Tournament of the Demon Blades


Moonlit Blade

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In a world where war used to be commonplace, a tenuous peace has been established. Many lands have been released from corrupt, broken government, and are up for grabs. The world leaders have come to an agreement, however. Using the borders old countries, the new nations will hold a tournament for each country. Sending their best fighters, the tournament winners will determine which country will take control of that land.

Alglasia is one such nation. A nation ruled by a High Council, their military might is mostly consistent of regular soldiers. However, they have a special unit, used for specific purposes.

Demon-Wielders are capable of using magic at will, and, when they reach a certain age, enter a gateway, which sends them to the Demon's World. While there, they must survive, then find and form a pack with a demon, who then return with them to the Mortal's World. Demons themselves can use magic, and, at the will of the master, can turn into a certain weapon.

In this tournament, each nation that wishes to participate may send six of their best fighters, to do battle. Matches are all unique, with different rules each time.

EMBLEM. A military division consisting of nothing but Demon-Wielders. These men and women are all assigned numbers individually, which denotes their rank and, usually, skill. EMBLEM takes direct orders from the Council, or a leader of the Council's choosing.
EMBLEM has no real subdivisions. The Single-Digits are considered to be the best, and are occasionally given the responsibility of leading several other EMBLEM members in missions.

Magic can be of any kind, but all follow basic rules. Use of magic may drain stamina, and large amounts of magical usage, or prolonged usage, may decrease the user's life span, have crippling effects, or cause brain damage. Demons, however, don't suffer from most of these side effects. Instead, prolonged use of magic will drain stamina, kill them instantaneously, or permanently sever the link with their master, causing them to be cripplingly weak and send them back to the Demon's World. If a Demon is in weapon form, and the weapon is broken, the Demon is essentially dead. If the weapon is cracked, then it is equivalent to a broken bone, and they must heal in their physical form.

SU Sheet:
Magic Proficiency:

Demon's Name:
Magic Proficiency:
Weapon Transformation:

When the following positions are filled, there will be no more positions. Reservations will be kept for two days, but if someone wants a position after that and has a completed SU, I will give it to them.

Positions Opened:

Rank 1: Ramali (Moonlit Blade)
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4:
Rank 5:
Name: Ramali Feathernight.
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Appearance: Short, jaw-length hair. Her hair is raven black, but, when catching the right light, it has a blueish hue. She had dark blue eyes as well, which always seemed to be filled with a happy light. Her wardrobe consists mainly of darker clothing, skin-tight to prevent annoyances. She wears a cloak over her shoulders for obvious purposes. Despite all the sunlight she gets, her skin is always pale, though it is not a sickly pale.
Personality: Cheerful and kind, Ramali loves to better herself. She always looked up to her elder brother, and tried to match his amazing strength. When he went to join EMBLEM, she decided she would follow in his footsteps. She is capable of anger, however, if one belittles another's hopes and dreams. If she sees someone who is helpless be abused, she will aid them only if she knows they need it; otherwise, she will only encourage them to fight back and get stronger, so that they may protect themselves.
History: Ramali lived with both her parents and elder brother. Her mother was a powerful Seer, who was prone to glimpses of the future. Her father was a commander in the Alglasian army, who eventually retired to live with his family. Both Ramali and her brother were gifted with magic, and when Ramali's brother left to train, she decided she would do so as well. Eventually, she went to the Demon's World, where she met Amsa, who became her partner.
Magic Proficiency: Ramali is proficient in Fire magic.

