total noob

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Hey, I'm new to the site. I play DnD 3.5e and just wondered if you guys have any advice. Sir Basil informed me of the site.
Welcome to the site. Advice>? Join Rps and post lots!
Welcome to Iwaku! As fro advice all of the icons that say "newb friendly" are some great places to start looking!
My advice is: Don't hold back or be afraid!
The best part of Iwaku is throwing yourself into a roleplay and challenging yourself to learn to write better (:
You can start out with "newbfriendly" labelled rps, but feel free to join anything else that piques your interest (:

And don't hesitate to ask questions! We're all here to help ^^
I have no useful advice whatsoever! But I heartily welcome you to Iwaku, anyway! :3
Thanks, all of you! Helpful ideas all around! How do I join an rp?