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  1. Warning!!! Spoilers may be present!!!

    I've noticed a couple of people saying that this section of the site was decreasing in activity so I felt it time to bring out the big guns. What are your top five unnecessarily hard bosses or characters that just keep coming back for more despite the major ass kicking they just took? I shouldn't have to note this but this excludes main chars and main antagonists. Also, they can be from Anime as well which is why I didn't add the "Gaming" specific prefix and short descriptions as to why they were added to your list are preferred. Mine's are:

    1 Kimmimaro(Naruto) & 2 Rocklee(Naruto):
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    Despite the low screen time of both chars(Outside of those two liners Rocklee got to say every once in awhile), they made the best use of what they was given. Their ability to never give up triumphed even their own physical restrictions. Especially Kimmimaro, since the dude handled both Rocklee and Gaara when he shouldn't have been able to get out of his bed alone. Rocklee on the other hand didn't know how to surrender, forcing that sound guy to make him pass out in the Forest of death thingy. And don't get me started on the part when managed to stand up, after Gaara had broke two of his limbs after surviving the wrath of the Eighth Gates. Then the no elemental chakra using ninja went on to fight the 1# person from this list, with his healed limbs still in their recovery phase like dang!!!

    3: Zagi((TOV)
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    If I made a top five list about most crazy in game characters, I would probably make his ranking higher than Kefka's!!! This guy literally follows you and your group throughout the entire game, while ignoring the ever impending destruction of the planet JUST TO KILL YOU!!! I've never met someone on any game that hunted me down as much as him for such a silly reason as the one he has XD Not to mention that the guy just won't quit, no matter how many times you smack him around. Eventually, when Zagi finally did keel over, I found myself extremely saddened by his death R.I.P Zagi :(

    4: Grimmjow(Bleach)
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    The guy just didn't know how to take a loss from a substitute Soul reaper. It was as simple as that XD

    5: The Supreme Kai(DBZ)
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    I don't care what anyone says. The Supreme Kai was a boss!! Despite the beating he took from Fat Buy, he still got back on his feet which is a shocker every time I see it. While on the other hand, Gohan just got hit once and it was basically over but Ze Supreme had heart. I was a bit glad when I seen that because I was like: "There was no way that the Supreme Kai could be weaker than someone who was slacking off in the fighting field."

    Yep but I'm only basing this off of the stuff I can think of at the moment(Which is the popular stuff obviously) so don't judge my list too harshly.
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  2. justputthespoilersinthespoilercode*saveseveryonefromaccidentallyskimmingandbeingspoiled*
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  3. Fucking weeaboo.
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  4. 1: Seymour.
    This fucker. This fucking fucker. If you've played FFX, I don't even need to explain. if you haven't, just know that this game was very, very good at making anyone who played it hate seymour's ass. Even if you weren't invested in the story, you'd hate him for what a pain in the ass he was to fight.

    Pokemon Gold/Heargold & Silver/soulsilver endgame (open)
    Pkmn Trainer
    Gold/Silver / Heartgold/Soulsilver
    Pkmn Trainer (pretty sure it's been confirmed canon that this is Red from the first games)
    was omfg. It's the only battle I've decided I was happier just walking away from

    2: Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)
    This is the only time I've actually had to try a few times to beat Ganondorf. Kudos, Nintendo.

    FFX boss (open)
    was so difficult to fight in FFX that I literally had to restart my game and level differently and xp grind more in order to beat him. Consider how long Final Fantasy games are, and let that sink in a second. I enjoyed fighting him because it was really cool in terms of story, but he was ridiculously tough; tough enough that grinding and out-levelling him just wasn't even going to do it. I had to start over from the start.

    Honestly I can't think of any more. Raem from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, and the final battle sequences of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days were difficult, but I didn't get frustrated or upset fighting them, and objectively they weren't that much harder than other bosses I've fought, they just took longer or were in games I wasn't as good at.
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  5. After finding out what that is, I'll have to disagree greatly with that belief of yours Exppie. I only prefer Asian related stuff over thing else when it comes to books and animated shows but that's pretty much it. If anything, I would have more of an obsession over European(For good reason) related stuff but I tend to admire pieces of every continent's way of life rather than just have a special disposition to a particular one. I'm just overly expresive about anything that has my interest. And somehow I'm not surprised that you would think that...since you are a dog XD

    Enough about this weeb and weeaboo sillyness, I'm now curious to see what your list will be composed of...unless you simply came here just to take another crack at your nemesis that is :D

    Ahh, my apologies :( I thought everyone liked being spoiled XD I'll fix it in a sec though ^_^'s done
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  6. Ballos from Cave Story. I lost track of how many times I tried to beat Hell. That was my first time playing platformers ... nothing will ever compare.
  7. I'm not sure how I'd measure how hard or challenging someone is via anime.
    I never actually get to fight them myself and experience a direct comparison of effort and skill vs other bosses.
    So I'll be restricting this list to video games.

