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  1. みなさん、東京へようこそ
    (everyone, welcome to Tokyo)
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  2. コーヒーショップに中
    (inside the coffee shop)
    .: ALUCARD :.

    Alucard woke up and stood up beside his bed to put on his black leather coat. Smelling bacon from down stairs he walked down stairs to the dining room to have breakfest prepared by his butler. ''How are you this morning, Alucard'' the butler said, ''same as usual'' Alucard replied as he began to sit at the dining room table. Alucard gets up and walks to the front door after eating breakfest, ''I'm going out for a walk'' Alucard said as he quickly walked out the front door. Alucard walked for a while, enough distance where the manor could no longer be seen. Alucard would lay his left hand on the near by tree located beside the sidewalk and the other hand on his stomach as he would then throw up massively from the breakfest, ''I need to tell him i'm a ghoul.. but how will i tell him''. Alucard would walk to the coffee shop where he would order a straight black coffee and secretly stir it with blood from his small flask hidden in his leather jacket.
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  3. コーヒーショップに中
    (inside the coffee shop)

    Oozaki Takahiro strolled into the coffee shop, his eyes scanning the place and its occupants. Takahiro spend some time glancing at the three other clients, but all of them seemed nervous at the guy with the weird eyes looking at them and asked him to stop doing it, which caused him to believe they were humans. Ghouls, after all, would either pretend not to notice him or try to somehow escape the place, not confront him directly. Takahiro slowly walked towards the bartender and asked a cup of chocolate late complemented by a croissant. As his oder was delivered to him, he looked testingly at the man and asked with a pleasant voice "What does it taste like?"."I beg your pardon?" the man looked at him with amazement. "What's the taste of the croissant? Tell me." Takahiro explained, a large grin spreading across his face. "Uhm, I don't know for sure... Uhm it's... chocolate like... sweet and tasty?" Oozaki's smile stretched even further "Sweet eh?" he took a bite off it and swallowed it with pleasure "Sweet doesn't even being to describe it. It's dark chocolate with touches of oranges in it. It is abit bitter at first, but then the sweetness spreads, as it melts in your mouth, the orange just giving it a bit more exotic flavour. When it's all mixed with the bread of the croissant and moisturized in one's saliva the taste is even better, as the sweet wheat complements the orange. But of course, you have no way of knowing that, do you, ghoul?" Seeing the man's terrified expression, Oozaki grabbed his hand, still holding the food, and leaned towards him "Let's not make a scene out of this, shall we? Go inside and get your leader. Tell him to come quickly, else I will go to him, alright?" having whispered this, Oozaki took his food, left some coins at the counter and turned his back to the terrified bartender, moving towards a seat near the window. He had just sat, when another person entered the cafe. This one was certainly a ghoul, his relaxed expression upon entering the shop made the inspector certain of that. He was either being chased or had consumer human food, whatever the case, he was coming here to wash away something with a cup of coffee. "Just my luck - today is shaping out to be a great day..." he murmured to himself, after taking a bite of the croissant. Not letting the newly entered ghoul or the door to the inner part of the building, through which the bartender had slipped, out of his eyesight, Takahiro's hand gently moved across his suitcase =, which he had positioned slightly under the table.
  4. コーヒーショップに中
    (inside the coffee shop)
    Alucard would continue his cup of coffee for a second till suddenly he saw a guy sitting away from him with a odd scent, noticing this without looking around the coffee shop but merely lifting his head up slightly and smelling him. Alucard would look to the right near the emergency exit door and see two people walk into the coffee shop, one had a fearful and nervous face and the other had confusion. ''This is bad'' Alucard proclaimed, Alucard would scan the area casually and quick noticing that the the man had him check mate. Alucard thought to himself ''wait... i can with stand human food for 15 minutes''. Alucard would sit up and go to the bartender asking him for a sweet roll to-go, and begins to eat the sweet roll casually.
  5. コーヒーショップに中
    (inside the coffee shop)

