(Totally Not) The Stanley Parable; Either or Neither Stanley or Narrator wanted

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  1. You are offered a chance to role-play as Stanley or the Narrator in a new story as related to the original game as we want it to be.

    Actually, you could be both Stanley and the Narrator. For who is not to say that we are the Narrators of ourselves, and that we are all 'Stanley', just with a different label name attached? Perhaps, you choose to be neither, or not choose at all. Is non-choice still a choice?

    Ah, but we must talk about the story. What is it about? I don't know yet. Isn't that exciting?! A completely blank slate for which we can express our creativity how we want. Though that may be too much freedom.. would a template work better?

    Think about it. Just the two of us. On a grand adventure. Or not. Perhaps you are happy with everything you have. I can work with that too. It doesn't matter how well you post with me, for I do like a bit of mystery and any plot hole is but another vortex to an undiscovered world. As for time, we have all the time in the world to get to know each other. We wouldn't want posts to feel routine, now do we?
  2. Maybe I read this post, maybe I didn't. Either way, I would have imagined it being read out by the original narrator in my head - possibly. I was told to ignore your request by some higher authority, but I chose to ignore the order, so here I am.

    Now, is it imaginable for thee to give advice, leading someone like me through a world that is completely unknown to the two of us? Or maybe you would take my advice on that very journey, for nobody could possibly know if he is the narrator or the protagonist of his own story.

    I'll leave the decision up to you. It will be the second decision that will have a major impact on the events in our world, right after your sudden idea to create this post in the first place. A series of events that, if you think about it, isn't much different from installing a game and deciding whether you want to step out of your office, or just close the door again...

    Message me if I match your standards, I think this could be a very enjoyable rp :).
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.