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  1. During the industrial revolution and era of imperialism, countries all over the world fought to become the most successful country. The balance of power shifted from one country to the next examples being France taking most of Europe, or Great Britain colonizing multiple countries.

    Even today the race to total domination rages on and countries will continue to compete with one another until one country completely dominates another.

    Ok, now for the roleplay. I would like to do a 1x1 or 1x1x1. We can either do a modern or futuristic time period. The two ( or three ) of us will be leaders of a made up country that can either be a part of the real world (we can discuss how it got there) or we can create a bunch of countries based off of real ones.

    Our country will be one of the four most powerful countries in the world. (We will only make the main countries seeing as there are hundreds and it would take forever to recreate them or even include them.

    Our job will be to try and dominate other countries. I don't have a set course for the roleplay because I think it makes things more interesting and allows more opportunity in the roleplay.

    We can discuss all of the finer details later. As for now, if you're interested please comment below
  2. I am interested. It seems quite exciting
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  3. Great! PM me so we can begin world building
  4. Just so you know, it is my first time, so I might be a bit clumsily here and there.
  5. Should we do a mock trial before starting?
  6. Sure ^.^ give it a try.
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