    Takahiro noticed the presumed ghoul order a sweet-roll and casually begin to consume it at the table, while drinking coffee. Either Oozaki's gut feeling was wrong and the guy was a human, or he was a ghoul with really good self-control and some bits of an iron will. Whatever the case, the inspector decided not to bother too much - he had not come to hunt down random ghouls and if a battle was to happen, he could take down three corpse-eaters just as easy as two. His eyes immediately pinned to the direction of the bartender, coming back with another man, the latter looking rather surprised, but in no case sharing the terror of his subordinate. As the owner started moving towards his table, Takahiro glanced at his watch - it was already 10:07, his wannabe partner was late for their first meeting. "Too bad that Rin girl is not here, it would have been a great introduction to the trade, if she were to see this." he though if himself...

    [ @Greedy Donuts this can be your character, since you wanted to be the coffee shop owner, therefore get posting if you want this scene to be taking place inside your coffee. If you don't react quick enough I may just end up killing off everyone present and it would be a wasted opportunity for character involvement. I left the description of the ghoul-owner blank on purpose, so as to avoid character hijacking.]
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  6. .:ALUCARD:.
    finishing his sweet roll right before turning around to leave the coffee shop, Alucard looks over at the strange man that he presumes to be a ghoul investigator and turns his head and winks at him before pushing the door open to leave the coffee shop. Walking back to the manor Alucard notices a black cat sitting on the side of the sidewalk, walking towards the cat and bending down to pet it the cat suddenly jumps on his back and rests. Alucard in comfort of this situation walks home and goes straight to the bed room to lay the cat on the bed before walking to the bathroom to throw the disgusting sweet roll up. After spending time in his room playing with the cat for many hours of today, Alucard names the cat, Kage for his black fur. Alucard's butler walks in his room and asks him where he found the cat from, ''From the sidewalk where else old man?'' Alucard replied. Alucard's butler not surprised by him being a smart ass said ''Well make sure you take care of him, i can't take care of two children in this house'' as he shuts the door and walks down stairs to do laundry. Alucard annoyed with what his grandfather said he walks down stairs to get some milk for Kage but then notices there is non. ''I'm going out for a bit!'' Alucard proclaimed loudly enough so his butler could hear. Walking to the grocery store with Kage on his back and pushing the door to enter the store he sees the milk right away and walks towards the milk section.
  7. tumblr_mjirdmyWyp1rpoz3yo1_500 (kopia).jpg
    10:7. Refraining from letting out a foul string of curses like he would have liked to right then, Rin hurried along the sidewalk towards the coffee shop mentioned in the message he had quite recently received from his new instructor. To say that Rin was annoyed would be somewhat of an understatement. An entire week had passed since he was first assigned to Oozaki-san, and yet this was the first thing he'd heard from him. Up until that point Rin had tried to contact and seek out Ozaki-san on several occasions, but never seemed to get hold of him. Either he was busy, or this was simply how much he actually cared for his pupil.

    The message had come as somewhat of a surprise earlier that morning, showing up on his phone while he was on his way to the headquarters. Since the coffee shop evidently was to be found somewhere else completely, Rin had been forced to take the subway back in the opposite direction of where he'd originally been headed. Something like this is bad enough to put anyone in a sour mood, and the force as which his leather shoes came down on the gray paving with was just slightly above the ordinary. Of course, while he was evidently displeased with the situation, he wouldn't let it show on his face. His fair features framed by thick blond hair was fixed into a blank mast, betrayed little of what actually went on behind the starling gray eyes.

    10:09. Rin's slender frame slipped into the coffee shop, his gaze flicking to the silver watch around his wrist just briefly before he began analyzing his surroundings. The air was thick with suspense, several costumers wearing expressions of unease or terror. The only one who seemed to be in a remotely good mood was the white haired middle aged man whom Rin recognized as Oozaki Takahiro... his instructor. A mixture of shame for being late and irritation at the short notice welled up inside the young man as he cautiously slipped his free hand into his pocket, wrapping his gloved fingers around hard metal. A battle was most likely to break out very soon, and he wanted to make sure that he was ready. Scanning the inside of the coffee shop again, he mapped out the room in his mind, taking note of every door, window and other possible mean to escape. Then he turned his attention back to Oozaki and bowed.

