To the Stars, We Shall Go

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  1. - ~ <Star Empires > ~ -
    So, what exactly is this roleplay about?
    Well, it's about diplomacy, politics, internal and external conflicts, war and trade.
    It's about being a space-faring nation with limited resources and technology.

    Star Empires is based off of a roleplay on the Minecraft forums that me and many others participate in. Total, there is probably over 240 pages of roleplay, from war to divine intervention.

    Note: Star Empires is not my roleplay. Look up 'KeyGuyPerson' if you wanna meet the origin of Star Empires.

    Ah, so you're still interested?
    Good, I'd like someone to interact with.

    There are some rules to abide by, so it wouldn't turn out quite so... overpowered as many of the nations are in the original and reboot of Star Empires, from the Minecraft Forums.

    So. What is the point of this, as you might ask.
    Well it's a take on roleplay that's uncommon in this website, but not exactly uncommon in general.
    So what you are supposed to do is govern, control, create, research, build, etc.
    You are supposed to become the biggest political power, the best rebel group, the most advanced assholes, the richest traders.
    Or just be you.

    But either way, you're in this Milky Way Galaxy. Trans-universal travel is still impossible, due to an interesting super-dense molecular region between every galaxy.

    So, here are some basic stuff that applies to everyone.
    Every played halo, and warp/slip to a different place, somewhat inaccurate but otherwise faster than light?
    Well there's FTL, Faster Than Light, travel too.
    Except this technology is that of 'folding.' While Warping/Slipspacing through space is like taking a 2-D paper map, and crumpling it, folding is more like making 3 precise folds, down the center, and next to destination/start points. If you want to see what folding looks like, look up 'Strike Suit Zero Folding.'

    And yes, this is based very similar to Strike Suit Zero, or Strike Suit Infinity.

    Another thing is fleet size and ship types:

    ...are the most numerous ships; they number in the hundreds for trading. Imagine them about the size of a football stadium. Usually remain in one flight path, and usually don't bother to change course. They just keep going, until they can fold out again. Kinda like dumb cows; they'll keep going even if they're being shot at.

    ... are the most common small-ships used against capital ships. They are armed with 2 flak turrets, 1 missile turret, and in Elites, 2 small beam turrets. They are armed with torpedo silos for anti-capital destruction. Not the best agility or acceleration.

    ...Are the second most numerable ships. These usually accompany Freighters, so that personnel and goods can be transported easily. Unarmed with little armor. Pretty good acceleration and agility, though.

    ... are the anti-fighter ships. They're small, fast, lightly armed with mainly energy or primary weapons, with maybe only one missile type. Low armor, high acceleration, high agility, light arms

    ...are the general all-around use ships. They're slightly bigger than Interceptors, which are probably the size of a large pickup, with medium armor, medium/high acceleration, medium agility, and a dual energy gun, energy chain gun, and 2 missile types.

    The more effective ship for anti-capital ships. These have more torpedo capabilities than Corvettes, but have a bit less armor, and don't have turrets. These are probably about the size of a couple large pickups. Low agility, medium acceleration, high anti-missile capabilities, and a great deal of torpedoes and missiles. Slowest, the heaviest, but the most powerful. A single squadron of bombers, adequately protected from other fighters, can decimate a fleet.

    Capital Ships

    These are the most common and numerous capital ship. These can fire a small amount of torpedoes, take about 12 torpedoes to be destroyed, can hold their own against fighters and interceptors, but are basically anti-fighter support. Keep these away from swarms of fighters, or bombers. They'll be taken down quickly.

    Big enough to fit a Frigate inside, these are much, much more durable. These are faster, have far more turrets, and have heavy plasma and heavy beam turrets. These will also tear apart a frigate in a 1v1 or 1v2 battle. Trying to simply take this out with a bomber group will be met with failure, because the amount of flak, missiles, energy rounds, and shells would shred a bomber. The most turrets are among the top of the ship, attacking from the rear of the bottom rear is much safer.

    These are the biggest ships, wider and longer than a Cruiser, but flatter. These have many anti-capital beam cannons which makes it ideal for protecting itself, but its anti-fighter capabilities is dependent on the fighters and bombers it launches for the real battles.

    Like with all the ships above, just google whatever you need to find with Strike Suit Zero in front of it. Wanna know what a carrier looks like? Strike Suit Zero Carrier. Cruiser? Strike Suit Zero Cruiser.

    To be continued later ~
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