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  1. So like using character skeleton, so we can know each of our characters and know what they look likke?
  2. Absolutely :)

    Name: Argonui Nikolaus Draganov
    Age: He looks to be in his early 30s...
    Birthdate: He likes to say he was born on Halloween.
    Origin: Somewhere in Eastern Europe
    Languages: Russian, Swedish, Polish, German, French, English, learned in that order.
    Occupation: Stocks, mostly, but he also owns a few businesses in various countries.
    Current Residence:


    Everything Else:
    He isn’t a nice guy. By far. Too many bad experiences in life, too many bad experiences in death. He spends his time messing with mortals in horrible ways, basically playing with his food. Every now and then, he’ll throw a large party just to turn it into a horror show and have a feast for himself. And maybe a couple friends.
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  3. Name; Stacy
    Age; Twenty five
    birthdate: A valentines baby.
    origin: Nice, France
    Language: French, but learned English
    Occupation; model
    current residence: Eastern Europe
    Everything else; She is a nice girl, she is pretty, and isn't like all the girls, she won't run away, unless she is truly terrified, she is tough and likes to fight back. But other than that, she is a decendant from powerful witches, which she doesn't know she is one yet. Has tattoos right shoulder , left side
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  4. It was supposed to be quite the grand affair. Actors, models, nobility, everyone who was someone was invited. The large castle was done up with some cheesy Halloween decorations. The entire castle was open to everyone except the east wing which had been roped off with signs politely asking that no one disturbed that part of the castle, as it housed the host's private chambers. No one really knew who the host was, but he had to have a lot of money, considering the elaborate nature of the party. Aside from cheesy Halloween decorations, there was a haunted hedge maze out in the gardens and plenty of little private intimate places people could find if they wanted to. The large room that housed the dance floor also had a life band that could play everything from classical to swing to heavy metal if it was requested. The dining room was catered by famous chefs from all over the world. Every country's culinary excellence was portrayed. There were important people and beautiful people everywhere one turned. It was incredible. Booze flowed freely and the staff was more than happy to supply whatever else someone could want. Drugs, sex, if you asked for it, someone would get it for you without hesitation.

    And it was just the way Argonui liked it. The smell of adrenaline and sweat filled his head better than any drug of man could. He moved about the party freely, observing everything first hand. As it was a Halloween party, and a masquerade at that, no one questioned the masked man as he moved through the throngs of people, from room to room, a lovely cape flowing out behind him, revealing the nice black suit, black shirt, and blood red tie that he wore under it. His mask was elaborate, even if he didn't need it. No one knew who he was in the first place. But, it was his party after all, and he wasn't going to half-ass it by not showing up with a mask. The sound of the combined heartbeats of his guests pounded in his ears to a beat more tribal than any music he could want the band to play. His head swam with the smells and the sounds and the warm bodies all around him. This was his night. He deserved this. He had been so good all year....why not treat himself...?
  5. Stacy, which was one of many famous models. Which she had some tattoos. Only some seen, well she has both of her thighs, which had bows on them, and she was wearing a short dress, the top part was white, and then skirt part was black, it even had a waist band of a bow on the side. She had kept her really curly hair and put a black bow on the back of her hair. She also wore a necklace. It was a silver cross. She also had the black lace mask. She was beautiful. her bright green eyes were showing too.

    Stacy drove in her car, she came out of her red car, She grinned. She held the invitation, to give them at the door. she walked up the long stairs, this was a huge night. She smiled lightly, she tilted her head. She went over to the butler, giving him the paper of the invitation. She smiled and walked in. So many people were here, dancing and everything. she smiled and she went to the table where the drinks were. she glanced around. She jumped when her best friend, which was famous model." Stacy!" She said. Stacy turned to see Annabelle. " Hey Annabelle."
    Annabelle was shocked, " Wait, how do you know its me."
    Stacy grinned, ' your voice plus your hair.. " She giggled. She took a sip of the red wine.
  6. A young woman walked up to Stacy and Annabelle with a smile on her face that didn't quite meet her eyes which were such a clear blue that it was almost eerie. "Hello." She said, her voice as clear and light as crystal. "I'm Delilah and I'm here to make every dream of yours come true. Please, tell me if there is anything I can get you. Absolutely anything." She kept the smile on her face and a rather demure demeanor.

    Argonui watched from an upstairs, inside balcony. He watched Delilah and the other servants of his go about the room and smirked, leaning against the banister. Everything was going perfectly. Exactly as planned. The energy in the room was intoxicating...
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