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  1. Hayley sat on her bed, sitting leaned against the wall is was set up again, her hand occasionally running through her hair in a frustrated manor. She could hear someone bustling around the room in attempt to gather as much as her clothes as she could. Really, she didn't mind them in her room, she just hated that she couldn't help. "Ms. Ro-" Hayley's gaze shifted to the butler who stopped in her doorway, her sightless gaze glaring in his general direction. The man cleared his throat. "I apologize, Hayley. Your mother says she wants you both downstairs, at the car in twenty minutes," he said before footsteps let her know she and her best friend were alone again. "I can't believe you're actually leaving," Lucie complained. She was closest to Lucie among her three friends. "It still sucks, because my dad said I couldn't visit you," Lucie continued, with a huff, zipping up her friends suitcase. "I know, but I'll have my phone," Hayley promised. "I'll call you as much as I can." Lucie sighed and nodded, flopping on the bed beside Hayley.

    The two talked for a bit longer before Hayley heard her mother calling her down. Lucie sighed and got up, along with Hayley who grabbed her bag. She didn't have a lot, just one large one, and a little one to put toiletries and small items in. Hayley took it upon herself to grab the wheeled one, despite Lucie's attempt to grab it from her. "I got it!" Hayley had snapped when her friend's hand grazed her on the handle. Lucie's hand immediately retreated, and she muttered a sorry.

    People treating her like she couldn't do a damn thing got on her nerves. Mind you, she hadn't meant to snap, and she knew her friend was just looking after her, she hated being viewed as someone unable to do anything. She'd spent the first eighteen years of her life with the ability to see, and she had adapted fairly quickly. Though, there was a few kinks she hadn't gotten use to quite yet, like the fact that she had a laptop gathering dust in the corner of her room. Or that she couldn't draw anymore, or simply even star-gaze with her little siblings. That thought sent a pang to her heart.

    Sighing, she dragged her bag down the hall, and thumping her way down the stairs. Lucie followed her closely, in her hands the smaller bag. Outside, Hayley could hear the car running as well as her father talking to someone on the phone. "I guess we should say bye now, huh?" Lucie said. Hayley sighed, and nodded, bidding her friend goodbye with a hug and retrieving the smaller bag. "See you around, Luc," Hayley promise before going outside to meet her parents.

    Following the sound of the engine, she flinched when the butler came and took her things to place them in the car. She stiffened considerably when her mother fulled her into a hug, as she was taken by surprise. "Oh, honey," her mother murmured into her ear. "I'm sorry we have to shoo you away like this." Hayley shrugged, pulling away from her mother. "When do I get to come home?" she asked. Hayley heard her mother sigh, followed by the reply, "I'll call you."

    Moving closer to the car, next she was approached by her father who placed a hand on a shoulder to merely show her where the car door was. He seemed to be the only one to understand that she wanted to learn to do things on her own, and he was probably the only reason she had gotten so far with it. Giving him a sad smile, she gave him a hug before locating the car door once again and ducking into the car. "I called and arranged for someone to meet your at the house. His name is Warren. Please give him a chance, I know you don't like having someone on your back all the time, but I'm taking necessary precautions." Hayley didn't like the sound of that, but she nodded nonetheless. "I love you, pumpkin. Call me when you get there," her father said. "I will. I love you too, Dad," she replied, and with that the door was closed. Placing her seat belt over her torso, she once again fell silent as the car lurched forwards before it turned and straightened out on the street.

    The drive to there was nearly three hours, and Hayley was on the verge of loosing her mind when someone finally opened the door. She immediately leaped from the car, nearly tripping on the curb. Balancing herself out awkwardly, she hoped no one saw that as she stuck her hands, casually, in the pockets of her hoodie. Standing on the curb, she stood stiffly as she waited for someone to point out where to go, at least, as she had no idea where she was at. "Uhm..," she murmured, glancing back in the general direction of the car. The engine was still running, plus the sound of her bags being placed beside her let her know that the driver hadn't left yet.
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  2. Naomi had been told about the young Roger coming to the estate, but she'd never imagined that she'd be assigned to her. It was an honor, truly, but it had still surprised her. She was only a young elf at three hundred years, but looking at the human girl of nineteen now, the red-haired elf could see why perhaps that was WHY she'd been assigned to the guest. The girl would need a friend here if she were to be staying so long as six months. Poor child probably didn't even know that yet.

