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    Death is inevitable. We are born unequal and live unequal lives for that is how society intended it to be. Despite thinking ourselves to be not only advanced in every aspect but also superior to both other species and our predecessors, we still live in a Medieval society where you are defined at your birth and you can't skip between classes since that is pretty much impossible. All you can do is attempt to go up the ladder in your own cast. Basically, if you are born a worker, you will die a worker. All you can hope for is to die as a richer worker.

    Existing is unfair and there is nothing that you and me can do about it because we don't have a say in it. This has been decided long before us and no matter the many tries to fight back the institution, these futile attempts will bare no fruit since there will always be individuals that will fear the change that we bring. Their reasons vary - ignorance, stupidity, idleness or greed since many of the higher-ups think that such a revolution would strip them of their privileges.

    But said privileges are of no use to them really... Because, in spite of life being unfair, all are equal in front of death. And, for the better or for the worst, death is inevitable and probably the only secure thing in this world. You may or may not go to the supermarket, you may or may not marry that person you think you love, you may or may not lose all of your possession but you will die one day.

    And people die a lot. At one moment they are here and then suddenly they are not. They have moved on in the afterlife, if you wish to believe in its existence, they have been reborn, if this idea is favorable to you, or maybe they are just gone and will soon return to the stardust that gave birth to them. No matter in what you believe happens after we exhale our last breath, one thing is for sure - we leave behind marks... like letters to those special to us, clothes socked in our scent, goofy photos of campfires and drunk nights out when we did some things we aren't too proud of, beautiful objects we can pass on to our friends and family, stories about us that will be travel from mouth to mouth, memories both sour and sweet, impression both negative and favorable. We continue to live on in the minds of those we have touched and influenced no matter in what way.

    We also leave behind a corpse.

    There are a lot of disgusting jobs in this life - from a hotel maid to a pathologist, someone has to do it... from a sewer worker to a porta potty cleaner, someone has to do it... from a road kill collector to a maggot farmer, someone has to do it...

    A death-scene cleaner... Someone has to do it.

    And we are the guys for the job.[​IMG]
    In Japan alone there are about 1 269 000 deaths annually, most of which located in the Tokyo Metropolis and we are here to handle them.

    If you find yourself in need of a cleaner, call us - The Tokyo Death Purgers - at +8166 666 6666.​

    A Special Offer There is equality in death. This is not debatable. Yet, the manner in which we die can be rather unforgiving and disgusting, unfair and enraging, sadistic and sorrowful. We are not just mere cleaners but protectors of our clients who can no longer speak for themselves. We make sure that their unfortunate deaths are avenged. So, if the police are unable to do their jobs properly and you, as the relatives and close companions of the deceased wish to find closure to the case, do not fear to hire us.

  2. I tried RPing this once but there seemed to be no interest, thus I am giving the idea a second shot!

    So, basically, an explanation is needed - I had a little vision after reading a manga called Death Sweepers (which despite being subtly pretentious is actually enjoyable and serves to convey a message (the problem is that it doesn't do it too well...)) of a little company set in Tokyo which takes care of the dirty work.

    We all know about detectives and forensic specialists and some have even rped characters of the sort at one point or another. Yet, a crime-scene cleaner is something very few people want and can be. Thus, this RP is dedicated to delving into the lives of such individuals as well as their rather gruesome occupation. However, in order to make things a tad more interesting, there is a twist (not really) - the characters will also double as some sort of private investigators who give the chance of closure to those close to the deceased.

    More information will be given in the official thread, presuming anyone shows interest in the roleplay...
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