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  1. So this is a VERY basic idea of what I had planned for this story, that will occur in three parts. In the official post, I will be detailing and setting things up MUCH better than this. This is just here to see if I can get enough people to warrant me posting it.

    The world: The Nation of Coval, situated in the Southern sea. The region is of temperate climate, and is quite large in size (think about cutting Africa in half. The upper half would be roughly the same size). The nation itself has multiple types of technology at it's disposal: From steam powered trains/airships for long distance travel and trade, to the major cities using gas power for heat and lighting. There is a minor presence of electronic technology, which is prominent in the major cities in the form of Trollies (think something like san fransisco. Or anywhere where electric trollies are. If you don't know what a trolly is, a pox on you for not knowing and go google it.) There is then, of course, the use of synchro-tech. Objects that are roughly the size of trinkets such as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. When 'Synched' (hence the name) to an individual via a mental link, it gives the linked individual a boon. This isn't something like "I have a boon of lightning bolts that I can eject out of my fingers at will!" It's something more subtle, something like enhanced speed, agility. Slightly more strength, or the ability to move objects with the mind. Synching up with the synchro-tech, however, is mentally taxing. In other words: you have to have a decent mind to use them. You can't use them for an infinite amount of time either, use them too long, and the mental strain will start sapping your hand-eye coordination, leading to mental exhaustion, fatigue, and possible epileptic episodes. There have been times where aneurisms have been caused as well.

    Buildings and structures are going to be designed almost like the buildings in Italy during the renaissance period with a little Gothic flair to them. There will be basic plumbing, and as mentioned before, gas mains for lights and heating.

    Story: Dark/Grim fantasy, where there's is very little hope for a happy or moderately good outcome.

    Basic premise: There are two Gods: The God above, creator of life, and the God below, creator of the earth, the elements, and non-living things. The God below is jealous of the God above's creations, because they can recognize their creator while his own creations aren't actually alive.

    So the God below makes a wager with the God above: He, the one below, will create a being called a 'Tzadik', giving him the ability to steal the living energy from everything around him. (in simple terms, the ability of 'necromancy' or 'entropy'. By stealing and corrupting the life energy, he can create thralls and such. Raise the dead, etc.)

    The deal was to see if the God above's creations would end up destroying the gift's they were given in the pursuit of this power, or would they be worthy of the life and the home they were given. The God above agreed, but on the condition that he could make a Tzadik of his own, bestowing up them the ability to fight against the rot caused by the necrotic abilities of the God below's Tzadik. All the while, neither God could interfere, leaving the world to its fate.

    They both agreed, created their representatives, and removed their presence from the world.

    Conclusion: The rough idea posted above is the basic premise. I know it's shoddily written, and I would definitely be articulating things a bit better in the ACTUAL thread for the RP. So please, send me comments, and if you have a critique on anything posted (like a suggestion about something I should add, or possibly take away from the story or wold concept) please pm me and let me know!

    I look forward to what you guys have to say! :3
  2. Ohmygawd I love this. I'm going to keep track of this thread, ok? I might be filling my schedule up a bit too much, so no promises. But I will be sad if I can't handle it </3
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  3. Count me in.
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  4. Looks like something I could find myself becoming interested in, given more information. Keep me posted.
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  5. Ill definitely give more details, and also going to keep everyone updated on its release. :3
  7. Since this would be occurring in the capital city for part one, I was going to end up having a small group. And, depending on the surviving members/who want to come back for part 2 and maybe even part 3, I could recruit one or two more people per part of the story, respectively.

    Also, a side note, and will be included with the RP, I'm asking that you only play one character per person. Not to say you can't play NPCs that are there and interacting, just your central character can only consist of one individual.
  8. Fine by me
  9. Any progress on this?
  10. Actually, yes. I was in the process of putting the finishing touches today. XD
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