    Still, it wasn't her place to say anything.

    She was here to make sure the girl felt at home, safe and welcomed and Naomi focused on that now as she came forward with nearly soundless steps, a gift of her race. She made sure to clear her throat a bit, though, not wanting to startle the other female.

    "Hayley." She had been informed that the young Roger didn't like to be called anything else and respected that, smiling when those blue-silver eyes came toward where she was, knowing Hayley couldn't see the expression, but perhaps she heard it as the elf grew closer. "Hello, and welcome to Starborn Estate. My name is Naomi. I will be helping you get acquainted with the house and the staff. Is that all right?"

    She dearly hoped so. She was already so curious about this human girl. It wasn't often she got to meet mortals!
  3. Hayley wasn't standing beside the car too long before she sensed someone not too far off. It was a sixth sense she had acquired not long after loosing her sight. It was quite like when you are hanging out around the house, and your cat or dog comes into the room. You can just, tell, even if you didn't see them, or hear them. The air shifts, warning you a presence is near, or even a still wall. She tensed slightly when the woman approached her, even more when the elf cleared her throat. When she spoke her name, Hayley looked over in her general direction. She was still tense, but she tried to calm down. Her parents wouldn't send her anywhere threat-worthy, especially if they were trying to protect her. Clearing her own throat awkwardly, she replied, her voice quiet in a shy manor, "Uhm, it's nice to meet you, Naomi. And that's sounds great, especially if I'm going to be staying here for a while."

    "Say, do you have any idea how long I'm supposed to be staying here, anyway?" Hayley asked for a moment, hiking her smaller bag over her shoulder and grabbing the handle of her suitcase; pulling it up and tilting it over, preparing to have to wheel it alongside her. She hoped Naomi would tell her, as her father was so reluctant to do so. If he was, then it had to be quite a while. She hoped not too long, because she was already starting to get homesick. She hadn't left home by herself since the accident, and knowing that she would be gone for a while set a sense of dread in her stomach that had her wanting to hurl. She tried to keep her emotions stoic. She didn't want to make Naomi uncomfortable with knowing that Hayley didn't want to be here, she would feel bad.
  4. Naomi smiled to be acknowledged and she watched closely as Hayley got her own bags, nodding to herself slightly, rather pleased with the gesture. The human girl was trying to regain independence. Good. That would serve her well here. The red-haired elf only approached further once Hayley started to walk, touching her arm gently in guiding gesture as she led her through the gates and then up the driveway, warning of a turn here and a step there, a diligent guide, but not overbearing, letting Hayley set her own pace and semi-discover on her own what was around her.

    "From what I understand, it could be nearly half a year, Hayley. I am sorry, but if your family is being threatened by a werewolf pack, then you are safest here." she assured quietly, wishing she didn't have to tell the young woman the information, but not used to lying either. Naomi always tried to be truthful, even if the truth was unpleasant.

    "I understand if this upsets you." the elf said softly, stopping in the large foyer within the house, touching Hayley's shoulder again, letting her know where Naomi was. "I knew I was heartsick when I left my people, the Fire Elves, for this, the Light Elves. But it won't be all bad. I do hope that we might become friends...if you would be open to that."


    Electric fence.

    Most wouldn't see it, hidden as it was, but Warren could hear it buzzing away, as if it was warning him personally and gray eyes narrowed, lip curling over slightly elongated canines in disdain before he moved from the outskirts of the estate and toward the front, the gate. Moons, he hated just using the entrance. He couldn't scout properly then, having everyone know he was already here, but it couldn't be helped. The elves were a paranoid bunch and prejudice against his kind more than some.

    Not that they didn't have reason, but still.

    Flashing his credentials, Warren moved through the gate and then the grounds of the estate, leading up to the door where the human he was supposed to be guarding and meeting by this point had left a clear scent trail that his nose caught immediately. He would need a deeper whiff to cement her unique smell to memory, but right now he'd be able to find her in a pinch.

