Tokyo Ghoul: Two Worlds

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  1. This Roleplay is a Reboot of @Akashi and @Detective Zero Roleplay


    Artorias | Akashi | Detective Zero

    The Humans have collided with the Ghouls in many occasions and for many generations. The Ghouls are spread throughout the world, and specifically in almost all of the districts in Tokyo. The CCG, or in other words, the Ghoul Investigators have been enforcing the streets at night but also during day to keep the Humans safe and free of the danger they can face. They also go by another name, but that is only used among the Ghouls themselves, which would be Doves. The CCG has initiated a program to get rid of each and every Ghoul in Tokyo, and throughout the many years, they've succeeded in annihilating them in a few districts. The danger the CCG poses is much more greater than before.

    The rumors have especially spread throughout Tokyo, which is the most dense and populated city when it comes to Ghouls. The Ghouls are running scared in many districts. Some are even afraid to act and or feist on the Humans. Investigators are also spread around the districts and often walk around the streets to make sure something unexpected doesn't happen.

    With change, the Humans are growing stronger, and for some unknown reason, the activity of the Doves in the 14th district is quite high. A sudden order from the Director of the CCG has made even the Investigators confused and suspicious about whats really going on. The sudden move to the 14th district has raised tension in the CCG and deviated the schedule planned with the program to get rid of the Ghouls in Tokyo.

    There has also been some rumors among the Ghouls about a group called Kuragari Ishi, but they are also referred to as the In'ei. What they stand for is unknown to the most, but the Ghouls scattered around the streets are wondering if they are the reason for why the Doves have turned their attention towards the 14th district. There is also semi-known cafe in the 14th district named Iblis Fleur.

    Iblis Fleur is known as a sanctuary or a safe place for the Ghouls, but not everyone knows about it. It is mostly managed by the latter, but it is also there to serve the Human customers in the area, and outside of it. In this world, there are Humans and or Ghouls that are quite different, from each and every individual. Some are trying to live their life as safe as possible, some Ghouls are slaughtering the Humans to kill time, or sate their hunger.

    Despite all the occurences happening around Tokyo, the crime rate has not decreased. Humans have been mutilated and killed horribly in the streets. Even with CCG enforcing the streets, the war between the Doves and the Ghouls has never been worse.


    There are some base similarities between our alternate universe and the canon. Iblis Fleur is like Anteiku, and Kuragari Ishi which are also known as the In'ei is an organization like the Aogiri Tree from the canon. CCG is CCG, as always. However, both Iblis Fleur and Kuragari Ishi will be quite different. The plot will be unique with its own form and aspect.

    Kuragari Ishi is an anti/bad organization which is controlled by

    Iblis Fleur is a neutral/good organization which is controlled by @Detective Zero

    CCG is controlled Detective Zero.

    Map of the Wards
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    If you are interested in joining. Just comment in this Thread and if this sparks enough interest an OOC will be up.
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  2. Never had a shot to get this going before, so let'er rip.
  3. I would be interested!

    Any idea what the posting expectations would be? Also post lengths?

  4. Posting least once a week, preferably more but understandable if you can only do it once a week.

    Posting length, preferably a good paragraph, minimum. Anything over a paragraph is fine.
  5. More or less, give us something we all can work with if need be. Nobody likes one-liners right? Heh...

    But yeah, expectations and all that shouldn't be that hard to stick with at all.
  6. Hahaha it's actually that I tend to write lengthy posts.

    Once or twice a week would work for me, but definitely not more than once a day - that is a little crazy for me!
  7. The more the better I always say.
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  8. According to Art, I'm the new evil boss leader person....
  9. Good Ali! :D

    I mean, you don't have to be.
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  11. Sweet. I'm Wazowski!
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  12. Lmao that gif....
  13. @Artorias "You forgot to do your paperwork."

    Oh and I'm interested =)
  14. Sweet, a Tokyo Ghoul rp (^.^)/

  15. I've been quite obsessed with tokyo ghoul lately (I just binged watched the first season in two days) and I'm getting started on the second season. Unfortunately, if this group becomes to large I will withdraw. ^-^;
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  16. OH SHIT YES.

    Hope it's not a problem if I use my character from the first run of this RP?
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  17. I don't mind.. That was spider rider right? Lol
  18. No, he was one of the few Doves if I remember correctly.
  19. Ah, it has been a while, but either way I don't see it being an issue myself.

    Can't speak for Artorias but I'm pretty sure we'll get this going with a little more interest. Need enough for each faction to start off after all.
  20. <_< Happy Mother's Day! :confetti:
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