To Tame A Queen



Name: Marella of the house of Bruma
Age: 21
A little back story:Marella was the only child of the King of Bruma, and when she turned 19 he sadly passed away in the never ending war of the enemy just over the border. For a few years there was peace but the enemy (Prince or king you can decide what your character is.) had now asked for her hand and she has refused to even consider it and so the war has started back up. She is very strong willed and isn't scared of a battle.

Marella is losing the war and the enemy is now at the very gates of the capital city and she now finds herself in a hard place. What can she do? She can’t just roll over and take what is about to happen and so she hides herself as one of her serving maids. She does this until the climate cools and she can make her escape. This is hard however for your character has spotted her and finds himself very interested in her and maybe he even knows who she is and calls her out on it. (I will let you decide that.)

Needing someone who is dominant and hard and is not afraid of harming people. This will have violence, there will be rape and so this will be very mature. If you are interested just message me!