To the Ends of the Earth: The Book of Thoth



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The year is 1938. Depression still holds sway - and throughout Europe, varied governments draw closer and closer to a political situation that will mark human history forever. But while many struggle to make a living, one man has become famous for surprisingly savvy business decisions, arguably insane donations, varied feats of aviation, exotic travels...

...And being a vocal, self-proclaimed Treasure Hunter...

Cornelius Fontaine pops up in headlines all across the globe - sometimes for a generous donation to a museum or charity, and other times being ridiculed for declaring plans to search for things thought only to exist in myth and fable. But now, something very strange and new is happening. Fontaine is flying across the world, from major city to major city, actively recruiting experts and amateurs alike for what he advertises as,

"An Expedition Like No Other! A Bold Search For The Fabled, Ancient Egyptian BOOK OF THOTH" This open advertisement is printed around the world, along with a schedule of when and where the magnate will be - certainly a city near you.

All across the globe, men and women, boys and girls leap at the chance not just to perhaps earn some real money, or to see exotic places, but for the chance to well and truly find something that would leave their mark in history. But not all respond to this ruckus well. The world of tomb-raiding and treasure-hunting is filled with individuals and organizations who would kill to keep some things secret. And for all we know...they might be right.


No matter where you are.

No matter who you are.

From the humblest worker to the most extravagant hobbyist.

From the most well trained archaeologist to the charming farmboy who just got lucky.

Cornelius Fontaine is coming, and bringing with him the adventure of the lifetime!

That's right, the Sign Up is finally here. 'To the Ends of the Earth' is going to be a series of varied RP's, each one a Fontaine-hosted adventure into myth, legend, and (of course) an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones or Nathan Drake. Given the nature of these stories, each one is likely going to be somewhat fast paced, with a fair bit of Storyteller intervention and NPC manipulation. But, that is the glory of being able to have multiple adventures! "THE BOOK OF THOTH" is just, how we say, 'Episode One' of what I hope will become a truly fun, and wondrous saga. That being said, a few quick Guidelines:

1. Basic etiquette. I shouldn't have to say this, but it needs be said. Respect your fellows, and you shall gain respect in turn. Disrespect your fellows, and your Storyteller kills your character in an extremely humiliating and painful way.

2. No OOC drama, kindly. Any and all situations that (hopefully do not) arise can be handled in a civilized way and need not impact the story.

3. Godmodding - AKA: How to get the Storyteller to bring down the wrath of god on you an devour your soul! I don't need to say it, but I still shall. None of it.

4. PLEASE POST AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK - OR DO NOT COMMIT. ALERT US IF YOU HAVE TO VANISH. I'll not have an RP die because some person becomes inactive.

5. Kindly put, "Exvind is a Harpoon-wielding madman" in your post so that I know you've read this. It is a requirement for acceptance into this RP.

6. There will be some violence, but character diversity and interaction is encouraged! That said, if you truly wish to have a steamy night with another character in a tent underneath the stars of the Sahara, do it on your own time or through a less-public channel and just shoot me a PM saying, "We bumped uglies. So. There." And we can nod, take it in stride, and all that jazz.








(This is a realistic RP, so if you say you can conjure fire or some nonsense like that, I'll find you, and end you. - A bit of uncanny luck, however, is alright)

Once you are accepted into the RP, I will contact you likely via PM to engage in a brief one x one RP detailing your interview with Cornelius Fontaine. The RP thread itself will begin on the onset of the Expedition. That said, I hope to see this through, and that we all have a bloody good time along the way.​
I might be interested. I'd like to play as a magician assistant, you know, a young lady that dresses fancy to be chopped down in two on stage. Of course, since this is 'realistic', she has no magic powers. She's good at disguise and contortions with her body and probably some other stuff.

Will post more detailed CS later if such a character is OK... please don't harpoon me down.

NAME: Bertha J. Collins (Betty)


Pretty much like this-magicians_assistant.jpg

She's a petite blonde, hazel-eyed, curvy and flexible, standing at 5'2 feet.

Betty is energetic and always ready for action. Curiosity is what impulses her through life. She loves trying new things, visiting new places, walking, running, showing off, dressing up, asking improper questions, contorting her body, trespassing, and getting in trouble. She is quick with her answers and her movements, and she knows how to smile... and wink.

Betty comes from a rather poor background. She never finished highschool; she had to drop off to help her family. She was always one who enjoyed being under the spotlight, and with her charming looks and friendly personality she soon became a successful magician's assistant. However, her curious nature asked for more, so when she found out about her chance to fly all over the world with Cornelius Fontaine, she made sure to not let it go away.

American- She lives in New York

Betty is naturally flexible and she knows how to contort her body. She can crawl through places an ordinary person might find impossible. Her practice as assistant made her also good at lockpicking and tying knots, and also good at getting rid of them. Streetsmart and quick, her hands won't hesitate to take what does not belong to her if she really needs it, often choosing the proper moment for it but knowing how to run away and hide otherwise. Her love for costumes makes her good at wearing disguises, being her sharp voice and short stature the two things that might easily give away her real identity.

