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  1. Who knows what kind of world we live in? Gone are the days of the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Anglo-Saxons, The Greek and all others. It is the modern world as we know it, and the epic tales have since been forgotten as the majority of novels on the shelves are about boring lives and the complications of relationships you'll probably never really be in.

    It is a world that is in need of a rebirth. The arts of magic have been put to use in the factories and the manufacturing, less than in combat or experimentation as it should be.

    Jarlsburg, New Camelot.

    A neighborhood of one of the world's greatest cities. A veritable hub for fantasy and the return of high adventure.

    Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear!


    Young Tlaloc sat on the curb of the cul-de-sac he lived on at 4348 Nahautl Way. A western style dragon, with its scales and its full body complete with wings soared its green frame across the clouds with a roar as it came down to attack some forsaken tenement in the more urban portions of the city of New Camelot.

    Tlaloc wore a navy blue hoodie and pants, both with golden trimming. The hood itself was decorated with the imagery of a traditional aztec god's headdress with feathers and crown, appearing as various outlines in red, white and gold. The lad himself had a cyan colored bandana around his neck which bore the image of a mouth lined with fanged teeth. Neither articles were on, allowing the sight of the young man of 20 with his dark skin and short, curly dark brown hair whose eyes simply gave off an emissive light blue glow to them. The cuffs of his jacket carried bracelets and such on them, primarily for some spiritual purpose of some sort, as his right hand clutched his shamanic rattle. A gift given to him at the age of 13.

    It was certainly something to be named after one's family's god of storms, fertility and disease. But there was just an entire theme centered around him now that he walked around in the image of the Aztec god himself, constantly assuring people that none of his family nor their friends sacrificed them for any reason or not. And after that was done, he tended to enjoy using his spirit rattle for personal gain.

    Such as when he attached a small cord to it to act as a lanyard, twirling it at tremendous speed and tossing it into the air to perform a great leap, the force of the weapon sending him airborne as a bolt of lightning struck off to the side, momentarily injuring the dragon as Tlaloc set off for a place to have lunch...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.