Touch (Poll)

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Which will you choose? The one story, or will you witness the creation of Touch in its great trilogy

  1. Paul Mercer

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  2. Teen Corey

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  3. Adult Corey

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  4. All of the Above

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  1. The Choices are Paul Mercer, Teen Corey, Adult Corey, and All of the Above.

    Paul Mercer

    The First Story is about Paul Mercer, a Lifter who accompanies a Watcher named Marissa who claims she's seen what will happen in the future. This story acts as a Prequel to Teen Corey's story and tells about what happened leading up to that story. Paul and Marissa develop a plan for the future for many reasons. Paul strives to create the one thing that everyone deems impossible. A naturally born Wielder. Paul has also taken it upon himself to act as Marissa's aid in gathering one of every wielder in the world to gather and do something that just might get them all killed. Although it may threaten their own lives, Marissa confesses that their sacrifice will not be in vein.

    Teen Corey

    The Second Story acts as the primary concept of the entire franchise. Being the story about seventeen year old Corey Mercer, son of Paul Mercer, and a girl by the name of Miranda, daughter of Marissa. The two didn't expect to find that their parents had intended for them to be the vessel for a better future for their world. While the young Miranda must first embrace the gift given to her by her mother, Corey will find himself gathering a band of wielders to aid him in facing the very faceless corporation that desires death and destruction to all wielders... The Organization and its company's president, Keith Warren. If they succeed, perhaps they will get the chance to see the future their parenting generation had anticipated.

    Adult Corey

    The Third and final story which is about a now thirty year old Corey and his loving daughter Quin, acting as an epilogue story to the Teen Corey Story. Though the events of the previous story found Corey and his companions who lived through the previous story has placed them into this new exsistence, Corey and company will discover one final flaw in the world his father foresaw. Allying himself with wielder and human, Corey will come face to face with a threat that may very well turn Paul and Marissa's beloved future into a tragic repeat of the present and put his own daughter at risk for the sake of the world he was first made to protect.

    All of the Above

    This selection is for those who would like to see all three stories be explored and follow along the story. If some time brings their character death, in the next story, a new character may be created for them to occupy for that story. Needless to say, if this choice gets the most votes, we won't be doing a single story but all three in the form of a trilogy. Beginning with Paul Mercer, then going to Teen Corey, and finally Adult Corey.
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