    "Forgive my late arrival," he apologized just somewhat wearily before calmly adding, "Oozaki-senpai."
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  8. (Inside the coffee shop)
    Seek casually walked into the coffee shop and instantly acted like a regular human so he wouldn't be found out by the men who seemed like investigators to him that he was a ghoul. He saw that they where asking questions to a man and saw that they where holding boxes. "dammit box Carriers." Seek told himself in his head. He turned to look at the window but in reality was looking at the box carriers. He sat down at one of the tables and put his hood up covering his eyes so no one could see that he was watching the investigators. He stood up and walked over to the counter. "I would like a coffee he told one of the employees. The person at the counter made the coffee and handed it to Seek. Seek gave them money to pay for it and started to take small sips of it. The coffee was too hot so he thought up an idea that was so stupid that he would probably have to run. He walked next to the younger looking investagators and put on his mask and splashed the coffee all over him and kicked his leg. Seek jumped back and told the investagators to leave or dig your own grave. Seek thought in his mind that he was cool but really he was being too cocky.

    (The coffee!)
  9. コーヒーショップに中
    (inside the coffee shop)
    (before the last post*)

    "Ahhh Rin-chan - nice to meet you, though I don't think we'll be working too much today. I just came here to get coffee and though this was good bonding opportunity. Also I get a discount when coming here." as he let the sarcasm flow, his creepy smile stretched across the features of his slender face, his bigger eye looking at the person he was addressing, whilst the smaller one not letting the older man and his subordinate out of sight. It was funny how nature used to give one thing and take another - though his eyes were deformed, causing many people to look away from his not so pretty face, this disposition allowed him to focus on two targets with ease - a trick he employed as early as the first high-school tests.

    The owner stood still stood like a statue, trying to cope with what Oozaki had just told him. He did his best to look shocked, but the inspector knew all too well he was just stalling time to choose appropriate words for his response. "I'm sorry, Oozaki-san, but I am afraid I can't help you." he finally let out, in a business-like manner.

    "I see. Of course I understand you can't help me, but perhaps you could help your subordinate over here" - if his smile was to stretch any further, it would exceed the limits of his face - "You see, he is currently one button away from being brutally murdered... do you think you could maybe help him?" A mixture of emotions juggled over the face of the other man, who apparently did not expect such sort of a hostage situation. Oozaki must have been quite notorious across the city, for his short temper, since the man answered in just under half a minute. "I will look into it, then." his tune did not flinch, neither did his facial expression. "Splendid. Just don't take too long, because my friend here" - he pointed towards Rin - "is a rather short fuse and tends to get bored rather quickly." The man nodded and walked away, leaving the younger bartender stand there speechless. "Well, don't just stand there, don't you have customers to serve? If that's how you work you will be unemployed quickly, young man." - Oozaki told him in the most pleasant tune of voice and after he walked away, he smiled at Rin... well, his joyful smile didn't disappear through the course of this entire situation "Don't young people have any manner these days? Come, have a seat, order a drink. I personally recommend the Arabic coffee, it's the best one in all of Tokyo and I'm not even overstating."

    *means that we finish the scene with Rin talking to Takahiro, before the situation with Seek happens
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  10. "Ahhh Rin-chan - nice to meet you, though I don't think we'll be working too much today. I just came here to get coffee and though this was good bonding opportunity. Also I get a discount when coming here."

    The note of sarcasm in the inspector's voice was even clear enough for Rin to understand, his eyes once again cautiously scanning the area before returning to the quite obviously somewhat crazed man. Chan. Rin's lips formed a thin line as he pressed them together in dismay- the way things were playing out before him only making it worse. He already had a feeling that he would find it very hard to like this man, realizing full and well what was going on. Oozaki was toying with them. He had stomped right into a nest of ghouls, which, considering what they were employed to do, was fine. But the way he was striking fear into them, passively threatening them while prolonging the moment of his first move and in this way disgusted Rin. How could tormenting an animal before butchering them bring anyone joy? Rin couldn't understand it, even if he tried. These emotions were displayed in a slight frown, which slowly began creeping across the pupils' face. His grip of the box handle in his left hand tightened, his lips still tightly pressed together.

