Tournament of Fools

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  1. Alright, so I have a plot for a tournament thread where the main part is just 1v1 fighting. It will include magic and will be fantasy. People join the tournament to get their hands on the "Tear of Time" which, as you could probably guess, has complete control over time. People are put to fight against each other to see who the strongest warrior is. I have several sub plots that will be used throughout the tournament so that it isn't JUST a tournament.

    Questions that will probably be asked:

    Q: Are we always going to be fighting other rolepalyers?

    A: No, I will be controlling various "NPC" characters for you to fight as well that will vary in difficulty to fight

    Q: This is a terrible idea. No one will accept losing

    A: I will be the judge of that. If a fight goes on too long and it is simply "He dodges, I dodge, he dodges, I dodge" then I will decide a winner based on quality of the posts and what not.

    Q: You will just be making your own character win the tournament!

    A: Not a question, but nope, I have no intention to. I am not even going to have a set character in the story. I am just going to be playing various antagonists/people in the tournament

    Q: So only one person's character will remain alive?

    A: You don't have to kill your opponent, so no. Also, who says there will only be one winner? ;) You never know what could happen. However, I would fully expect and be willing to let your character die. So if I were you, I would create 2-3 (if not more) characters for the thread.

    Q: So how does one person battle better than the other?

    A: Well, there is general rules of battle. A water user has a natural advantage over a fire user. Not to say it is impossible by any means for a fire user to win, it will just be slightly more difficult. Then, as mentioned before, there is the quality of your post and keen sense of battle. A good example for this is people who simply say "My character dodged the attack." This is a poor post. Because it leaves the person you are battling to assume HOW you dodged. Did you duck? Jump to the left? Do a backflip? He don't know. Because you didn't specify, he has the ability to decide how you dodged and react based on that which could put your character in a terrible position. There is much more to it than this and I will be including a guide on how to battle properly after the intro when I complete the thread.

    Q: So I need to be really good at battling to join this thread?

    A: Not necessarily. If you want, I can keep putting you up against NPC's and you can use it more for practicing. If I do put you against another roleplayer, though, then just refer to the guide I will have on the thread and try your best!

    Also, I will decide if anyone makes a character who is too overpowered, in case anyone is worried about that.
  2. I am interested in this ^^!