    It was enough and the werewolf - for that was indeed what he was - diverted from the door and instead half-shifted before running toward the wall of the mansion itself and taking a running leap that had him nearly to the roof as it was before his claws dug in and hauled him the rest of the way up. Standing with a feral elegance known to his kind, the dirty-blond surveyed the land around the house and then the layout of the roof itself and the walls, balconies and whatnot with access to the roof.

    Quite a few.

    Damn, that didn't make his job easier, but he supposed he wasn't being hired for that.

    Warren smirked at the thought and started to move, next finding where guards were posted....for his own benefit. He was already essentially trapped behind an electric fence. He might as well know how to get past the guards when he wanted to do something without their knowledge. After he did that....he'd go meet the human.

    And hope to all that was holy in the stars that this job didn't turn as ugly as the last.
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  5. Hayley let the elf girl lead her. She was grateful that she wasn't overbearing with it, but it was still mildly depressing to have to be worried about so much. She was little uncomfortable with how much she had to watch her feet, and she let herself depends on Naomi. She would eventually get used to it. "Oh," was her starter reply from Naomi's answer, and she felt her heart sinking to her gut. She bit back a sigh, furrowing her eyebrows slightly in an offended manor. She wasn't particularly angry with her parents, but she wondered why they hadn't of told her. Six months was a long time, and she would have prepared herself better.

    "No, no. It's okay. I'm just curious as to why my parents didn't inform me. I would've mentally prepared myself more, rather than just brushing it off. I knew it was going to be a handful of months, but I didn't think it would be as long as half a year," Hayley replied. "I'm sorry you had to leave your people," she added, almost awkwardly, but sincerely. Following Naomi into the house, and stopping when she placed her hand on her shoulder. She turned towards the girl, knowing that, despite not being able to see her, most people felt more comfortable if she didn't talk to them with her back to them. She gave the elf-girl a friendly smile, happy to know someone was willing to step in to keep her company for her stay. Her smile faltered slightly, when she remembered the Guard, Warren, who was supposed to meet her here. Shaking it off for right now, she turned her attention back to Naomi. "I would like that," she said, giving her another smile. "Thank you."

    "If you don't mind me asking, where will I be staying for the next few months?" Hayley questioned. She wanted to get comfortable with the room as quickly as possible. She wanted to check out the room and find all its corners, so she wouldn't run into anything when she had to be in the room later in the evening by herself. The scared half of being somewhere new frightened her, but she didn't want to lean on Naomi, or others for that matter. She would have to get over that fear herself. It would be like the first day she returned home after the incident, except less traumatizing. A shudder involuntarily rolled down her spine at the remembrance of the night. She didn't remember exactly what had happened, but she did know that she had woken up to have her eyes be of no use to her anymore. That in itself was more terrifying at the time than realizing she had been kidnapped.
  6. Naomi read body language and facial expressions well, and wished she hadn't said anything. But she had and now the elf smiled a bit awkwardly, even though Hayley could not see it and spoke once more. "It was many years ago that I left my own kin. It does not hurt me now like it did then. I am sorry you had no true warning about leaving those you love, though. Perhaps they only meant to protect you by not speaking of it." she offered gently, knowing it probably would not ease the ache the human felt, but unable to give anything else.

    So the she-elf changed the subject a little, glad that Hayley seemed interested in doing so as well as she gently looped her arm through the dark-haired woman's as if they were already becoming friends and not strangers at all. It wasn't done in a pushy manner, though, merely casual and Naomi had a way of making the gesture warm and light as she gave a gentle tug.

    "Come, I will take you there."

    As she led, she spoke, having heard that Hayley had been able to see before and therefore would know how to picture what was described, at least a little. "The hall we are passing through has great windows, nearly twice as tall as a man. The Light Elves crave the sun, so there are windows everywhere, letting in the rays and the greenery from outside. Your room has a great arch-window, nearly from floor to ceiling directly across from the door and you have double doors leading to a balcony on the right side of the room. Your bed is on the left wall, the foot extending out to the balcony doors and there is a dresser to the right of the window. A wardrobe is on the same wall as the bed, to the right of the dresser, in that same corner. There is a desk on the same wall as the door, to the left and a chair sits in the corner between the window and the balcony. The whole room is autumn colors, a mixture of reds from the deepest cherry to an orange-rust and then fading into dark and pale golds. There is a large, circular rug from the foot of the bed to the balcony and another from the door to the bed. The rest of the floor is a burnished hardwood brown."

