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  1. Ummm May I ask can I be the Hellhound or is it already taken???)
  2. (You can if you want, but he's a male. If you want to play a female you can play as Athena, the dragon hatchling)
  3. (Message my fiance Nivek. You'll get in trouble for OOCing (out of charactar))
  4. (Psst. Cry is a dude)
  5. (okay guys if you have questions message Nivek. he told you this in the begining.)
  6. Hello Guys

    Saw a couple of OOC comments going around and a lack of an OOC so I made you one.

    If you guys could be awesome and discuss all OOC matters her that'd be great!

    Happy Rping and thanks!


    @Nivek , @Akiko , @Cry, @Alex B. , @ShiroKiyoshi

    P.S. I have transferred all of your OOC comments to this thread.
  7. we already had someone make us one.. we now have 2.
  8. ~searches through~ hmmm okay I'm afraid I can't see it! ^^

    What would you like to be done with this one?
  9. they made it in a message.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.