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  1. Genre: Fantasy

    Special note pertaining to fantasy: No magic.

    In this RP we will be playing as the villains of the story. The world right now is peaceful, but we want that to change.

    -This will be a two-part RP. The first half is to design the motives of the villains, and the second half is the heroic attempt to stop them. This, theoretically, would give more emotion to the story.

    There are four countries, on one continent with an island to the west. The countries names are Avanis, Argoris, Darkar, and Isslia. For the purposes of the first half of this RP, I would like each player to have one (1) character apiece. Your motives are your own.

    -Avanis; the sole domain of the former empire of Sylt, now ruled by a monarchy ruled by a queen and her king. Only women can hold power in this country.
    -Queen Roria has ruled for twenty consecutive years, ever since the downfall of the Sylt empire. She plans on bequeathing rule to her second eldest daughter, Erali, whom has not been married to a prince of another country
    yet. The eldest daughter has been deemed unworthy due to infertility, as well as attitude.
    -Argoris; this 'country' does not have a formal government per say. However, rumors of a social movement have risen - one that would unite all the townships before another country got any funny ideas.
    -Darkar; An isolationist totalitarian regime. Political climates from without are null, as it has gotten to the point where the dictatorship of Darkar is ignored. These people are fanatics to a religion that they affectionately call the One Religion. Not considered the most creative cuture on this continent.
    -Isslia; A scholarly country, who's main export is fish and books - though not necessarily on the same ship. This country stands as the world's first true democracy, it is ruled by the people completely.

    As a note; you must be human. There are no other races on this continent, and there has never been a ship from any other continent, in either written or actual history. I'm sorry, but there are no exceptions to the rule. 100% vanilla humans.

    Also; as point of reference, this continent is actually pretty large. It would take nineteen days to get from one capitol to the next on horseback, traveling at 30 miles a day.


    Character Name:


    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    General History:

    Present Life:
  2. I'm in, but you knew that already didn't you. I'll get something up soon
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  4. Sounds cool, don't know if I'll post much, but I'll give it a try. It's been a long time since I've played a villain.
  5. I would like to join! But I warn you, my villain skills are a bit rusty. I hope this RP will give me a chance to practice playing a villain. WILL POST CS SOON.


    Character Name: Amuletta Roiran, usually nicknamed Ms. Am.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Birthplace: Isslia
    Occupation: None.


    General Appearance: Photo Album/5f3f.jpg?o=63
    Strengths: Cunning, clever, is fairly skilled with a sword, agile and quick.
    Weaknesses: Does not possess a lot of physical strength, a bit paranoid, tends to underestimate her enemies, and can be fairly arrogant. Also scared of fire, but not to the point of absolute and controlling fear.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To kill the queen of Avanis (or somehow cause her misery)
    Talents: Skilled with a sword, good and tricking people and sneaking around, also good at gathering information
    Inabilities: Actually physically weak and not skilled in hand-to-hand combat
    Fears: Fire, King of Avanis(somewhat)
    General Personality: Amuletta is a cunning, brooding, and sly woman. She doesn't trust anyone and treats mostly everyone with disrespect. She is a vain and hot-tempered woman though can calm herself and remain quiet when needed. Amuletta is also good at faking her emotions to suit her needs.
    Inner Personality: Inside, Amuletta is actually a confused individual inside. She had made choices in the past that she often silently thinks about. Secretly, she wishes for a friend but refuses all who try to come close to her.
    Secret: The reason she is wary of fire and the King of Avanis (see General History)


    General History: Amuletta was born in Isslia. Her childhood was a fairly normal one. One day, while she was a young woman, bandits came and kidnapped her and traveled with her in two to sell her off for money. While traveling through Avanis, the bandits were caught and killed. Amuletta attempted to escape from the Avanis guards but was caught shortly after she fled. She was deemed a criminal as well and despite her pleas, she was imprisoned. After 3 years in jail, the king of Avanis offered to let her go if she let him "comfort" her. She agreed. The King agreed to let her out the next day when the sun began to set. However, a maid has whispered to the Queen and told her that Amuletta had seduced the King. Enraged, the Queen tried to burn Amuletta to death but she was able to escape from her. Hiding in the kingdom and the forests and stealing whatever she could in order to survive, she burned with hatred at the Royal Family of Avanis...Eventually she was able to get a job under another name and get enough money to get a decent house. Still, her hatred burns bright with fury.

    Present Life: Now she has made a temporary alliance with other characters similar to her. Finally her thoughts of revenge could be carried out. For once, something good would happen in her life...
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  8. Done. Sorry if it's bad, I rushed in some parts.
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    I might change her General Past...maybe.
  10. I think I'll join in on the fun, villains need more attention:)
  11. Welcome, Elflady! Glad to see you're joining :)
  12. My confidance is rather low but I wuld like to reserve a spot. CS will be up later.
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    Character Name: Lori Eshu'hana Akodak
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Birthplace: Avanis
    Occupation: None
    More: Recently Lori has managed to gain a horse to help her with travelling distances. Carries a one handed Longsword that she if need be can use from horseback and she can also grip it with two hands for more power.


