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  1. Have you ever participated in a Tourney (Tournament)? IRL or online? What game? How's you do?

    I made it to the semifinals in a Mario kart: Double Dash tourney years back, and I'm signed up for a Soul Calibur II tourney next week! Both are/were IRL
  2. I used to do MLG Halo 2 and won a few tournaments when I was in high school. Had to quit because I wasn't being a part of the team. Basically meant I wasn't practicing as hard. All I wanted to do was have fun. So I quit.

    Also a melee tournament or two. Didn't even know what wave dashing was when I just screwed (no pun intented) as Samus and played like for shits an' giggles.

    Tournaments and tournament players tend to suck the fun out of games like a kid does to a capri sun. Not all. But alot.
  3. Smash melee way back in the day at a local tournament. I made it out of the pools by courtesy of playing a low tier nobody knew what to do against, but then some stupid Fox happened.

    Still, then recently I watched this and even though I thought to be decent back in the day, this guy's Yoshi is retarded good.
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  4. I played a few amateur Team Fortress 2 tournaments back in the day (mostly Highlander as Defensive Pyro, because nothing says "leave this sentry nest alone motherfucker" like a masked psychotic with a flamethrower), but that's really been the extent of my encounters with the competitive gaming world.

    I'd love to get into something like Dota 2 or Counter Strike, but I just don't have the time or commitment needed.
  5. I've only ever been in Tae Kwon Do tournaments. Won some. Lost the rest.
  6. Starcraft II, WoW Arena tourneys (if that even counts) and The Last Story multiplayer for wii.

  7. I participated in a few Karate tournaments, back in the day. Don't ask me to perform now -- I'm rustier than an El Camino that was buried in road salt.

    I also did some Magic: The Gathering and Starcraft "tournaments". Amongst friends. For beer, pizza, or both mostly.
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  8. I helped train a guy that's now in competitive TF2. Well, it's sort of the lower leagues, but sill competitive.
    I remember when I used rocket him into pieces without trying. Now I'm not even good enough to be used as target practise. They grow up so fast ;_;
  9. Me, my boyfriend and our mutual friend have YuGiOh tourneys just about weekly, but it's usually only about two or three 'best out of three' sets (with one game being a 'round' and three being a 'set'), and the only prize is that if you lost, your opinions and arguments have less credit, and if you win they have more (Ie: for deciding what to eat/watch and stuff)
  10. Me and a few friends hold a Super Smash Bros Melee tournament at the end of each semester. I have managed to place in the semifinals the past four times. So meh it kind of counts.
  11. My high school's geek club set up a video game competition once, in my final year. The prize for Super Smash Brothers Melee was free lunch from the cafeteria for a month, and $20 towards the school shop. Wouldn't have cared except our school cafeteria made such delicious poutine… that cost 10 or so dollars .___.

    Basically, you paid a dollar for a chance to play against the game "expert".

    I enjoyed that month of poutine so much~ <3

    And that's basically the extent of my competitive gaming streak.
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  12. Does WATCHING Starcraft II tournaments count? Because I totally do that.

    Also, competed in martial arts tournaments, but I assume you mean gaming tourneys.
  13. A while back I had a pretty solid reputation on Hawken, general 3rd or 2nd place rankings on free-for-all's and the like, none of those are IRL, though.

    In the real world I try to attend tournaments of all colors at my local game store, but unfortunately the owner's been focusing all his time and effort into Magic: the Gathering as of late.
  14. The night of my tourney is here... I need more training =.='
  15. Won cash and limited edition prizes from Magic the Gathering something like five years ago. Placed second in a release tournament that was giving away art done by Wizards of the Coast artists, that kind of hurt... Did a lot of drafts, sealed, and other tournaments at the local store and placed fairly highly if my luck held out. I don't really play anymore.
    I placed many times in community League of Legends tournaments in the top 3 teams, got something like 14k RP off of those. Regularly did smaller tournaments with Warcraft 3, Team Fortress 2, Age of Empires II, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, with mixed success. Early on, I failed, later on, I did really well... No reward for those, though.
    People told me just because I beat my friends so easily in these games it didn't mean I'd do well in the competitive scene, but in the lower tiers of it I excelled and proved them wrong.
    I don't compete very often anymore. Too much trouble, and I hate the new direction and policies of League of Legends.
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