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  1. (( Same as always: Long paragraphs, literate replies, enjoyable characters and lots of big words! ))
    (( image not by me ))

    Hello, again! I just keep finding pictures that inspire me a little too much... I'm looking for someone who would want to roleplay something like this!

    I had an idea that this could take place in a jungle somewhere, and a scientist ( your character or mine ) would go there to do studies, or maybe it was because a plane crashed, and everyone on the plane died except for the one passenger. ( again, your character or mine. ) That said character meets this one, which I do believe is male. But, if you ( or I ) so see it, he could be a she, or possibly an it.

    I'm not looking for any particular pairing, but anything would do! FxF, MxM, MxF, whatever! It could be anything from a romantic roleplay, to a survival of the fittest. And if anything gets a little... heated, we can move it over to the Mature [T] forms!

    If you're interested, please, PM me!