    "Don't young people have any manner these days? Come, have a seat, order a drink. I personally recommend the Arabic coffee, it's the best one in all of Tokyo and I'm not even overstating."

    Reluctantly the youth pulled out a chair and took a seat as he had been told, his stomach knotting itself slightly. He felt all but having a drink- believing that even if he tried to drink it, it'd just come back up again. His appetite was never good when working, which was why he made sure to eat a proper breakfast everyday. Chances were he'd go without food until next morning, depending on how things went. It wasn't that killing itself disgusted him- he believed that there was no other way for many of the ghouls... but killing without proof of them actually being a threat to the human race made him feel sick- and he did not doubt that Oozaki was the kind of person to dispose of any ghoul he came across.

    "Forgive me if I am speaking out of line, or happen to sound rude, Senpai... but surely you didn't call me here just to have a cup of coffee?" he asked blankly, his voice lacking emotion.
  11. Shiro filled out the orders as he is the waiter/bouncer working there. When Seek ordered the coffee Shiro poured his order and brought it to him. As he walked away Shiro heard the scrape of a chair behind him and turned around. He saw Seek moving towards the Investigators and moved his hand to the pouch inside his vest where he keeps his mask.
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  12. コーヒーショップに中
    (inside the coffee shop)
    (before the last post*)


    "No, I also wanted you to try the coffee, love." - Oozaki smiled, but this time it was not the murderous smile he had given to the ghouls "Listen, I have told this to the HQ a billion times, I do not need another partner. I checked your file when you were assigned to me and I know what kind of person you are. We won't work together well and if you quit sooner, it will be better for all of us". Seeing the woman's stern expression, he gasped for air and continued "But I reckon these words will only encourage you further, so let's get to it... Well, the trail that I... or should I say we?" he raised his eyebrows looking at her "are currently on is rather easy for you to go through. There were reports of ghouls massacred in the 5th ward, where we are now. Now, what's the problems with this filth killing each other you may ask? Nothing if you ask me, but the one doing that had also cannibalized the corpses. I will go ahead and assume that a straight A academy graduate knows what this means. I took a look at one of the bodies myself, the cuts of the teeth were still semi-human, meaning it could not have evolved too much. I wanted to let it keep killing its own, until some ghoul group actually goes ahead and kills it, with a decent amount of casualties, but most of the other departmental heads did not see the things my way. Long story short, I took the case, because I'd hate to see a dozen inspectors, young and pretty like yourself, lose their lives trying to subdue a mad beast. Now it's your turn - tell me, Rin-kun, why are we here? If you're going to be working with me you can deduce at least that."

    [The cannibal is Seek, also I suggest after you give your answer, that you react to his post.]
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  13. Unpleasant. That was the single world Rin needed to describe his new instructor. The joke, although something he might at least given the ghost of a smile to in any other circumstances, was misplaced and irritating. He could already tell that the road of their time together would be long and bumpy, but it was something he would need to endure. If he was serious about becoming a full fledged inspector, this was a challenge he would need to face head on. Running away was not something he did. His sense of honor would not allow him to. Nor would his sense of duty. For once, these contradicting concepts conceded perfectly with one another- making the situation all the more unpleasant. If he thought he was getting rid of Rin that quickly, he was badly misstaken. Luckily, it seemed the white haired middle aged man was a little wiser than he appeared: able to read Rin's stern expression well.

    Rin listened the the man speak in silence, taking note of every detail he could derive from those words. He knew indeed that the canibalistic behavior meant for not only the ghouls, but in the long run the investigators as well. While, disgusting at it seemed, the canibalism benefited them for the time being- due to the ghouls reducing their own numbers all on their own, it could become a problem if they were let to run loose for too long. Canibalistic Ghouls could become strong, very strong, and thus also eventually might develop into a threat one would rather like to avoid. Rin almost found the canibalists worse than the human-eating ones... as killing your pray is one thing, but killing your own is as downright low you get get. Not that he sympathized with the human eating once much either.