    General Appearance: Shoulder length, slightly wavy black hair with dark brown eyes and pale skin with an oval shaped face. Lori has faint scars on her arms after the raid and she dresses mostly in black or subdued colors.
    Li Bing Bing.jpg
    Strengths: Skilled in using a long sword and is quick and agile, strong arms. Both when using hand to hand combat and with swords Lori uses her opponent's strength to her advantage and never uses too much of her own power. Good rider and horse animal handler after growing up in a village that depended a lot on horses and other animals.
    Weaknesses: She isn't overly strong physically, her right wrist is weaker than the other after she broke it.
    More: Her left side is stronger than her right, she has adapted to use both sides after her injury.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Get revenge for her lost family by killing thugs and the royals of Avanis.
    Talents: Manipulative, good actress, she can still be great with children if she wants to.
    Inabilities: She has tendencies of madness and can be quite weak mentally if confronted with the wrong things.
    Fears: Deep water, snakes, loss of control
    General Personality: Lori tends to be cold, calculating and completely void of sympathy for others though she can easily keep up her outgoing and friendly facade to get what she wants. She can lie without remorse, as well as kill though in truth she wouldn't kill an innocent person or animal as a result of her past.
    Inner Personality: Brooding and quiet Lori avoids too much attention but traces of her original happy and sweet personality lurks deep within. She's kind, sweet and loyal on the inside, she is also romantic and wants to help anyone that needs it but Lori has pushed away this lost personality of hers deep down and it only resurfaces sometimes making her spare innocent people and children especially.
    Secret: How deep the trauma of her past really goes, her deep affection for cats and horses, her nightmares.
    More: She was originally right handed but after breaking her wrist she's learned to be ambidextrous which she uses to confuse others.


    General History: Lori grew up in a nice village in Avanis, her family was quite well off and while she was used to hard work Lori had a good life compared to other villages inhabitants, she had an average childhood, the village was quite large but small enough for all to know each others. Lori married the blacksmith apprentice, Neihe Akodak whom she'd known practically all her life, quite soon they had a daughter, Laika. Their life only got more perfect when Lori birthed twin boys three years later, Shien and Dynir. Lori was a sweet and playful mother who spent her days managing the house and caring for her children, stern but gentle and in the evenings Neihe came home and spent the rest of the day with his family, being a kind person he often spoiled his children.

    In their eyes they led a perfect life of love and harmony until their village was raided. Many villagers lost their life as they protected their homes and families, Lori watched her husband get killed without being able to do anything and as she protected her three kids with a sword she found she broke her wrist under the pressure of a thug's attack and as a result of her failure her sons was killed in front of her eyes. In the panic and chaos some villagers managed to escape the raiders including Lori but she'd lost sight of her daughter Laika and when they started going through the wrecked village later she found no trace of her daughter, believing her remaining child had been burned in one of the many fires Lori lost her last shred of normality, her brain tried to shut out the horrid memories but they were to colorful and vivid, every time she shut her eyes she saw the massacre and how her family was murdered.

    Slowly her bruises and cuts healed and her wrist as well though it would never recover fully and Lori left her home, haunted by memories and pain. Nightmares plagued her nights and in the days she trained with the sword she'd taken from her husband's smithy, even if her right wrist was weaker she could use a sword with it if necessary though she learned to use her left arm more to compensate. Lori was intent on taking revenge on her family by killing the thugs, she couldn't know exactly which thugs that had raided her home so made a vow to kill them all and then get revenge on the rulers of Avanis that allowed thugs to thrive and kill.

    Present Life: She travels around killing those she deems evil and corrupted, not caring to investigate too deeply or bring authorities to the thugs she found. She takes money from those she kills and uses it to survive her burning hate has slowly turned her attention more and more to the royals that in her mind is the root of her own misery and therefore she plans to kill them, though she isn't stupid enough to try without a plan of some sort.
  14. I'm interested. When do you plan on starting?
  15. Soon as we get enough people!
  16. This sounds like fun, are you perhaps accepting newcomers?

    Character Name: Dederik Bishop
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Birthplace: Argoris
    Occupation: "Anarchist and Terrorist", as far as any governing body is concerned. He prefers "Architect of the New World."
    More: Traveling with a number of like-minded individuals and devoted followers in a small, well-armed caravan.


    General Appearance: A handsome man with short blonde hair, intense blue eyes, and a short, well-kept beard. Taller than average and fairly muscular. Slightly tan from all his traveling.
    Strengths: Physically strong, though not overly so. Uses a blend of several bare handed fighting styles, and is also skilled with swords.
    Weaknesses: He has some wounds that never healed properly, and are particularly sensitive. Such wounds include his lower right ribs and left arm, which is partially paralyzed.
    More: Often keeps his left arm in his coat, using the sleeve as a rest for his elbow, due to partial paralysis.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Destroy each of the four nations and build a new empire atop their ashes. Is considering using the rising social movement in his homeland to further his goals.
    Talents: Cunning, manipulative, often says exactly what others want to hear. Fond of half-truths.
    Inabilities: Can't easily relate to others on any genuine level, though he rarely needs to.
    Fears: Closed spaces, spiders, falling.
    General Personality: Strong, charming, has a flair for the eccentric. Fairly affable.
    Inner Personality: Narcissistic, ruthless, and fully devoted to his cause.
    Secret: His left arm isn't really paralyzed and he has several informants in high places across the continent.


    General History: Born in Argoris in a town under the rule of one of the local warlords. His town went through several battles for control and several different warlords, until he himself took control after murdering an unpopular and cowardly warlord, earning the loyalty of most of the warlord's subjects. Those who didn't give their loyalty tried to take control, but were decimated in the attempt. After defending his rule for several years he began to expand his control and take the lands of neighboring warlords for his own. After a costly war he had lost much of his lands and had ordered his remaining forces back to his fortress. His enemies had decided to wipe his rule from Argoris once and for all, but he escaped during the siege. He fled Argoris and drifted from place to place until he settled in Ilissia for a few years. During this time he developed an interest in literature and philosophy, and eventually developed his own. He decided the world was too filled with corruption and foolish, shortsighted rulers for any hope at true prosperity. He would wipe them from the face of the world and build a new empire atop their ruins. After gathering followers and resources, he set his grand plans into motion.

    Present Life: Currently travels with a small group of followers in a well-armed caravan that offers mercenary services, gathering information on various government bodies in the process.