    They were at the door now and Naomi said so as they stopped. She slowly opened the room and then looked to Hayley, studying her face as that would give the best indication of what she was thinking. "Would you like me to show you where things are, or would you rather explore for yourself?"


    Warren calculated the mistakes in the positioning of each guard, easily slipping past them to test each theory, being rewarded each time with no detection. It was almost too easy. Oh, it would have been impossible for a human, hard for another elf, but for a werewolf? The system was severely flawed. He wouldn't mention that right away, though, not until it became needed that he do so. For now, it would be to his advantage and Warren wasn't about to give that up, but it would also mean that this Hayley human would need a great deal of watching. He couldn't count on the elves to stop more werewolves if they decided to come for the girl here.

    Though, WHY they wanted her was nagging at him, a simple question that he knew had no simple answer.

    Werewolves nearly hated human and the feeling was mutual. Yes, families were killed all the time for nothing but revenge against an insult or a hurt caused to a werewolf pack, but why go through all this trouble....just for one human woman? It didn't make sense and it was clear to Warren that killing this Hayley wasn't the goal.

    Which REALLY didn't make sense.

    It was a mystery to solve and one of the reasons he'd decided to take this job after he'd sworn off helping those outside his kind again. Sure, the money was good, but the case itself was...intriguing. And it was probably about time he meet the human he'd be guarding for the next six months, see if she was as interesting as the circumstances around her.

    So thinking, the blond crouched on the roof, sniffing the air deeply, gray eyes flickering over the roof as if he followed a path underneath, and that's exactly what his nose did, leading him directly to the girl and better yet, to a balcony. Grinning rather wolfishly to himself, Warren found said spoke and lightly dropped down, landing on the railing with hardly a sound and then descending to the floor, noting that the double doors were open, but the elf was looking at Hayley and from what he knew, Hayley couldn't see.

    He'd not been spotted and Warren found that suited him as he took a seat in one of the balcony chairs and leaned back, arms crossed as he watched the human, gleaning from her what he could before meeting her as was his way with everyone if he had a choice about it.
  7. Hayley shrugged light-heartedly. She knew sending her here was on behalf of her protection. She wasn't particularly happy about it, but she wasn't going to complain about it for the six months she is here. "I know, but my parents are good at talking. I'm just surprised they didn't tell me. That's all," she said, hoping to close the topic. She didn't want to seem like a whining brat by coming here to such nice ... people? ... and moan about her parents not caring for her. Because in reality, she knew it was the total opposite.

    Happy to finally be shown her room, she didn't mind that Naomi had linked their arms together. Instead, she hiked her small bag up higher, and pulled her other bag along.

    Hayley listened to the elf-girls description of her room. She was surprised that she had thought to do that, and beyond grateful. Listening carefully to her verbal sketch of the room, as not to run into anything later, she pictured it as well as she could her head. She had no doubt in her mind that the room would be grande. Far better than hers at her house. Her parents may be well off, but she definitely didn't go for fancy. Mind you, she was still a girl. So fancy stood out to her.

    Her eyebrows were raised to show that she was clearly impressed. "That's one guest bedroom," she felt the need to comment, though let a small smile tilt her lips upward. She didn't want to be seen as ungrateful.

    Halting beside Naomi, timidly stepping from her grasp and closer to the door; she had heard it opening. Reaching her hand out to find the door frame, it took her a moment of grasping at nothing but air, she did find it. Holding back her embarrassment, she cleared her throat softly and shifted her gaze back in Naomi's direction. "Uhm, I think I want to explore by myself for a bit," she replied, stepping further into the threshold and being reached with a new set of smells that the room brought. Thinking back to the description Naomi had given her, as to make sure she didn't stub any toes, she knew that she didn't have anything to block her path from the bed. If the window was across from the door, then the rug would tell her where the bed is at. "Thank you, Naomi," she said, before continuing her adventure to her destination.

