Toonia: Book One

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    There once was a young lad who had a knack for creativity.

    This young lad hated his life.

    He would wait for the bells to ring at school, the bus to stop at his home, and flee passed his nagging parents to escape into his quarters and draw his feelings, his emotions, his sorrow.

    He didn't love his parents.

    He didn't love his life.

    And he certainly didn't love people. Not even a little.

    One night this depressed little boy looked awkwardly at one of his fine tipped ink pens and forged a grand smirk amongst his face.

    He began drawing a mask on a large piece of canvas paper with a happy expression on it, and cut out the mask design to make a mask for himself.

    Once the mask was completed, he put on a crimson red robe and eyed himself in his mirror, as if becoming another being.

    Now everyone can see he's happy all the time. Now the children and the nagging parents and the whining neighbors next door can stop judging and questioning him because he's happy now. Yes...always smiling. Yes....this mask is his sweetest embrace and greatest invention.

    But that very same night before going to bed, this young lad had a wonderful ideal. He knows he cannot fake happiness, but what if he can stay happy forever without the people, without the judgments, without the problems?

    So he gathered all his sketches of various cartoons and figures and escaped into the night towards a cemetery with a large oak tree. He stared up at that large oak tree with a sinister chuckle. You see, he had also brought with him a rope just long enough to hang from.

    This troubled little boy then buried his sketches right beneath the tree and slowly made his way to the highest branch of the giant oak. He tied the rope securely around his neck and stood on the branch ready to end his own little life.

    Before jumping, he muttered a curse. You see this boy had been studying witch craft for years on his own to help calm his nerves and erase the insults made towards him on daily basis. His cartoons were his life, and he truly believed if he sacrificed himself he can get revenge on those that hurt him, and his cartoons can come to life.

    After saying a few words, a cold breeze washed across his face and the tree shook violently. Before he could make up his mind, the branch snapped and the boy's death followed.

    You couldn't see his face, but he had a smile behind that mask. A smile that could represent a billion words and feelings all in one. He was finally at peace.

    His name, was Kero.


    You, are all cartoons. Afflicted by this strange child's deepest and darkest past you have been cursed. You were once living beings, and suddenly awoke as one of Kero's mad creations. You don't know who you used to be, or what your life used to be like, but for one reason or another, you suddenly became trapped in Kero's realm of cartoons and chaos. Kero's little world of cartoons, mayhem, hysteria, corruption, and darkness is known as Toonia. There are thousands of cartoons and crazed creatures like you running rampant throughout Toonia. Some form factions, some have become icons of a law and order, others became recluses hiding in the darkest depths of the streets. Toonia is a vast kingdom filled with all sorts of misshaped sketches of furniture and tilted buildings dripping ink. There are absurdly formed vehicles that roam the streets all hours of the night. It is always dark in this kingdom, you never see the sun. You can see crime for miles, creatures and citizens smashing eachother with mallets or firing bullets across the way. Babies with calculated minds, dogs on two legs, children with fangs and claws, everything is wrong here.

    There is, however, hope. A small light in this catastrophe of madness. There are a few cartoons that keep their sanity, and remember small remnants of who they used to be, and they definitely know something is incredibly wrong with this picture. Slowly memories are returning to some of the toons here, and very slowly questions are starting to arise. These toons are called The Wise. They are capable of thinking on their own more clearly than others, they want to find out why they are in this strange place, they want to find answers, they want to form friendships and find like minds to get them out of this hell. These toons are more likely to find advanced weapons and have a higher sense of intelligence. These toons also have the unique ability to see auras and sense when certain toons are brain washed by the aura of Toonia or naturally going mad.

    Then, there are those that are madder than most of the toons, who have lost all train of thought and simply follow instinct. These toons love their home of Toonia, and seek mischief almost always. They despise those called The Wise and look to snuff out anyone trying to change their way of living. They love being free and wild and unrestricted. The aura of the kingdom has taken over their minds more than the average toon, allowing these toons to have a strong connection with Toonia making them abnormally strong and gracing them with the knowledge of knowing every nook and cranny the kingdom has available allowing for easy access to shops, shady dealers, shelter, and other supplies. These toons are called The Mad. They are more than likely able to use anything as a weapon and prefer offensive techniques over discussion and peace. They like using outrageous weapons such as mallets, oversized wrenches, toxic flower squirters, and all sorts of deadly concoctions and gag items. Their intelligence, however, is significantly lower than The Wise where their bronze makes up for it.

    Finally there are toons that look to restore order and uphold a law at all costs. These toons will do whatever it takes to keep their kingdom of Toonia safe and free from those that seek to destroy its walls. These toons are known as The Loyal. These toons do not have a special connection with the kingdom's aura like The Mad, but they have a single unique ability that other toons do not posses; these toons contain psychic powers that can keep them connected with fellow Loyal officers. It is said that Kero initially didn't mean to sketch a justice department, but within his conscience the only good inside of him manifested into The Loyal allowing such toons to form a league of their own. Although The Loyal are few and in between, for the most part they allow crime, and they can think clearly, but have no recollection of how they came to be or any desire to leave Toonia, only to protect it at all costs. Their psychic abilities allow The Loyal to create technologically sound weapons and add a mystical energy to their attacks which are capable of stopping a toon completely in its tracks. The Loyal seek order over extreme crimes and circumstances, and always know where each one is located due to their telepathic connection.