    5. Kotor - The 1st Rakghoul (open)


    I know, this isn't a boss.
    But for little/young me it might as well been.

    See, Kotor's mechanics are largely if not fully based off D&D 3.5
    And having played Kotor long before learning about D&D I was a little kid entering D&D mechanics blind.
    Meaning me and my companion Carth were terribly built for when the Rakghouls came up.

    So the very first time you fight one, I was killed almost instantly.
    It took item spamming and (eventually) a better understanding of the mechanics for the Rakghouls to go from "Holy shit!" to "Lol, this is easy".

    4. Halo 2 - Tartarus (open)


    The main issue here was honestly being able to avoid the gravity hammer. Because it was practically a one hit kill a lot of the time.
    Though I admit the seemingly infinite spawning of elites to aid you kind of cheapens/dilutes the experience.

    3. Pokemon - Milktank (open)


    Milktank and god damn rollout.
    It shouldn't be that powerful... but it is.

    2. Mass Effect - Benezia (open)


    Her using constant Stasis while being on a map where at all times I'm fighting off Commandos from at least 2 directions?
    Not fun.

    1. Dark Souls - Smough and Ornstein (open)


    You know what's worse than fighting one boss?
    Fighting two of them at once, only for one to get even stronger when you kill the other one.
  8. 1) Final Fantasy Tactics: Velius
    -Mother fucker is tough as hell.
    -The battle is two stages. The first stage is a duel with Velius' human form, Weigraf, who is capable of one-shotting your hero, who must fight this form solo.
    -The second stage is where Velius takes his demonic form, gets four demon allies, and the rest of your party arrives to assist. The bad guys have tons of HP, hit hard, and can even cast area-effect summon spells (the hardest-hitting spells in the game). This battle is just all around tough.
    -Generally speaking, people who know this fight is coming prepare ahead of time, making it stupidly easy.
    -The problem is, going into blind means you DIDN'T arrange your party or hero's classes and abilities for maximum effect, leaving you at a big disadvantage. If you don't use stat-boosting abilities during stage one, you will probably be left outclassed in stage two.
    -Finally, this battle is the last in a succession of battles without any save points. So if you survived the prior battles, you will probably be fighting Velius with depleted stores of recovery items, no prior save to go back to in case you are under-leveled, and generally stuck in a certain class build.

    2) Baldur's Gate II: Kangaxx
    -This optional boss is a "demilich," a super-powerful undead with the ability to remove your characters from gameplay permanently. He is immune to all but the most powerful weapons in the game. He can cast the most powerful spells in the game. The reward for beating him is definitely worth it. However, surviving him is an ordeal for the uninitiated.
    -That being said, if you know how to exploit game mechanics and the mechanics behind certain spells, this battle is surprisingly manageable.
    -However, going in blind will likely result in an under-leveled, under-equipped, and poorly optimized party of adventurers going up against the single most dangerous enemy in the game.

    3) The Tomb of Horrors: All of It
    -Instead of "video gaming," I'm going with "tabletop gaming." The original D&D module, "The Tomb of Horrors," is an absolute nightmare to run. The very first door you try to open can kill you. The traps alone will likely lead to total party kills nine times out of ten. The module was SO hard that modern-edition D&D iterations had to DUMB IT DOWN and it was still quite lethal. This was the tabletop gaming definition of Everything Is Trying To Kill You. Even those who know its legend going in will likely get killed by some crazy trap in this module, in any iteration. Truly, one of the great adventures in D&D history.

    4) Dragonball Z: Freiza
    -Seriously. Of all the DBZ, DB, and DBGT villains (especially given the series' penchant for villainous escalation), Freiza was the one everyone remembers. THIS was the guy who made DBZ and cemented what Power Level actually meant. While the major players eventually surpassed a power level of 1,000,000, it was Freiza who made it the new benchmark. The buildup, the mythos, the sheer dread all others felt upon hearing his name -- those were the elements that made the extended Freiza battle the definitive DBZ fight. All others before and after were compared to the original series of fights against the original supervillain of the Dragonball universe. Accept no substitutes.

    5) Fate/Zero: Anyone vs Berserker Zero
    -There's no one particular battle that stands out concerning Berserker, because they all stand out. Berserker is a silent enemy, a knight in black armor and without any higher-functioning mind. He is all instinct and all vicious combat prowess. The funny thing? Despite being a mindless attack dog, he still retains his combat skills and flawless technique, all due to an exceptionally rare skill that enables him to turn anything he touches into a weapon capable of leveling buildings and going steel to steel against luminaries such as Excalibur, the entire treasure hoard of Babylon, and magic spears from Ireland. Watching Berserker co-op other superheroes' weapons and armements, watching him turn innocuous items into deadly weapons of mass destruction, and just simply watching him dismantle other powerful fighters with the sublime skill that only the greatest of weapon masters could realize lands Berserker a place in my Top Five Bosses.
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