INTEREST CHECK ~[TRAD]~ Fantasy, settlers, and possibly false hope

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  1. The Razing of Ash and Dust

    "That which is…will not.”~Ortuis, The Lost.
    Lazy explanation: Basically, you are a colonist in a strange land, being guided by an equally strange technologically/magically advanced race. Your motherland was nothing but cruel to you, this new land, this new home, is a place of hope...hopefully (:3). The past of your people was harsh, bleak, and allegedly hopeless, but the future seems to hold promise in the form of the new continent.
    Explore, make a new home, and perhaps seek out the reason behind the bleak past of your people. That's the basic run down.
    Longer explanation: A high fantasy RPG focused around the migrating settlers from the continent of Echria'el who have, for the past couple centuries, been plagued by natural disasters, strange phenomena, and the horrors of an unfair world. These individuals, seeking a respite from the horrors of their homeland, trudged out and eventually received word of a second continent, which they took to called Jshitan Echri, 'The New Continent' or 'The New Home'. Upon discovering this, the survivors of the numerous calamities that have befallen the people of Echria'el take to sea bound vessels and escape their cruel motherland.
    Accompanied by the ancient, Ortuis "The Lost", they arrive on the New Continent. This is the starting place of the players, where your characters are arriving on the coast of the new continent to meet their guide, a man of a strange race that hails from the continent you call new.
    The conflict and purpose of this RP is to explore and make a new home of this strange land. It is an odd mixture of colonization, exploration, discovery, with magic, fantasy, and a proper amount of...well, gore and horror.
    The world of Echri --as this is the name of the planet- holds a great deal of secrets and is not at all what it seems. It is up to the players and their characters to discover just what these secrets are before it becomes too late and the next 'wave' begins.
    If I have managed to catch your interest, or you have suggestions, thoughts, or questions, post here please. If you are truly interested, then I direct you here, where you can find out more ^_^
  2. This is really interesting. I haven't experienced anything similar to this in a long time, back when I was deep into role playing.

    I do have a character in mind. I was wondering how big you were intending this role play to be though? Large group role plays rather intimidate me ^.^;
  3. It can be as big or as small as it needs to be. Last time I tried it, it only got a few people. I'd like a nice group, but I don't mind a smaller one as long as we're active and tight-knit :)

    Thanks btw ^_^

    Took me a good while to really formulate this stuff haha. This is just the interest check, the OOC thread has more to see~ (the 'that which was lost' spoiler is an intrigued read I've been told :3). I'm thinking around 7 people maximum though (not including myself). Especially considering some people like to disappear out of that 7 and others will stay, so it's good to over-recruit and lose some so you end up with some left ^^:

  4. I did see that! I took a gander over the character profile, too. And that all sounds excellent to me, I'll get working on my character sheet soon.
  5. I read through everything and I may have missed it, but can our characters me a race not listed? Either previously established somewhere else or made up entirely?
  6. Hmm, I guess I should list that. Yes, but they'd be considerably rare and we'll have to talk about it considering that they'd need to be integrated into the world in some way. Don't let that scare away the idea though :)

  7. This has been added to the rules in the OOC ^_^

    Don't let the rule scare you though ^^;

  8. They haven't. :) I just have to create a brand new character, which takes more time. (: Thanks for including that though!
  9. I'm glad it didn't ^_^

    No problem, after all I can't have a RP without people hahaha. Feel free to perhaps spread the word, I'd greatly appreciate it :)