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    Hello People of Iwaku!!!!

    I'm whisper and I have a challenge for you!

    How the challenge came to be:

    Well my schools students are beginning to show acts of kindness to random people by writing them notes and posting them around school on their lockers, handing a sticky-note in the hall, etc. and I'm taking this a step further now! I want anyone her who accepts this challenge to continue this road of kindness!

    What must I do if Accept?:

    Well people it's simple! Just grab some sticky-notes, a pen, and your brain! Then write some thing really nice to someone then post the notes around your school or workplace, or randomly hand the note to some random person and get them to pass on the kindness! Not only that but if you do accept please reply to this thread saying,

    "I ACCEPT!"

    Then write something that may make someone's day! Oh and something else you can do is randomly PM a member on Iwaku and just tell them something that may bring a smile to their face. Oh and don't forget to tell your friends and try to get them involved.

    Ok So I accept the challenge now what benefits do I get from this?

    Well you get to see someone smile today and well, good Karma will return to you!


    1. Don't be like some of the kids in my school and be rude about my challenge, please!
    2. Don't be fake or mean when writing the notes, I want people to accept this challenge because they genuinely want to spread kindness.
    3. Don't be discouraged! Some people may think of it as nothing but don't let it get you down just pick up the note and post in on a new locker or desk!
    4. Don't be creepy!(−_−;)Like omg some kids were writing to random people they didn't even see that they liked their hair! Or something like that! Like omg I would feel like I'm being stalked if I saw something like that! So unless you've seen the person before and genuinely mean it then please refrain from being creepy!
    5. Try to spread the word! Tell your friends! Family! Anyone! To keep the kindness going!
    6. Have fun! Run through the halls like me and my friends did like you want! Tomorrow me and my friends are going to run through the halls give people the notes and hug them and pray we won't get in trouble!
    7. Try to not get in trouble! My friends and I well...didn't get permission to start this nor did some of the other students so we are basically praying that we won't get in trouble, avoid our mistakes! Please.
    8. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to spread the kindness!
    Thank you all for taking the time out to read this and I really hope you decide to try to take on the kindness challenge! Anyway Have a great Morning, Afternoon, Night, or even a beautiful Day!






    Remember a single act of kindness makes a smile!
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