    ((First and foremost, you ARE a cartoon. Think like Roger Rabbit or something, I'd prefer to see cartoony appearances and characters, if you have to use anime references for lack of thought, I will allow it, but for the most part I wanna see some outrageous cartoon pics and characters.))

    What Do we CAAAALL you:

    Mister or Mistress: (Male or Female.)

    Alignment: (The Loyal, The Mad, or The Wise)

    Picture, PLEASE:

    Weapon of Choice:
    (Again, think cartoon and outrageous weapons please. Unless your The Loyal or The Wise, then I can allow technologically advanced fire arms or something.)


    Connection with The Maker: (Basically this is optional. But your connection with Kero, if you were one of his original cartoons come to life and not a trapped soul in a cartoon body share a brief story here.)

    Your Life Story, YAWN:
    (The Bio.)

    Other Goodies: (Other notes you want to add.)



    1. No God Modding, obviously.

    2. Remember, even though each different category of toon is different, the hidden agenda and goal here is to find answers. Not go around trying to slaughter eachother.

    3. Kero is NON PLAYABLE. And will not show up in this RP. He is deceased. He may show later in this RP series.

    4. THINK CARTOONY! I know alot of us are fans of anime and video games and lore here, but in order for this RP to be original and fun let's try and go with a cartoon approach. Think darker cartoons, crazy looking characters, etc it doesn't necessarily have to be as basic as Bugs Bunny or something for a base.

    5. Post at least ONCE a week. That's all I ask. Do your best effort to make this fun for everyone and include others in the roleplay, or else it will die out in a boring thread close.

    That's about it everyone! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns throw them my way and I'll be happy to help. HAVE FUN WITH THIS RP GUYS! This is gonna be a blast. My sheet will be up soon!

  2. What Do we CAAAALL you: Drakey Smutts

    Mister or Mistress: Male.

    Alignment: The Mad

    Picture, PLEASE:

    Weapon of Choice: Trick-of-the-Trade Cane. A steel broadway style cane that doubles as a rifle when Drakey feels a little madder than usual and feels the need to eliminate or hurt those that cross him. Otherwise, he simply enjoys using it to bash heads in when needed.

    PERSONALity: Some say he's a little eccentric but he is also strangely a gentleman. In everything he does, including hurting others or insulting others, he does it with a dash of charm, always powdering up his foes and those he simply...doesn't like, before letting them have it. He likes devising schemes, but they usually involve extreme ideas that were never very smart to begin with and almost always end in failure. Anybody that tries to befriend this sly fox is usually double crossed, but if you're lucky, there are those few that this toon has trust in.

    Connection with The Maker: None.

    Your Life Story, YAWN:
    In his previous life Drakey was a hardcore gambler who loved betting against the odds. He'd spend countless nights filled with booze to try his luck at the local casino, he rarely won. And when he did win, he'd bet all his money away. Whenever he was broke, Drakey would do almost anything for money, including committing a crime such as shady back alley deals of all sorts and selling stolen goods. The older Drakey became the more street smarts he developed. He soon rose to the ranks as one of the most notorious criminals in his city. He'd make deals with police officers that got close to his trail to get off his back, he'd hire grunts to do the extra dirty work for him so he didn't have to.

    He wasn't always this way. He had a loving wife who became pregnant with his child. They loved eachother so much. Drakey used to work as a bail bondsman and his wife, Heidi, sowed designer baskets for gardeners and home owners. After being fired from his job, Drakey dabbled into slot machines, then tried his hand at poker and other casino games until he became addicted. His wife left him and received an abortion moving far out of state to form her own sowing work shop. This lead Drakey to go mad into a life of sheer crime and terror. One night, when he wasn't particularly well, Drakey passed out in an alley just outside of his favorite bar and awoke in a completely different land and completely different body. Now he finds himself as a strange cartoon in a large land that he felt a deep connection with. And slowly...ever so slowly...he lost all recollection of who he was.

    Other Goodies: (Other notes you want to add.)
  3. (will finish my app tomorrow. Just wanted to get it started.)

    What Do we CAAAALL you:
    Creepy Marla

    Mister or Mistress: Female

    Alignment: The Wise

    Picture, PLEASE:

    Weapon of Choice: Marla's Fan is made of multiple poisonous blades. The poison itself causes paralysis, it is mainly used for her to escape. Her body is made of mostly straw which makes her extremely vulnerable in combat. The blades of her fan is the natural colored sharpened steel, and the tips look to be painted red.

    She is a very strange character. Her voice a thread of whisper until she suddenly gets what she believes to be a vision, when in truth it is only a memory. When these episodes happen she begins to ramble very loudly to herself. Some believe her to be of the mad, but she is more wise than she seems. Not much of herself is known to Marla. Giving off the impression she is crazed and lost. Marla acts fearful, unsure if her own mind will lose more information. Causing her to speak in third person, to be sure she will not forget her own name.

    Connection with The Maker:

    Your Life Story, YAWN:

    Other Goodies:
  4. I certainly like the start of it. I look forward to more on it tomorrow! :D