To Save a Species.

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  1. 'Ello!

    Thank you for clicking on this and actually reading it! It is greatly appreciated.

    Just going to get some things out of the way first. 1)If we were to decide to do M/M for the plot down below, I'm more comfortable with playing the submissive. So keep that in mind. 2)If we were to decide F/F, I've never done that before so I'm pretty open with positions and everything for that. 3)If we were to decided M/F, then I'm fine with playing Male or Female.

    Also, grammar and sentence structure is a big thing.

    I think that's it...On to the plot!

    There once was a time where a certain species prospered. There was so many of them that they had their own little world. They had different communities and anything that you could imagine an orderly species to have. It was a peaceful, loving time for this species. Nothing could have been better and it seemed like it would be that way for many generations to come. That is, until they were attacked. A violent natural disaster had struck their home head on, sparing little to none. The few that did survive escaped while they could, into the human world. It was then that they knew what they had to do. They had to copulate, or breed, with the humans in order to save what little of their species that was left.

    -We would be playing only one of the humans and the fantasy creatures.
    -If we decide on F/F or M/M, we can talk about how it would work in PM
    -We can also talk about the species that has now become endangered in PM
    -This will end up involving a pregnancy, being that the whole plot is to copulate in order to save said species, but we can talk about that as well

    Fantasy Creature x Human

    If interested, shoot me a PM or post below~

    Buh-bye for now!!
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  2. I'm interested.
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  3. Welcome to Iwaku! I see that you're new~ :3

    Want to talk about the details in PM or on here?
  4. Okie dokie!

    What gender pairing would you like to roleplay?
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