    Hayley really need to invest in another cane. Don't ask how the last one broke, it just did. No one got hurt. Well, no one but the cane.

    She had made it to the bed safe and sound wheeling her bag to keep it at the foot of the piece of the furniture, and she placed her smaller bag on the bed. Unzipping the small pocket in the front of the bag, she pulled out her phone and a set of earbuds. Thanking her stars, once again, for the voice command and the microphone on the earphones, she held down the button that pulled the command open and spoke into the mic. She simply sent a text message to her father, letting him know that she had gotten to the house safely, and that she was getting settled in. She knew that he'd asked her to call him, but she wasn't up for a conversation with him quite yet. She wanted something to tell him, and she didn't particularly want him to ask about this Warren guy, whom she hadn't even met yet. Wrapping her earphones back up and sticking them in the same pocket, along with her phone, she went back to her suitcase on the floor and lifted it so it rested on the bed beside her bag. She considered finding the dressers' now, but also considered to not. If she unpacked now, she wouldn't have to roam not knowing exactly where everything was at. Running her hand through her bangs, brushing her hair over one shoulder out of habit.
  8. Warren wasn't eavesdropping. He just happened to be able to hear everything Hayley said or did. He WAS watching, though, and that he wouldn't feign innocence on if someone caught him at it. This was the human he was set to guard for six months and that was just the beginning of his contract. It had been left open for more time to be added if the Rogers needed it, but six months had been assigned right off the bat. He might as well know a bit about this Hayley and the best way for him to do that, initially, was to watch her without her knowing he was. People only showed their true colors when they thought they weren't being observed.

    Humans especially, though, Vampires weren't much better and Elves not a great deal above them as far as he was concerned. But then, Warren didn't have much respect for his own species by this point either.

    Hell, he wasn't much sure he respected himself as a werewolf. Look where he was? Penned up in an Elven Estate, coming to a human's beck and call like a trained hound. A glorified guard dog.

    The blond nearly snorted to himself even as he rose with soundless grace and moved to the balcony doors, leaning against the frame. He watched the blind, admittedly attractive, human debate about her next move and decided to give her something else to focus on. He'd told her father he'd meet her here. Time to make good on that.

    He didn't speak, but gave a low kind of whistle, something that almost sounded like a bird's call, enough to gain her attention but hopefully not too much as to startle her a great deal. He was feral, not heartless and only when he'd caught her attention, whether she turned toward him or not hardly something he cared about, did Warren speak. And he kept his question simple, gauging his new charge and deducing that being casual and initially friendly would probably be the best option to take.

    "Settling in all right?"
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  9. Hayley settled on dealing with her bags later, and tested out the bed. And by testing it out, it meant flopping onto it and kicking her feet up onto the suitcase at her feet. She wasn't particularly surprised with its quality, considering Naomi had made this place sound beautiful and rather chic; if she could use that word. Lost in her own thought, she hadn't particularly noted the appearance of previously stated Warren-guy.

    Needless to say, she had jumped nearly a half a mile when he'd spoken, then proceeded to flush bright red as she sat up. "Er, yes," was her dumb reply. Chuckling mostly to herself at her silliness, she stood from the bed and brushed off her embarrassment at jumping so hard as she greeted the male. "Yes," she repeated. "I assume you're Warren?" she questioned, calming down but still acting somewhat awkward from her burst.

    She had acted far less jumpy with Naomi, but then again, she didn't appear when Hayley had though she was alone. Scrunching her nose softly, she wondered how long he'd been watching her. She was tempted to ask, but she settled on her one question for now. She was particularly shy about what she'd been doing, as she wasn't doing anything embarrassing, but she hadn't known how long he'd been around. He could've been with Naomi and her for all she knew, but Hayley quickly banished that thought. She would have heard him if he was within that close proximity. Either way, it still somewhat frightened her to not know how long he'd been around. She definitely wished she had had a conversation with her father about this Guard-idea. Running her hand through her hair once again, a habit that was picked up long ago, she then shifted her hand to the hem of her shirt; wanting something to do with her hands. She felt rather weird for being jittery, but he'd snuck up on her. Which wasn't really hard to do.
  10. Rather amused by her reaction to him, Warren didn't give much hint to it in his voice, though, he still kept his tone low and even. In his experience, those with defects, whether born or created, tended to make up for their lost sense with heightened other senses. Being blind, Hayley could probably hear rather well...or she had the potential to and just hadn't started relying on such a thing yet. Either way, the werewolf's voice nearly sounded like it could be growled, but there was no true sound emitting from him.