    "Long story short, I took the case, because I'd hate to see a dozen inspectors, young and pretty like yourself, lose their lives trying to subdue a mad beast. Now it's your turn - tell me, Rin-kun, why are we here? If you're going to be working with me you can deduce at least that."

    These were the words he ended his long-winded rant in, causing one of Rin's eyebrows to creak up as he gazed at the inspector in a moment of silence. It was not a question he had expected, but certainly one he had an answer for. "Why I am here?" he asked curtly, "at this coffee shop right nor or as an expected?" he asked for clarification, though did not wait for an answer before he continued, "I am here to prevent humans from coming to harm by the hands of ghouls." Rin cared little for if his senpai would deem this a correct or foolish answer, his voice confident as he replied.

    Just as he finished speaking, one of the ghoul's present approached them and... splashed hot, black coffee on Rin, who instantly was on his feet, the barrel of his gun pressed warningly against the side of the ghoul's head. If he pulled the trigger, it'd go right into the brain. Not that he believed it would do much damage in the long run, but they would be given enough time to finish him off. Rin could feel the stares of the other customers in the room, but completely ignored it, his jade eyes fixed on the foolish ghoul, glinting dangerously.
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  14. コーヒーショップに中

    (inside the coffee shop)


    "What the actual fuck?" was all that Oozaki could think of, as the ghoul issued a compelling warning and splashed the coffee over his new partner. He was certain it was insane, for no thinking monster would do this. The ghouls of the cafe wouldn't interfere for sure, but there were one or two types he kept yes smaller eye on. In his long career, he had never seen such an obvious suicide, for even an ukaku ghoul wouldn't be able to escape his grasp at suc ha point-blank range. The only reason he could think of, that accounted for this creature's behavior, apart from being mad, was that it had some solid support around, therefore he was even more vigilant of the others present. Only the idealistic Rin was his ally now and he hoped it was a worthy one. Surely, he wouldn't be able to take on more than three ghouls with just one quinque.

    On the other hand, this was a chance to see his future apprentice in action. And that reaction dropped his jaw, almost making him face-pawn! She pulled up a gun. A GUN!!! Not only that but, she got in melee range of the creature, instead of jumping away from it. But that was not all! All those mistakes could have been overlooked, partly, as she was a rookie and her lightning-quick reaction somehow compensated for them. She actually did not pull the trigger! She jsut stood there for a couple of seconds, giving the surprised creature time to react! Oozaki had worked with idealists before and had no problem, even if they were judging him, but hesitating to pull the trigger, like this, was simply inexcusable! This new partner of his was going to die in an number of days if she was going to act like this and for both of their sake, he was adamant in his decision to officially request a change of partner, as soon as today. If this youngster wantedd to get herself killed, she wouldn't be doing it on his watch.

    At any rate, he was going to assume the worst and wait for the attack from the supposed allies of the ghoul, therefore he didn't move a muscle, just his hand slipped comfortably over the button on his suitcase. He was, nevertheless, going to give advice to his partner, even if the enemy would probably react faster than he could speak "Pull the trigger and draw your quinque! Jump sidewards, make distance between you, so you can spot its movements. If any of you moves I will impale you instantly - I have seen all of your faces!" The last was not entirely true, but it was the thing ghouls feared most of all, so he decided to use it.
  15. Shiro sighed as the conflict escalated and walked over to the two. "Both of you calm down, there is no reason why we can't talk civilly. After all, most of the time we are after the same thing, peace." said Shiro as he calmly pressed the gun down and interposed himself between the two. "Good morning Oozaki-san. What can I help you with today?" asked Shiro as he faced the elder Investigator.
  16. He would have pulled the trigger. Had he just have been given one more split second he would have pulled it. Realizing his own misstake about as quickly as he'd made it, he had no intensions of hesitating with following orders. The fact that this was his first time facing an actual ghoul as in investigator was probably the reason he made the misstake in the first place- but he knew there was no excuse. Acting this carelessly in the future would get him killed. No matter if he would have pulled it or not, suddenly there was a second ghoul, pressing down the gun and asking them to solve this- hopefully without the use of violence. Stuck, that's what Rin was. Half a second ago he could have pulled the trigger and done as he'd been told without a problem- but now when they are asking for negotiation, this could possibly a faulty move. No, he could no longer pull the trigger- not with the other ghoul so close. What he could do was move according to Oozaki's instructions, which was exactly what he did, swiftly and effortlessly: several steps to the side, creating a considerable distance between them.