I finished finally and I hope it's decent enough, after all Exvind is a harpoon-wielding madman.

Name: Soren Kjeldsen

Age: 28

Appearance: Soren stands at roughly six feet two and has a lean-yet-muscular build.

Personality: Soren is generally a good-natured individual, being friendly and talkative with those around him, though he's occasionally self-conscious about his accent. His mind is an investigative one, always seeking out new answers and possibilities. Though he has been studious in his life he prefers action and excitement versus pouring over books. His is an adventurer's spirit, not the spirit of a scholar.

History: Soren lived in a little town towards the north of Denmark, his mother was the doting type while his father worked in Copenhagen for the college as a professor of anthropology. Growing up he went on research expeditions to various places, having been just about everywhere in Europe at least once. When he finally was able to go to school he decided to join his father at the University of Copenhagen, getting a degree in anthropology. At this time he was working for his father in compiling research and writing papers, restlessly waiting for a chance to escape his mundane affairs.

Nationality: Danish

Skills: Investigative mind, he has some stores of knowledge about most civilizations of the ancient world, but nothing specific. He is familiar with revolvers and other basic weapons for self-defense (as well as some basic martial arts).
Exvind's harpoon-wielding insanity may well have netted him a security type. will know more once I've had some time to think on it.
Exvind is a Harpoon-wielding madman, oh yes he is!

I kindly reserve my spot for my character sheet. Cannot wait to RP!


Character Sheet

NAME: Dayana Mary Galine

19 (and a half, if you ask Dayana)

APPEARANCE: girl/DodgerTalon/Steampunk_by_Nin_Kitty.jpg?o=23

"Dayana's a very energetic, confident, and jumpy young woman. A smile is always present on her face and no matter the job, she will get it done. She's always one to push forward and never mingle much in one place. However, she can be impatient with those who are more slow-paced. Her confidence in herself and her ability leads her to underestimate things quite a bit...and sometimes her naive side will take form in her."
-Dayana's father on how he would describe his daughter.

"Born and raised in an environment where machines were depended upon, Dayana always had an interest in machines and what made them tick. From age five, I'd often find my clocks taken apart on the kitchen floor with their parts strewn aside on the floor. On her sixteenth birthday, my husband got her a job at a factory where they put together and take apart machines. Since then, she's been working there. I hear she's happy there. Sometimes though, she wishes that she could do something in a more wider range..."
-Dayana's mother, describing her daughter's life.

NATIONALITY: American with some Irish in her.

"She's an engineer extraordinaire. Dayana loves everything machines. I've never seen a person so good with tinkering with gadgets like those. Or someone who loves machines as much as she does!"

-Dayana's boss on Dayana's abilities.
Ooo, I'm interested, almighty Exvind, harpoon-wielding maniac! I'll have a char up as soon as I can~
Just a quick question, does this RP contain any Steampunk traits or is it all realistic?
The only, ONLY slight steampunk trait involved is with the absence of the Hidenburg Disaster, Zeppelins and like-designed airships have become safer, and a touch more prevalent, but still starting to lose out to commercial aircraft.
Okie, thanks! My character's picture is a bit steampunk-ish so if it's too much let me know and I'll change the picture.

Anyways, my CS is mostly done now. If anything's wrong with it, lemme know and I shath destroy the fault.
Just another slight interest check and bump for those who have not seen this nor posted their full character sheet. My current plan is to leave this up for a week before posting the main thread, so, keep them coming.
Woot! The excitement is building!

Hey, when are you going to do the interview PMs?
NAME: Min Hee Seung

AGE: 26


PERSONALITY: Min Hee prides herself on her work, thus she works hard at anything she strives to do. She's very curious and determined, so if she wants to know something, she will find out about it. Despite her stubbornness, she's a nice person that loves to laugh and have fun. She is very patient, and despite her self-confidence, she's very careful—she never likes to charge into things without being prepared and knowing everything about the situation; the consequences, dangers, etc.

HISTORY: Min Hee grew up in an average family; her family was middle class, and nothing exciting ever really happened, except for her grades. Min Hee is exceptionally smart, even graduating high school early. She got her medical degree and became a general practitioner in her area. Only when she heard about Fontaine's expedition did she realize she was bored with her daily life, so she decided to take a chance on the expedition.


SKILLS: Her skills are in patching people up. Her demeanor is somehow calming to others, which she's been grateful for many a time. She is also in great physical condition, as she works out and takes care of her body well.
Oooh, Korean character :D Awesome.

(If you aren't aware, I'm half-Korean.)

Oooh, all of the characters so far seem to be pretty interesting! I am excited to see how this plays out.
I did not know that. :D Coolio.

Also, finished my charrie. ^^
I guess my character failed at the interview then?
Apologies all around, I've fallen behind on all the PMs. To date, all characters are accepted. I'm going to leave signups open till the end of the week, and then we begin.
Does that mean the interview PMs will not continue? I don't mind or anything.