    "I am."

    He studied his fidgeting ward for a moment before tilting his head, wondering and if he'd had movable ears in this form they would have perked. Did she know he was a werewolf? Or had her father neglected to mention such to her? Would it matter to her? Some humans were rather particular about how they behaved around his kind or how they expected him to behave and Warren would rather know now.

    But again, being polite with this one was probably best.

    "I came to meet you and perhaps discuss what it is you expect from me. Or rather, how you want me to interact with you. I have guarded some who didn't want to remember I was there, so I stayed out of sight and others who wanted, well, friendship for lack of a better word. I would like to make sure you are are comfortable as possible with my presence."

    And there could be as few snags as possible with this job.
  11. Mind you, Hayley was rather dependent on her hearing, but she had assumed she was alone and zoned out. She considered that a good enough excuse, but didn't voice it.

    With one final swipe at her hair, to brush it over one shoulder, she gave a small nod. She knew that Warren was a wolf, but not because her parents said anything. She just knew, like she could sense it. She wasn't afraid, rather more curious, but she decided their would be time for conversations more personal later on. Assuming that they did form some kind of friendly bond. She wasn't fond of guards, at all, but she would rather have him near, other than some place she couldn't sense him in some way. That thought in general gave her the creeps.

    Realizing she need to voice her opinion on his attendance, she blew a heavy breath from her nose and said, "Well I don't particularly like the feeling of being stalked, so..." It was a partial joke, as well as an answer. She gave him a small smile to let him know it was a joke, but otherwise continued speaking. "I don't particularly care for the, uhm, whole friendship dealio, but I would be more comfortable if you stuck around." Her parents once tried the whole "out of sight, out of mind" kind of thing when she was smaller, but it gave her the creeps more than it made her feel comfortable. So, if she had to have a guard, why not try to at least get a long with him?
  12. So she wanted him present, but....distant. Interesting.

    Well, he could do that, though, he would have proffered to be hidden most of the time. The elves weren't going to particularly like his presence and he didn't much care for theirs, but if what Hayley wanted was for him to remain close and visible, he would. It was her he was guarding after all, not the elves. They could get over it.

    "All right. I can do that." Warren assured her before he brushed a hand through his hair, hesitating over the next question on his lips. It was one he HAD to ask, though. He had to ask it - request it - of every person he'd guarded, no matter what their species and some people...well, they went about it more willingly than others. Most people didn't like it, though.

    Warren didn't much care for it, either, but that was because of what it meant for him in the long run. Still, if we was to guard effectively, it was needed. So he growled slightly to himself, the sound deep in his throat, barely perceptible to the normal human ear, though, perhaps distinguishable to a more refined one.

    "Hayley, I don't know what your parents told you about me, about what I am or what I can do, but your father hired me knowing it, and expecting it. So...I know this won't make sense to you, but...I need some of your blood." Annnnnd this is where most people got a little weirded out.
  13. Hayley gave a short nod to his agreement, staying silent until spoken to. It was a habit, one that didn't help strike up conversation, but Hayley didn't really feel the need to try to small talk with the wolf shifter. She had realized after what she'd requested, that the elves might not know of her guard. Not wanting to feel like she'd be intruding, she winced slightly; thinking that she would have to talk to Naomi about him staying around. If it was too much of a problem, then Hayley would have to think about talking to Warren dealing with his presence.

    Noting his silence, and not too long after his hesitance, she once again fiddled with the hem of her shirt; before realizing she was actually doing it. Locking her hands behind her back, she waited awkwardly for him to continue.

