Toast and Sunny D with the Wolves

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  1. So I'm new to this site, though I play a lot on RoleplayerGuild, my site is down temporarily and I wanted to come make some new friends and get started on some roleplays, if anyone has any tips to how this site runs that'd be very helpful
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm newer here as well, but if you give it a little time, navigation gets a lot simpler.
  3. Welcome, I'm new again. haha
  4. You can always ask questions in the subforum titled help desk or go to the help section if you have any questions. (:
  5. Welcome to Iwaku! The easiest ways IMO to find a good roleplay or a roleplay partner is to go into the section you like (i.e.: Group, 1x1, ect) and look through partner requests and signup sheets.
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  6. Salutations, Wolf! :D Welcome aboard!