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  1. It amazed him that he wasn't destorying everything in this infernal doctor's office after hearing the news that he wasn't going to last another year. The tumor in his liver had already manifested and spread itself through out his body. It was too late for an operation. And it was also certainly too late for any further treatments. All that there was left was to wait for the inevitable to happen. Six months. Six months was all there is for him to live. Half a year left.

    Well, its not like he lived a regretful life anyway. He had done everything he could do through his 24 years of living. He achieved his dream. Got his dream job. Became someone. Living life happily--well, until he had become sick, too sick. At first, he though it was nothing, but the pain in his liver became gradual and unbearable for him to take until he collapsed. After he was taken to the hospital two years ago, that was when he first came to know of his cancer. Sure, he did every treatment neccessary to be able to get rid of it, heck, he'd even lost his hair from all the chemo he did--thank goodness his hair eventually grew out once his chemo was done. After they thought that the cancer was completely gone. But here he is again, Chris Denver, age 24, diagnosed with recessive Liver cancer and is schedule to die 6 months from now. Just his luck... right?
  2. How long?

    How long had she been here?

    A blonde-haired girl stared out the window, gazing at the skies in which birds soared across with ease. How she wished to be like them - birds of freedom. To do whatever they wished, whatever they wanted without anything hindering them or their movements. To do anything at their fullest capabilities, to be free. She, on the other hand, was stuck. Stuck in this...cage of a hospital.

    It was all because of the disease she had. It had struck her without warning, more or less a year ago. She had thought it was nothing - mere pains and aches that were easily taken care of with simple pills and treatments (unexpensive but affordable and reasonable ones, though not extensive) - but one day, when she had coughed up blood - the response was immediate. She had been taken to the hospital - and diagnosed with leukemia.

    And ever since then, she had given up. Her dreams, her visions, her goals..

    Yesterday, she had been admitted again. Overnight. The doctor had insisted, after finding out that she had coughed up blood once more. But even one day seemed like an eternity.

    The door to her room opened, and a nurse entered.

    "Good morning, Miss Hart." She smiled. "How are you feeling today?"

    Camilia stared at the woman in disbelief, feeling tears well up in her eyes but forced them back. "How about you find out you have cancer and see?" She retorted bitingly. "Now go away. Just leave me alone!"

    The slightly startled nurse fell silent after that, though she still tried to maintain a smile for the twenty-one year old. Camilia turned her head, ignoring her.

    Finally, the nurse left.