    She cocked her head slightly as he bought time to say what he had to, listening to him almost ramble before finally letting the cat out of the bag. Her eyes widened slightly, and weirded out was only half of it. "Uhm...," she started, furrowing her eyebrows. It obviously had something to do with him being a wolf shifter. She didn't want to feel like she was questioning him job, but she was curious all the same. "Why?" she asked. "I mean... What does that do?" She couldn't help but ask, her curiosity got the best of her.
  14. Well, she wasn't outright refusing. That was a better sign than he could have hoped for and Warren silently came further into the room, a feral grace about his movements that rendered him as silent as the animal his species was related to. When his voice came to Hayley next, it was from a different location entirely, but not all that much closer to her. He needed to move - not one for staying still for long unless he had to - but didn't want to scare her.

    Admittedly, he'd never guarded a blind person before. It would take time to know Hayley's boundaries and habits, but that was no different from anyone else. In this case...she just couldn't see him and she'd be a bit more helpless if danger threatened. But that was why it was so important that he gain a connection to her blood.

    How to explain that, though?

    "It gives me's a like contract between us. To a werewolf...paper means very little and our powers, those of us who have them, are not bound to such things." He paused, growled, tried again. No matter how many times he had to explain this, it never came out easily. Werewolves already knew, would START a contract with him by offering blood. Humans and practically any other species - but especially humans - were far more picky about shedding the precious red liquid. And they hardly understood how it could be so powerful.

    "I am what's known as a Guardian Wolf. It means I am not only good at keeping people safe, but that I have a unique set of...skills that help me do it. Those skills, though, will only work on someone I am guarding, like you, but they aren't controlled by what my mind knows. They are triggered by a connection between me and who I am guarding. The conduct for this connection is blood. I don't need a lot, just a cut's worth."
  15. Hayley cocked her head as she thought it over. She registered him moving, but wasn't too worried about it. He hadn't given her no real reason to be afraid of him, therefore until he did so, she was no longer uncomfortable with him in the room. Admittedly, she at first was, but that was all because he'd snuck up on her. She was still wary of him as a stranger, but she knew she needed to get comfortable with him if she had to view him as a guard.

    A contract? The blood thing seemed a little drastic in the case of just signing her over as his responsibility. But by the growl, which sounded odd to her ears considering it sounded no where near human, let her known that he was not finished.

    A Guardian Wolf? That could be why she could sense he was a shifter. She furrowed her eyebrows in thought, was that normal? She wouldn't know, she'd never met a wolf, or heard anyone she knew meet one. She had so many questions about the werewolf species, but she didn't want to bombard him. Were all wolf shifters Guardians? Or was it was rare breed? Could he really shift into a wild dog, or was it more of a hybrid thing? Did he have control of the wolf when and if he could shift into it? Or was it like being an entire soul differently?

    Realizing she should give consent to his request, she cleared her throat softly and asked, "Er... How am I giving it to you?" She wasn't too worried about passing over the blood, and she was more comfortable with it when he let her know that he did not need a lot. I suppose, comfortable was not the correct term, but it was close enough. She would do it, and that's all Warren needed to know.

    Moving closer to her bed, she sat down on to it, drawing her feet up to place on the wooden frame that held the mattress - which she had felt when she had firstly neared the bed - and folding her hands in her lap. She had moved her gaze to face in front of her, feeling weird that she was basically staring off into nothing. Trying not to let it but her too much, she spoke again, rewording her question. "What do you want me to do?"
  16. She was...agreeing?

    Well. That was truly a surprise. With humans, he usually had to get the blood by some kind of trickery. Oh, they were furious with him afterward, sure, but only until their whiny arses were caught and at the mercy of their captors....and then they found themselves safely with their families the next moment and their guard nowhere to be seen. THEN they started being appreciative. Still, the anger, ridicule and distrust up until that point was fantastic to deal with.

    Hearing that Hayley...was ready to consent instead of fight him on this? It piqued Warren's interest in her to a whole new level and his head tilted, studying the dark-haired human more closely even as he moved just a bit closer, like a curious wild animal, ready to bolt at the slightest wrong movement, but NEEDING to figure out what it was it was viewing.

    "I just need you to hold still." he told her softly, closer now to where she sat on the bed and Warren crouched down just before her, his voice growing lower, quieter with the lack of distance between them. It wasn't inappropriately so, but it was now within touching distance and the werewolf did reach out, fingertips brushing her arm, ready for her to jerk back and then realize he wasn't going to hurt her before he touched her arm again.

