To Live or to Die



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I'd like to get a couple of series going on a similar theme, but go at it from different angles. I'm pretty open minded to suggestions!

There was a line from the film Speed, something about relationships built in high pressure situations never last. Maybe it's time to find out.

I'm thinking a post-apocalyptic survival setting. The kind of survival is open to interpretation - Zombies, nuclear, wartime, demons etc. (note I'm a bit of a noob as far as fantasy goes, so bare with me!). I'd prefer to play an M character, and will probably struggle unless the other part is F to be honest! Exactly how it happens will unfold as we start, but basically it'll be two survivors that join up with each other to try and get through whatever it is they're facing.

I can post multiple times a day, and can write multiple paragraphs, but will happily match your output if you can only post once per day, a few lines etc.

Drop me a PM with what you're thinking if you'd like to take it on! :)