Demon's Name: Amsa
Age: 384
Sex: Female
Appearance: Amsa has long, fiery red hair. She dresses in a style similar to a kimono, and just as beautifully made. She has skin as pale as Ramali, but her eyes are a vibrant yellow, and slitted, as most Demon eyes are.
Personality: Amsa is the calmer of the two. She is polite and friendly, yet not as prone to fighting. She is equally close to both mortals and Demons, yet feels no obligation to help either unless needed.
Magic Proficiency: Amsa is capable of manipulating nature. She can create a flurry of razor sharp petals or ensnare her enemies in vines. She has many other nature-based abilities.
Weapon Transformation: Amsa transforms into a long katana, with a decorative guard.
Name: Ray Silverfang
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Appearance: Long black hair usually in a pony tail. He wears baggy pants with soft leather boots, he wears random dark colored shirts, and always wears a black leather trench coat or cloak. He's 6'6" with a medium build.
Personality: Wise beyond his years, and quiet. Not prone to fighting but when he starts you best be out of the way.
History: Raised by his parents until he was 10 he was then taken in by the town Demon-Wielder he then learned the ways and advanced faster then the town's Demon-Wielder had ever seen.
Magic Proficiency: Elemental ( fire, lightning, water, earth, and air.), he is balanced in all 5 though not as powerful with one then the other but his balance gives him some interesting abilities.

Demon's Name: Kaminari Okami
Age: 1300
Sex: Female
Appearance: Usually in her wolf form witch has a changing black and white pattern, she sometimes goes into a humanoid form with long Black and White hair and a well proportioned figure but always has her black and white tails, and ears sticking out. She wears black and white anything but she is usually in a kimono or dress.
Personality: Wise and misleading, though she has a fun side to her, which usually only Ray and her few friends see. ( She's always teasing Ray who she always calls Koinu , it means pup.)
Magic Proficiency: lightning ( usually black and white.)
Weapon Transformation: A Katana that changes from black to white and both.
SU Sheet:

Alexia Kazen
Sex: Female
Long dark auburn hair falls straight past her shoulders, and is often messy and tangled due to lack of care. When fighting she's hastily ties the majority up to keep it out of the way, otherwise it is left loose. She has amber eyes, which are often stern and hide her true feelings along with the rest of her face.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

Her wardrobe merely consists of dark coloured trousers, with a simple t-shirt and a jacket for warmth. They are chosen for practicality, not appearance, as she is constant to remind anyone who brings up the well worn garments.<o:p></o:p>
Personality: Quiet, Alexia tries to distant herself from others, caring more about training and success then talking and friendship. She reacts coldly to those who try to get her to open up, and often openly criticises others methods if she doesn't agree with them<o:p></o:p>
To her, her own ways and choices are best, as she is, and she refuses to let anyone tell her otherwise. She mistrusts anyone and everyone, and prefers to do things alone, refusing to ask for help even then she knows she needs it. This attitude leads her to easily make enemies, and rarely friends.<o:p></o:p>
History: Alexia came from an average, basic family, all of whom were surprised when she showed signs of magic. Due to them coming from a small village, who rarely had any connection with the outside, people became scared of her, due to twisting rumours, and her already bad attitude. <o:p></o:p>
Eventually she was found and taken away by a demon-wielder, who schooled her in his art, something she resisted, disliking the idea of forming a pact with another, though she found the magic itself useful.<o:p></o:p>
Finally she gave in, and travelled to the demon world, with hopes of finding a demon that wouldn;t be too 'annoying' or 'interfering'. Instead she found Altaia, however eventually she began to accept the pact, and demon, and now she is the only one she'll actually listen of pay attention to.<o:p></o:p>
Magic Proficiency: Alteration magic – Changing the shape of objects, or in some cases living things, to suit her purposes, though it is often only for a duration of time unless she expends massive amounts of energy

Demon's Name: Altaia
Altaia looks like a 17 year old girl, with short white hair and purple eyes. She wears tight fitting trousers, and black shirt, and a long white jacket that almost reaches the floor. From her back sprouts a pair of black wings, speckled with white, which she can hide if necessary.
Altaia is ambitious and sometimes overconfident, similar to her partner, however in comparison she is much friendly, often randomly helping out strangers, and seemingly trusting anyone.<o:p></o:p>

However she can at times act mature, often telling Alexia when she goes to far with her words or actions. She is constantly trying to convince her human to be nicer and more accepting of other, but to no avail.
Magic Proficiency: Enchantment Magic – She can bestow abilities on objects, and occasionally living things, for a short amount of time.
Weapon Transformation: A feathered longbow, the colour of which alters depending on the enchantment placed of the arrow being fired.