    A finger touched her inner arm, about four inches from her wrist and made a small line. "I just need a small cut. No bigger than that. When I make it, I'm going to turn your arm so the blood will drip, all right. That's all you have to do and then we'll wrap it up. Just a bit of a sting and you're done."
  17. Hayley had understood that she needed to be an some kind of friendly level with him, so agreeing so a small amount of blood seemed like... an okay step. She would never understand the supernatural world.

    The girl heard his voice far closer to than before when he spoke again, it startled her a little, but only enough to have her heart skip a beat. She definitely did not like trying to track him by footsteps. Trying her best to obey, she did jump again when he placed his hand on her wrist, but with her attempt at trusting her new guard, she forced herself not to jerk from his grasp. He meant no harm, and if he did try anything sneaky; Hayley was blind, not unable to use her limbs. She knew for a fact she was no where near stronger than Warren, but she could at least get herself away from him and call for help if need be.

    Shaking her head slightly in accordance to her own track of thought, she breathed a small laugh. So much for trying to trust.

    Either way, Hayley paid attention to the finger that was placed on her wrist, guessing that was how long his cut would have to be for it to work before he even spoke. Nodding along with what he said, Hayley tried not to let the worry, that was starting to overcome her, make her disagree. So she just gave a nod in consent, turning her wrist up so he could cut it easier. She knew a sting would come, it was a cut after all, but she'd hoped it wouldn't be too bad. She didn't want to appear more weak than she already did with her disability. Focusing on something other than the pierce that was to come to her arm, she tried to strike up a conversation. The next six months would feel longer to her if she didn't at least try to make some kind of small talk, and now it provided a good enough distraction. "How old are you, Warren?" she asked. It was the first question on her tongue that wasn't about him being a shifter.
  18. Warren wouldn't tell the human - not yet at least - but when she held out her wrist for him, he felt a small flicker of true surprise and then some measure of respect. Sure, it was just a cut, but it was more than that, too. It was knowing something was going to hurt, not understanding why it was needed and still willing to trust that he, a complete stranger, was telling her the truth about what he was doing.

    That took courage.


    He found her question even more so and chuckled low in his throat, more a growl to the sound than mirth, but the growl itself wasn't hostile. It just was. "I'm twenty-five." His gray eyes flickered up to her face as his fingers moved along her arm, pressing here and there but not explaining what he was doing. He found the spot he needed soon enough, though, and without hesitation, Warren pressed down on the nerve under his thumb. He knew Hayley would instantly feel her arm and hand going numb, and it was then that the werewolf concentrated and let his claws on his free hand grow.

    One clawed finger came into contact with the human's skin and Warren pressed until he cut through, blood welling from the injury. Hayley would have felt nothing more than pressure and a slight sting, though, nothing like what it would have felt like had he not numbed her beforehand. He swiftly let her go after that. "Stay."

    It was firm, but not harsh as he then cut a much longer injury into his own arm and then reached for her wrist again, slowly turning her arm over even as blood ran down the side of her arm anyway. The blood was now dripping and Warren made sure that her blood made contact with his wound, but didn't let her own come in contact with his. Six drops did what he knew was needed and the werewolf quickly pulled the bandage from his pocket, having brought it ahead of time. Turning Hayley's wrist over again, he pressed the bandages to her arm and then took her opposite hand and placed if over the gauze.

    "Keep pressure on it. It'll stop bleeding in a minute." he assured and then looked down to his own arm, still bleeding, but not worried about that as the wound was already starting to clot. In about twenty minutes it would be gone altogether. No, what he was focused on was the sensation now running through his blood.

    It felt like FIRE and he nearly hissed, clamping his hand around his forearm in a futile attempt to make the burning stop. Damn, it felt like when he shared blood with another werewolf! But Hayley wasn't one. He would have smelled it if she was. It was puzzling and he grit his teeth to keep from growling his pain, instead seeking distraction.

    "What else do you want to know, Hayley? You can't convince me that you are solely interested in my age." It wasn't accusatory, but nor was it teasing. It was merely a question, in a semi-friendly light.
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