Touhoumon Iwakulocke

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  1. A Nuzlocke run is a challenge run of any Poke'mon game in which the player inflicts several restrictions upon him/herself as follows:

    1) Every Pokemon must be nicknamed
    2) I am only allowed to catch the first Pokemon I encounter on a route, in a cave, forest,city,etc.
    3) If a Poke'mon faints, it's dead. I either release it or put it in the graveyard box
    4) I'm not allowed to breed Poke'mon
    5) I'm not allowing myself to catch legendaries
    6) Shiny clause (Undecided, need opinions): In the event I come across a shiny, I'm allowed to capture it and box it, or trade it for 1-2 others. Need opinions on this

    Dupe clause: If the first thing I find in an area is a pre-evo or post-evo of something I have, I must capture something else.

    In any case, this is Touhoumon.
    Slight difficulty increase, slight dialogue changes, music changes
    Now, let's Leeroy Jenkins this. >:3

  2. I have heard of this. Many people have told me to try this and I look at them, laugh, and go NOEFFINGWAY.<3
    I already nickname all of mine. 8D
    Like Derp is my Bidoof. He's my hm whore.<3
  3. [video=youtube;batm5AJhyUA][/video][/QUOTE]

    And Part 2 is up, Part 3 being uploaded (Technically it's part 5, but that's explained in the video description =_=; )
  4. [video=youtube;35Ekhq_vyhc][/video]

    Audio got messed up, so here's what happened:

    Everything died except Maggie. I am sadface.
  5. [video=youtube;FN3yj3Hfj8k][/video]



    And now....we dance. TO THE MUSIC. +_+
  6. Miru's logic is flawless.

  7. Yknow..... uh... not to be mean but how do you lose to rival at the very start? I mean yea the crit didnt help but still.
  8. Because the RNG screwed me and said LOL DOUBLE CRIT + Defense down.

    Never happened before, but yeah.
    It happens.
  10. I nickname all of my pokesmons, too...
    **Pets them**

    Is that weird? >> <<
  11. Not at all, Kitti, not at all. It makes them more unique, and makes it hurt when they die >.>;
  12. Wait, I just noticed that I'm in there.
    You better not let me die. D:
  13. I always nickname mine. o.o
    Like my Totidile was Puddles.~
    I spelled that wrong..

    Her character is so fun looking! ^^
  14. She's pretty awesome, so I'll do my very best ^^
  15. Haha~
    **Pats Mikunu**

    I promise I won't be too angry if you accidentally kill Kitti off.
  16. He'll kill ME off before ever kills you Kitti.

    I'm just a useless trap.
  17. There must be power gaming.