrori are killed by their kin or by the Majdraan in skirmishes. Altrori are essentially immortals and if unbothered could live forever. They are known to create strange weapons from what they call Myo ore(Shadow ore). Altrori are capable of absorbing other Altrori which is often mistaken for a courting or mating attempt by other races unknowledgeable of them.

    The Altrori follow something called the Cridomyo. This Cridomyo consists of 5 crid(codes) that, upon separation from the Haharmyo, every Altrori must swear to follow and uphold.

    1.) Never speak in straight lines, leave your listener thinking.
    2.) Keep your secrets...secret and only reveal within encrypted writings or words.
    3.) Never seek the light.
    4.) For all your nights spread the shadows of knowledge.
    5.) Teach of deciet and be of trickery.

    Something to note is that any and all Exine Altrori are instantly exiled and excluded from any protection or knowledge of their race. If ever encountered by another Altrori, they are almost surely to be attacked and killed on sight.

    In regards to the Altrori their race was never particularly involved in anything even before the coming of the 2nd wave and since they live mostly underground they were largely unaffected by both magma and ‘Dust’ alike. However they realized and felt foreboding from the lands and since their race was already few in number they decided it best to vacate and leave with the others. They generally get along well with the other races due to their deceptive nature and them making themselves seem more…appealing.

    Majdraan(Reaching Siblings): Both picture show a basic look of a Majdraan though modifications can be made widely.
    (Link 1, Link 2)
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    Strange creatures of an unknown origin -at least to those outside their circle of knowledge- they are scholarly beings with incredibly intelligent and focused minds. If they were to have an alignment they would be Neutral with variations of such occuring. Majdraan are far more versatile in their types of magic and specialize in shadows, forbidden magic’s, and nature magic’s. They use these magic’s to create their upside down settlements.

    Majdraan are more social than the more devious Altrori but are not necessarily less or more secretive. They tend to research the environment around them as well as the animals and plants that live in it. They frequently make trips to the surface of the cavern to explore. Their social standing, power levels, and uniqueness are not represented by names but instead by the symbols on their heads. These symbols have their own names and meanings and the name of these specifically crafted symbols is similar to their name.

    Majdraan tend to use nicknames and are almost always complete atheists though it is unknown exactly why. A Majdraan's name is their very essence and as such they trust very few individuals with their name. Majdraan are rather inquisitive and interested in things they have not seen before.

    Unlike the Altrori, the Majdraan are perfectly capable of living in sunlight and other kinds of light as well. Majdraan are far more versatile in their types of magic and specialize in shadows, forbidden magic’s, and nature magic’s. Majdraan are physically more able and can wield normal weapons but cannot lay a hand on holy weapons as they are beings created by coincidence and thus are not favored by the gods all too well. Their main eye is for sight and is a receptacle for their magic as well as their other sight related abilities.

    Majdraan have a total of 8 eyes and can have up to 3 main ones. Most of them only have 1-2 main eyes which means that they have higher perception abilities and a larger magical amount stored within their bodies. The secondary eyes each have their own filters. Some can see magical energy, or heat energy, or act like an X-ray or a cat scan to see bones and muscles. It all depends on the individual and their eyes and symbols. Majdraan are quick on their spindle-y feet and are very capable of stabbing with said feet as well as climbing vertically and on ceilings if they choose to.

    ‘The Dust’:
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    Less a race and more an unexplained, incredibly dangerous enigma of Echri. ‘The Dust’ -as they've been dubbed the name- is a phenomenon seen in the entirety of the Vacuous Plains. These are not often seen in any true, cognant form, bur rather in the form that has given them their name...the form of numerous dust particles or something with similar appearance. In truth anything coming into contact with any measure of the dust is better off isolated from everyone as they become contaminated. ‘The Dust’ have properties that inseminate some form of wrongness into those who have made contact of any kind. This wrongness can take on many different forms but is often characterized by the formation of what at 1st appears to be dirt and grime but escalates to form spikes and spreading amounts of infected looking rust-like material over the surface of the body. Depending on how long and how much contact has been made with ‘The Dust’ in question the speed at which they are changed. The final effects of ‘The Dust’ are unknown as the people infected are quickly left behind or isolated and sent away after discovery of the stuff.

    In terms of ‘The Dust’ being a conscious entity...or entities all things are in question but it has indeed been witnessed to act in a cognant way where there is clearly no room for coincidence. You see for ‘The Dust’ has been observed to form cognant shapes all of which have been witnessed and described in eerily similar fashions by multiple survivors.

    - - - -
    - All character applications are posted in this thread.
    - No god-modding. Don’t go around and controlling other people’s characters, that’s just annoying.
    - No instant death. Actually links to the previous rule, since it requires that you control another character to kill it. Another player-controlled character can only die if the RPers agree beforehand.
    - Kissing, hugging and such is allowed, and so is mating to a certain extent – but do NOT go around and describe the entire act of mating. If anything, make a time-skip from when the act begins to when it ends. We don’t want any vulgarities here. Take it to PMs if you really need to type it out.
    - You may have only two characters, but you can create and control as many NPCs as you want, although you should remain aware that these are NPCs, not your personal characters. This rule is subject to change later on.
    - While there are no direct limits on how powerful your character may be, please refrain from being completely invincible. Remember, there are others playing here too. If your character is too politically or personally powerful, I reserve the right to require you to change the character or outright deny it.
    - Posting is not allowed until I have approved your character.
    - Each IC post should maintain a decent length and should offer at least some development for your character or the plot. The current minimum length of IC posts is two proper paragraphs, but I retain the right to change this at any time. Exceptions can be made as quality over quantity is the name of the game
    - If you are unable to post for a longer period of time (more than two days, for instance) tell us first.
    - A maximum of six posts can be written by two players taking turns at posting without anyone else posting in-between is allowed (that is, three posts per player). If two days pass without input from anyone else posting, this maximum is reset. After another two days another six posts are allowed, and so forth ( hopefully such long periods of inactivity will be avoided).
    - People are allowed to create and use races other than those mentioned, however, they will have to discuss such with me. Additionally, I will bluntly make it known that I have intentionally not added things like elves, dwarves, or the other classic fantasy races and i do not intend to do so. If you have something unique to contribute to the races, go ahead and propose such!


    - - - -
    Character Sheet (open)
    Nickname: (Optional).
    Alias: (Optional).
    Birthplace: (Echria'el[Old Continent] or Jshitan Echri[New Continent]. If its the Old Continent you can specify the ruins you came from).
    Occupation: (what you did for work).
    Class: (Not Always Applicable).



    Relations: (Family if any are alive etc etc).

    Physical Abilities: (What you're capable of physically, try to be realistic to your race and generally).

    Mental Abilities: (How intelligent you are and how you think/the extent of your thoughts).

    Magical Abilities: (What you are capable of magically, if at all).

    Strengths and Weaknesses: (Lay out what you're good at and what you're not good at even if already mentioned, this gives everyone an easily accessible list. This also includes psychological weaknesses(personality flaws) but only if they are truly notable).

    Notable Items and Apparel:

    Weapons: (If Applicable).
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