Total Blackout

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  1. It was a normal night in Trephis City. Young children in bed. Parents spending time to themselves, coming home from work and eating dinner. Teenagers hanging out passed curfew.
    Everything was fine until the lights went off in one house. Soon, the street lights and lights to stores around the house went out. Eventually the blackout in the area spread throughout the whole city.
    Candles were lit, but it didn't help much with the dark, you could only see what was within two feet in front of you.

    Kyle/Kelly Richardson "Kelly? Where are you?" A young boy called in the dark.
    The twins were left home alone for the night when the darkness took over the city.
    "The same place I've been since before the blackout," Kelly said sarcastically. She didn't know it, but Kyle rolled his eyes at her comment.
    Instead of trying to remember where she was before the lights went out, he used the direction her voice came from. Kyle grabbed her hand, knowing it would be a bit low since she was shorter than him.
    "I think there is a candle downstairs. Stay close," Kyle stated, immediately taking charge, even if Kelly was his twin and could have had the same oppurtunity to be in charge.
    Kyle was just simply more mature. He acted more like a grown adult, dispite his young age.
    They managed to get downstairs without falling and light the candle.
    "This hardly even works," Kelly stated. She was only able to her brother's face.
    "I know, but it will have to do. We have no flashlights." Kyle stated, all the while he couldn't help but think something was off. He took out his cellphone and dialed in their parents' number.
    After a conversation on the phone they found out every light in the city was out, adding to Kyle's suspision.
    "Something wrong, Kyle?" Kelly asked her twin, knowing something was bothering him.
    "This isn't right. None of this seem right." The boy seemed to be in deep thought.
    "Kyle... a few years ago something similar happened. Calm down, it's just a blackout." Kelly said, before on her way to walk off.
    She would have been able to leave too, if it weren't for Kyle who grabbed her arm.
    "No, this time it seems different. I just...just let me call a couple other people."
    Kyle thought it'd just be best if maybe he let their friends in on his suspision. He created a group call, to make it easier and keep from repeating himself.
  2. Jack Capulet Jack Capulet had been enjoying a couple pieces of bacon when his power had went out. After it had, he couldn't even see his plate. "Really? In the middle of my bacon feast? Great." He said. He walked over to his counter, feeling around for the surface. Once he had reached it, he felt around for his lighter. He didn't smoke, but found it useful when he felt his bacon was getting cold. He took the piece of bacon he had in his hand when the lights went out, and lit it on fire with the lighter. "It won't last long, and this'll burn the bacon, but it'll at least let me see until I can find that candle. Pretty sure it was over here..." He said to himself. His parents were at work, and he was home alone. "Ahh, here it is." He said, finding the candle. He lit it with the lighter and blew the fire out on the bacon. He ate the bacon. He saw his phone go off on the table. He walked over to the light it gave off, and bumped into the chair. He cringed as he stubbed his toe. He picked up his phone. "Hm. Kyle. Wonder what he wants." He said. He answered the phone. "As they say on pepper farms, HolapeƱo! Jack here, what ya want, Kyle?"
  3. Vance RyderVance was sat alone in his apartment when the power went out.
    "Oh what now?" he complained.
    Though such power outages were normal in an apartment. No doubt the superintendent had thrown the breaker switch for some reason or other and now he was without light to read by. Vance's first thought went to his fridge and freezer. He was concerned that the food would spoil until he remembered that he was yet to get this weeks shopping in. Or any weeks for that matter. In fact he was barely coping with life on his own since leaving his parent's house. It's not that he wasn't capable, Vance just cared little for cleaning, washing, eating a balanced diet or anything else. Then he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Struggling with his skinny jeans, Vance managed against all odds to get his phone out.
    "In coming call: The boring one," read the bright screen. The fact that Kyle was calling probably meant that the blackout extended beyond Vance's apartment block.
    Vance pressed the green button to answer. "What now Kyle? I have more important things right now."
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  4. Kyle/Kelly Kyle waited patiently for the two of them to answer their cellphones. He heard Jack first, then Vance.
    "What important things would you be doing in a blackout?" he asked Vance, almost positive he only said that to stop talking to him.
    "Something doesn't seem right. I called my parents earlier, I told them I had a bad feeling about it all but the just shooed me away and said it was just a little blackout." Kyle said to the two over the phone.
    Kelly wasn't told much about what Kyle said to their parents earlier, but she just sat patiently, waiting for Kyle to be done talking over the phone. She found it stupid that he felt the need to tell people about it. But if her brother thought that something wasn't right, who was she to question it?
  5. Vance RyderVance sighed as Kyle began talking. He really was the boring one. Vance had found that there was nothing worse than an unsupervised child talking about mind-numbingly boring blackouts. No doubt the power grid had been overdrawn. Nothing suspicious or nefarious was going on besides Kyle's plan to waste time.
    "Listen," began Vance, "the power will be back on soon. You'll see that this was all just a problem with the electric grid and everything will return to normal. Now. I need to get a torch so that I can continue reading my book."
    Vance was ready to hang up the phone. Then he found himself hesitating. If it really was the eltric grid drawing too much power, or some other kind of surge or shortage, then the city's back up generators should be able to take the load. The new power grid was built to replace the old one but the city council had elected to keep the old power grid intact as a back up. It seemed that the old power lines weren't working either. That was too much of a coincidence for Vance.
    "Alright, Kyle, what do you really think is going on here?" asked Vance.
  6. Jack Capulet"Yeah, Kyle, what is your theory?" He asked. He ate another piece of bacon. "The backup grid should've kicked in by now. And just so you guys know, my phone is low on charge, so is there any place we could meet up soon?" He asked, noticing it was only at 12% battery life.
  7. Kyle/Kelly Kyle was just about to answer Vance when Jack stated he didn't have much battery life on his cell. "Meet me at my place. We'll talk then," Kyle said before turning to his twin and hanging up, although he could barely see her, he can tell she was curious as to what he thought of the whole thing.
    "I'll explain once the others are here," Kyle said, knowing Kelly wanted to know what it is that he had in mind.
    Kelly nodded before taking out her own cellphone. "I'll tell mom we'll be having people over." Kyle nodded and left it at that as his sister began to call their parent.
    Kelly began to tap her foot impatiently as the phone on the other end continued to ring. "She isn't picking up and her phone isn't dead, otherwise it would have went straight to voice mail."
    The twins knew their parents never abandoned their cellphones in case of emergencies. Kelly only shrugged it off, thinking she must have just lost it in the dark.
  8. Vance Ryder Vance sighed before putting his phone down. Now the boring one wanted him to walk to his house. So much hassle. Then he'd have to endure the boring one (Kyle) and the annoying one (Kelly). At least Jack would be there. With a sigh he stood up from his bed, fetched his jacket from the living room and left the small apartment. He locked the door behind him.

    The walk to Kyle's house lasted around ten minutes. Without the street lights Trephis city felt dark and cold, almost sinister.
    Once arroving at Kyle's and Kelly's house Vance crossed their small front garden and approached the door. He sighed and knocked loudly.
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