    Rin had not drawn his quinque quite yet, but was holding the box in such a manner that it would only take him a blink of the eye to do so, his entire posture tense. As the weight of his misstakes started sinking in, and the knowledge of what it could have meant, he could feel his cheeks begin to take on just the slightest tint of red. It had been such a stupid thing to do, Rin was sure that he would be beating himself up over it quite badly later. He could criticize Oozaki however much he wanted, but he had something Rin did not; and that was experience. That's what made him his superior, after all. Rin respected this, and he was beginning to think that Oozaki might not be as bad as he had originally thought. He might have disagreed with the situation, and with how the man seemed to be handling things... but at the same time it would probably thanks to him that Rin got out of this situation alive... if he now did.
  17. On the way to Rena's house

    Rena walked happily home with her friends, enjoying conversations mostly about school and things seen on TV.
    "Y'know Rena, you should find a boyfriend! You're an attractive girl I'm sure you'll find a guy~"
    "H-huh? Me?! No way.."
    "No no, I'm serious! Have you seen the way Ryo-kun looks at you?"
    Rena's friend, Sayaka, jested, teasing her slightly but not in a harmful way. Rena couldn't help but smile, Sayaka was so dear to her...if only Rena could tell her her most important secret. The fact that she was not human...the fact that all those times they'd went out to eat only made Rena's stomach ache in pain as she struggled not to throw everything up....the fact that the only thing that could satisfy her...was human flesh. Once they had reached Sayaka's house, they parted ways and Rena made her way to the grocery store. Once inside she made her way, towards the section where they kept most of the coffee.
    "Ah...what was the brand name again..? Hmm...I'll text Nori..."
    She mumbled, pulling out her cell phone and preparing to text her brother. Sniffing slightly, she caught the scent of the ghoul near the dairy section with his cat....ahh, how she loved animals she really wanted to ask if she could pet the cat. Looking at her phone, she quickly texted Nori with a, "What's the name of the brand we usually get?" before putting it back in her pocket and walking towards the guy.
    "Um, excuse me...but...can I pet your cat?"
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  18. Kyosuke was cleaning up dishes before seeing the incident, he walked up towards them and calmly said to them, "I'm sorry Mr.Oozaki, but it seems that my newly recruited employee haven't learn his etiquette yet, and for that please forgive me," Kyosuke bowed while looking at Seek with a smiling face, "well, young lad don't you have anything to say?" Kyosuke went back to behind taking Seek with him to teach him some lesson, Kyosuke slammed Seek to the floor and grabbed Seek's shirt, "do you wish a dead sentence? or are you too stupid to realize? they're both are ghoul investigator and you know what if you show your true appearance here? you threatening hundreds of ghoul you dumb ghoul... so don't wreck this up and start to mature" Kyosuke brought a new uniform and tossed it to Seek, "just play along for today and if don't want to work with us then turn that uniform back to me at the end of the day," Kyosuke went back to the table and smiled to Oozaki, "as a token of apologize, please let me give a free coffee for you both" walking towards the counter and meet Shiro, "Shiro make sure that boy doesn't create any dumb action like last time, you know how a lot of ghoul's life are in our shoulder" with whispery voice Kyosuke make the Coffee
  19. [​IMG]
    ''Of Course''
    , Alucard would reply with a modern tone, turning his head towards the women beside of him. ''What's your name?'' Alucard would ask after picking up the milk from the store freezer.
  20. Shiro says to Kyosuke "Of course Sir." He then takes Seek by the arm and drags him away. "I understand that you may have had bad run-ins with Investigator's before, however to live we have to be able to peacefully co-exist with them, do you understand?"