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  1. So, basically, this roleplay would be like an anime! I was thinking that a group of girls and boys who get mistaken for the opposite gender form a club (Torappukurabu! = Trap Club!) so they can relate to one another.

    That's just the basis of the plot and such. I was hoping that I could build it up in here (with the help of others) before making an OOC. Or it can just be a sandbox roleplay. I think I'll have a certain amount of characters as well...

    Any interest?

    Well, I guess it's good to finally roll in. I had a similiar plan except it was just one trap in some Yamato Nadeshiko Club.
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  3. I'm interested :D
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  4. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for the plot? Or should it be a sandbox roleplay?
  5. Hmmm...

    Make it two clubs.

    The Yamato Nadeshiko Club is lead by an ACTUAL lady and the Host Club(Think Ouran) is lead by an ACTUAL dude.

    The former hosts traps and the latter hosts reverse traps.
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  6. I like this idea a lot. Although I've never heard of the Yamato Nadeshiko Club. Is it like the Host Club?

    And, since there would be two clubs, we'd have to figure out ways for them to interact so it's not like two seperate roleplays in one...
  7. It's basically a club for fine Japanese women(or in this case, boys) to learn to be the most feminine, perfect Japanese woman. From basic etiquette in sitting and tea to being the ideal woman in the eyes of all. That is what a Yamato Nadeshiko is.

    So no, it isn't like the Host Club in a 'Host' kind of way. But if the Host Club aims to be the grandest, most charming men, then use, the Yamato Madeshiko Club is similiar.

    The picture in my mind is just a bunch of girls(or boys) sitting elegantly, drinking tea elegantly, and trying really, really hard not to sneeze.
    On a tatami mat floor. Sitting elegantly. Drinking tea elegantly.

    What if the club leaders were siblings, and they have some sort of rivalry?
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  8. Ah, I see. If the Host Club's purpose was the same as the Yamato Nadeshiko's, then a rivalry would be very fun. Maybe the club leaders were always fighting to be the most elegant, most proper, during their childhood? And, now in high school with clubs and all, they engage in competitions? Possibly work together during certain school events? Oooooh, what if they were twins?
  9. That could work. Of course, competing against each other during school events, school festivals and such would be nice. Maybe make the clubs seperated by a simple, thin, sliding curtain as opposed to a proper wall. On the first day, the curtain will come off, and it'll take a while to get back on.

    Twins could verk as well. I would generally go for 'Big, responsible one and little, playful one' but twins work.
  10. That means that they'll be in the same room, then?

    And, since these are clubs, the roleplay would only take place during club times, school festivals/events, and possibly outside of school (they could bump into each other at the mall during club outings and such).
  11. Yeah, same room.
  12. So, just to summarize everything:
    • Two clubs (Yamato Nadeshiko & Host Club (similar to Yamato, not the anime)
    • Club leaders = Siblings (possibly twins?)
    • Same room; separated by a simple curtain
    • Sibling rivalry = club rivalry
    • Compete to be the most elegant during school festivals/events
    • Yamato Nadeshiko = led by an ACTUAL lady, but members are 'traps'
    • Host Club = led by an ACTUAL gentleman, but members are 'reverse traps'
    • Roleplay takes place during club activities, school activities, and outside of school (club outings)
    Hmmm, how big should the roleplay be? I don't want it to become too chaotic...>.>
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